Best Tips on 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

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1st anniversary gift ideas

The first anniversary is usually called the Paper year. The ideal traditional gift to be given on first anniversary is anything made in paper. The paper gift symbolises strength, i.e., the fine threads used to make paper, the interlaced connection represents the strong bond in the marriage. A modern gift idea would be Clocks, symbolising that love is eternal.

1st anniversary gift

1st Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Here are lists of few products that indicate or reflect paper that could be gifted on a first marriage anniversary.

1 year anniversary gift

1. Postcards With Different Pictures:

1st wedding anniversary gift - Postcards With Different Pictures

Although postcards may seem slightly outdated in the modern times, postcards with beautiful images can make objects worth collecting. Depending on the person’s choice of interests, there are many postcards available, like for instance a person with interest in adventure sports may like a card that has a picture of skiing or rafting.

2. Calendar With Images of The Couple:

gifts for 1st anniversary - Calendar With Images of The Couple

This is a very common 1st anniversary gift idea. Today, there are many companies, where you can get customised calendars made with pictures of the couple for every single sheet. You can customise it suiting to your needs and choices. For instance, you may add a picture of your wedding for the month in which your wedding date appears.

3. An Art:

1st marriage anniversary gifts - an art

An art is always done on a piece of canvas (paper). If the person happens to love art and collect various art pieces gifting an art piece would be ideal. Depending on the budget, you can go for very simple ones to extremely expensive ones. The choices when it comes to this are unlimited.

4. A Journal or Scrapbook:

1st anniversary gifts for him - A Journal or Scrapbook

This idea, though old, can never be outdated. A journal or scrapbook brings back a huge number of memories. You can add pictures of interesting events or pen down lines that one or the other had quoted that still stays on your mind and have pieces of memories penned down in it. You can let your creativity take the lead in this gift.

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5. A Book:

1st year anniversary gift - A Book

A classic gift that would never fade with time, book is always a man’s best companion. If the person is a voracious reader and loves to read anything and everything, then you need not think twice on buying a nice book that might get the person hooked to it.

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