18Th Week Of Pregnancy – Symptoms And Fetal Development

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It takes two to tango when it comes to pregnancy. The sperm from the father fertilizes the egg in the ovary of the mother. Amongst the millions, only one or maybe two in most cases make it all the way to the egg. Here the reactions combine the two and makes it in a blastocyst which is yet not a baby. The blastocyst then forms an embryo which is the early stage of the formation of the little one inside the mother’s womb.

This embryo then changes to a fetal and finally enters the first stage of baby. This baby inside still in its blastocyst form travels through the fallopian tubes of an ovary and attaches itself to the placenta or wall of the ovary. There through nourishment from the mother it starts to form vague shapes eventually resembling a baby. With every passing time, he grows more and more into baby-like, and with every waking moment his heartbeat grows stronger and stronger. Eventually he feels crowded into a small space, more if there are twins in consideration. He feels the lack of space to move about and decides he is ready to come out.

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18th week of pregnancy

This is however a long process and does not happen overnight. To bring a new life into this world, the parents especially the mother goes through a difficult time for quite some months. Mood swings, depressions, awareness, diet charts and doctor visits- it is a strict time and a strong heart that needs to cope with all that mentioned above. But after months of turmoil, when you finally hold your baby in your arms and she stares at you with cute button eyes, you know all that pain was worth it.

What To Think About 18th Week Of Pregnancy?

The total months covered during pregnancy is nine months which is a good 40 week plan. Because of the all frequent doctor visits and weekly monitoring, pregnancy is mostly counted in weeks. These 40 weeks are categorized into three parts. The first, second and third trimester; in this article we are talking about the 18 week pregnancy this is the second trimester which is also known as the ‘golden era’. Week 13 to 27, the ideal time for second trimester is finally when the mother has gotten used to all the new changes in and around her.

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Her previous symptoms like morning sickness and haphazard emotions are now controlled and she finally can enjoy her good night’s sleep. With the passing of time the fetal develops slowly and thus it is at this time when the development monitoring is required more than ever to ensure healthy growing. Week 18 sees a lot many developments in the fetus some of which are enlisted below.

Fetal Development Of The Baby At 18th Week Of Pregnancy:

Week 18 sees a lot many developments in the fetus some of which are enlisted below.

Measurement and Baby Weight:

From a small little spec to a good five and a half inch can be seen in your little baby’s body, from the top to bottom. By the 18th week the baby is seem to grow to an approx five and a half inch which is when he or she should weigh around five ounces.  However this is an approx measure for all and every baby differs in height and weight which is pretty alright if it is something on the edge of the given measurements. Some baby’s can be under weight while some may be over. Frequent doctoral supervision and monitoring is one way you can ensure healthy baby growth.


The highlight of this week is the yawn that your child inside learns. The baby inside belly has now learned to yawn and keep on changing position which is clearly felt by the mother.  This is one of the main highlighted fetal movements and site times you may find no movement as well. The other fetal movements from before include slight kicks to the stomach. If the mother feels an awkward rumbling inside her stomach, it is probably the baby who is rolling down under in a playful manner which is completely normal and safe.

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Nervous System Development:

In our 18th week, monitoring and knowledge by the doctor says that the baby’s nervous system are growing and expanding slowly as he puts his nerves to use at around this time. Our body is a twisted knotted pattern of nerves connected to another in a mass like mesh. The nerves that connect one to another is at this point growing and proliferating in number. This nerve connector is known as myelin which now can be seen working in your child’s body. This myelin is responsible for passing of quick impulses or messages from brain or spine to the other body parts. Now he can sense and smell and taste as his sensory organs starts becoming active.

Physical Development:

Not all the internal workings of the baby can be registered or seen but the physical developments are prominent in the ultrasound. The baby’s skin is now no longer transparent but taken its original color. His toe nails and hair follicles are forming slowly. Lanugo, the soft hair that grows around his body to protect him is now seen. His heartbeat is now strong enough for the doctor to directly asses it using a stethoscope to your baby bump.


Now is the time when knowing if your baby is a boy or girl will get exciting for you. And your partner of course cant wait either. While some parents decide to wait to know, some don’t mind spoiling the mystery beforehand to make advancements with the home and child planning. Now is just week 18, so it might not be clear yet, however don’t worry, by the end of the week or two, it will all come in the clear.

Sex Chromosomes:

Although the gender of your baby isn’t determined until he or she is born, it is fixed up right at the time of fertilization. Each egg contains two chromosomes, the X ones, and a sperm has X and Y chromosomes. Depending on the pairing, if it is a pair of X, it will most certainly effect the gender of your baby and it will be a girl, else it will be a boy if the pair is X and Y. In the end, this is the stage where you will get to know what happened back at the time of conception. Which is why, this week is a major development.

18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms And How To Overcome:

With the baby the mother also changes which might be somewhere in these lines.

Low Blood Pressure:

At around this time certain pressure problems including varicose veins might occur. As the baby inside grows more and more, he starts putting more pressure into the body and with such pressure conditions in consideration and cardiovascular pressure,  low blood pressure might be a common scenario. With these might come swells like swollen feet which is a normal thing. To overcome this problem, drink a lot of tea and fiber. Cut off on the salt, since that might be a major reason for the change in pressure. These steps should benefit you all the way in the long run.

Appetite Growth:

The main fetal developments occur at round this time so by your 18th week the mother can feel his baby bump grow a tad bit more with her appetite rising more than last week. It is advisable to stick to organic nutrition food at this time since the baby nourishes itself from the mother. However don’t hesitate to bite into that chocolate bar once in a while. To overcome your excess fat gain during pregnancy, improve child growth development; take snacks like salads, nuts in regular basis, while you are more hunger. If you take a large sized meal in every day basis, it will gain your weight frequently.

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