13 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Baby/Fetal Development

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You have successfully made it to the 13th week of you pregnancy and if you have probably noticed that most of your symptoms which appeared in the 12th week have almost disappeared. Symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings and sickness have probably eased up by now. It is so because your pregnancy related hormones tend to level off by now. And your chance of miscarriage is also relatively lower within the 13th week of pregnancy. Since your nausea and fatigue has reduced by the 13th week, it is likely for you to feel better by now.

13 weeks of pregnancy

In the 13th week, you are very likely to feel more energetic. Most of the women in their 13th week actually loses their fatigue with each passing week but remember that your fatigue will return thus enjoy the high energy as long as you can.

What To Think About This Week:

Well, Well! This is the start of your second trimester. Finally, right? Your symptoms from the past 3 months will now seemingly reduce and you will now feel ahead of all those regular checkups. Now it will all be more sophisticated and not all over the place. You will think mostly about how to take care of yourself in the week to come. Also in your mind will be the thoughts of how people will perceive your extra need for rest, but don’t worry everyone will come around.

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Fetal Development of The Baby:

  • The growth of your little angel is very fast by the 13th week. If you think about baby size, he is almost close to 3 inches long & weight about 0.8 ounces and looks like a miniature human baby. Although the baby’s head is huge, the body is trying to catch up.
  • By the 13 weeks of pregnancy, your little baby’s legs and arms are going longer. The muscle control of your baby is also improving. Even though your baby has very little control over his or her muscles now, he or she is probably flipping, kicking and flopping by now.
  • Your little baby’s toes are now separate and are about the same length. His or her ankle joints have matured but then it is still not that happy time when you actually get to feel your baby’s acrobats.
  • Increase in the amniotic fluid – by the 13th week, the amount of amniotic fluid may rise up to 25 ml thus your baby has enough room to move around. This amniotic fluid will increase unless your 32 weeks of pregnancy but then in your last few weeks of pregnancy, the fluid will gradually decrease.
  • Since your baby is still developing, your baby’s skin is still transparent that is to say that you can actually see the bones through his or her skin. Even though your baby does not underlying body fat, it will soon change. This is the time when your little angel will start gaining pounds and also his bones will harden.
  • This is the time when the left and the right cerebral hemispheres of your baby are beginning to connect. Since each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body, with the development of the brain, your baby will begin to have to have more control over his or her body. The motor fibres present in his brain will develop first which will be followed by the sensory nerves. The brain takes about ten weeks to develop completely.

Symptoms of 13th Week Pregnancy and How To Overcome:

Some of the symptoms at the 13 weeks of pregnancy are as follows:

Breast Changes:

It’s very common symptoms of pregnancy which last throughout the pregnancy. You must have noticed that your breasts may have developed little bumps which are surrounding the areola. These bumps are known as “Montgomery’s tubercles” and are a very normal change during pregnancy. Keep wearing the loose bra until you feel comfortable and the soreness is gone. The lumps may also go, but you can reduce the discomfort by using ice compress over you cloth.

Round Ligament Pain:

It is the abdominal pain or discomfort caused when you change positions too quickly. Even though it is a common pregnancy symptom experienced in the second trimester by most women, some women feel it earlier. Round ligament pain may feel like sharp pain or cramps or sometimes even a dull ache. It is often experienced on the right side of the abdomen. There are times when some women experience this pain earlier as well. In order to avoid round ligament pain, you should try not to move your positions too quickly. Another thing you need to make sure is that you don’t take oral medications for the pain, since that might risk drug interaction.

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Pregnancy Gingivitis:

Since your body has doubled the blood circulation now, swollen and tender gums may be a common experience during pregnancy. It can also soften the gums and cause minor irritation while you are flossing or brushing your teeth. To overcome the situation you are put in right now, the best thing to do is limit the speed at which you brush. This will avoid careless cuts. Since otherwise, not only will these cuts lead to infection, but the bacteria forming might also go down with your food to your stomach.

Weight Gain:

Weight gain is very normal during pregnancy. By the 13th week, you should be aiming to gain 25 to 30 pounds and this is the recommended weight gain. Switch over to healthy foods to overcome the excess weight gain. That would be all, however exercising will add more benefits on your list.

Shortness of Breath:

By now, you might be facing shortness of breath. While it is a little worrisome, it is a very common symptom during pregnancy. And almost 60 to 70 women who are pregnant experience this symptom during their pregnancy.

Although shortness of breath is a common symptom for later stages of pregnancy, some women experience it as early as when they are in their 13th week. And just to keep you not worrying anymore, this shortness of breath will disappear once your little angel is born.

Shortness of breath may become more severe when you are sitting down hence it would be advisable for you to stand up in order to provide more space to your lungs. Also you could raise your hands over your head to put the pressure off your rib cage.

Things can get difficult, but these symptoms are quite common among pregnant women all around the world. While this may not be a serious issue when pregnant, you might want to keep your doctor informed before. The reason behind this phenomenon is because of an increased supply of blood in the mucous membranes. Now, coming to the talk of how to resolve the issue, there is no permanent solution to this situation until your pregnancy phase is over and your baby comes to the world. The best way to temporarily fix your issues is to carry around tissues everywhere with you, so that wiping off your nose isn’t a problem. Do make sure you do not carry a handkerchief, since those can be bacteria filled and make things worse for you with infections that they lead to. Another new discovery that you will find at this stage is that you are sneezing constantly like it is the end of the world. This is no reason for embarrassment; just make sure the tissues come to your rescue again.

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13th Week Activities:

The risk of miscarriage at this stage is mostly done with, and so you can finally relax and deal with your own scenario of activities that you have left pending so far. This may include a quick trip to the hospital without tripping on the way, going out and about and exercising. Most of your activities now will be limited, and you need to do your best to get all the rest you can.

Diet and Exercise For The 13th Week:

Every week of pregnancy will bring in new changes in the development of your baby and it will also bring different symptoms in your health. Since your baby is developing every day, it is wise to follow a healthy lifestyle now. The foods that you eat will have a direct impact on the health of your baby thus if you consume alcohol, it will only deteriorate the condition of your baby and probably slow his or her growth.


1. Fruits and vegetables:

For the month, your baby will develop quite a lot and you need to load yourself up with all the freshest vegetables and fruits that there are. The very best of fruits and veggies should include bananas, oranges, apples, broccoli, spinach and beans. Rice and cornflakes should be taken as the dish along with these fruits and vegetables.

2. Raw Foodstuff:

Raw food usually preserves more of the nutrients that are usually lost otherwise owing to boiling. Your doctor might also suggest you vitamins to curb your food cravings. Try to make the most of these cravings by indulging in healthy fruits and food that can be consumed raw.

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