17Th Week Of Pregnancy – Symptoms And Fetal Development

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The 17th week of pregnancy which is also known as the third trimester is a new stage of pregnancy that a woman has to deal with. The third trimester is wrought with many new symptoms and developments that otherwise would be unknown to you. At this stage your body has completely accepted you being pregnant and the morning sickness has subsided allowing you to now start being a little more active. Maybe yoga along with some other mothers to be is probably the best way to start your mornings.

What to Expect & Think About This 17th Week Of Pregnancy?

You will notice now your body has finally calmed down allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle which was otherwise very difficult due to fatigue and sickness. The 17th week of pregnancy is a good time for you now to start planning your baby’s living space maybe or start buying your baby’s clothes if you have not already bought them this is because now with the help of your baby’s fully developed genitals you can actually determine your baby’s gender allowing for the first time some sort of future planning that does not involve going on a whim.

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Symptoms Of 17 Weeks Pregnancy And How To Overcome:

There are many symptoms as to which you will understand you have entered your third trimester but this week has almost the same symptoms of the 16th week without much of a difference, some of these symptoms are:-

Increasing Waistline:

As the baby will grow during this week, your waistline will expand further. The small bump which you have earlier will expand further which will become significant allowing you to know how fast your baby is growing. The waistline will grow for giving the support for the baby to grow. In general, an uneasy feeling will be felt by the baby due to the bone growth and so the baby will start to kick as the baby’s leg starts to stretch out longer.

At this point, the baby’s arm will grow in size which will be proportional to the size of its body. During these times, your dress may not fit you anymore and so you have to invest for the new maternity period dress which will be a good idea. Investing in this will help you address all your essential needs for the next few months. But, you should follow a healthy diet which will prevent you from gaining more weight.

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Growth In Breast Size:

There will be a further growth in your breast size owing to the fact that your baby is growing too. The bigger and healthy the bay the more nourishment it needs therefore your breasts will keep growing as long as your baby is in your womb. Breast size increases may cause cracking around the nipples which may hurt but simple moisturization will take care o this problem.

To keep everything works well for you and in order to overcome the stretch mark which was created during the baby birth time, you have to wear a comfortable bra that fits your breast size by allowing you to breathe well. For the better results, you have to go for the massage with the olive oil or Vitamin E. By default, your breast vein will show that it is well by making your pregnancy obvious which will let you feel out of the stress. The symptoms created during the birth will go away naturally and the only way to overcome the pain will be achieved by applying the ice packs and cooling bags. Soreness will be cured by drinking more amount of water. A best idea is to wear a loose bra that helps you to relax the breast tissues by giving more space to breathe.


At this stage, you will tire out easily, but find troubles falling asleep. At this time, night times will seems to be strange looking at the ceiling and worrying about the future life problems. In addition to this, you will feel the pain and discomfort where you can struggle for getting the right sleeping position. Only best way to overcome all these issues is to take care of your health and by getting ideas from others who have already experienced this.


Whenever you are getting the time, don’t try to make yourself relaxed and try to reduce the work. Doing more works and caring for others will not be your work anymore and hence, going to bed will only be the best option that keeps you healthy for the upcoming few months. If you are a working person, take the maternity leave for about six months which is essential.

Stretch Marks:

In the 17th week of pregnancy, your uterine walls will start to stretch beyond its ability and hence, your baby will grow beyond the tolerance limit as it needs to be get adjusted with it by growing day by day. If your body is not compatible with this adjustment, you will be supposed to wear and tear conditions that gives the stretch mark in lower abdomen. An effective way to overcome all those marks will be possible using the creams and oils that hydrates your skin even though your skin might be pulled out from the inner layers. Using oils will help you a lot and also you can apply Aloe Vera or Vitamin E to get the same benefits.

Fetal Development of The Baby In 17 Weeks Pregnancy:

Baby Size:

The size of your fetus has further increased this week; this week your baby has grown an entire half inch leaving the baby’s size at an accurate 5 inches which is perfect for their development. The baby’s growth will somewhat stall at this point giving way to the further development of the baby’s internal organs. Due to the growth of the bay this week your stomach size will also increase significantly.

There are several further developments that the baby goes through this week but it is similar to the 16th week. Overall there isn’t much consequence this week, the baby just grows further and the internal organs further develop. Some of these developments are-


At this stage, the baby can breathe on own and also can inhale and exhale the amniotic fluid that present around them. During the 16th week of pregnancy, lungs will end up with an entire development which is the most important part of the body that associates with the heart and brain. No matter what we need other organs, lungs are the most essential organs that develops during the 16th week of pregnancy. At the end of this week the lungs have expanded greater than before and your baby has now finally understood the complete process of inhalation and exhalation.

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During this week, you baby’s skin starts develop fat under it which will be certainly like a habit of insulation that makes the baby feel comfortable and warmer. Fat developed at this stage will acts like a source of nutrition and strength as they grow longer. Fat is also protection for the baby’s bones which are still somewhat soft at this point. The fat keeps the baby safe and healthy. However too much fat is also bad for your baby’s heart which is still fragile. So be careful with what you because whatever you eat counter affects your baby greatly.

Visual Sensors:

The baby’s visual sensors also improve this week making the baby extremely sensitive to light. Like the 16th week you can still see the baby covering its eyes if introduced to bright light via an ultrasound. As the visual sensors will be left under development, baby feels uncomfortable with the light. This is considered to be the important stage as the baby eyes will start to develop for the vision. Visual sensors will further develop for as long as the 8th month of pregnancy at which points the baby is completely developed and ready to come into the world in a month’s time.

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