Best Tips on 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

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1st year of marriage is a big milestone in the lives of a young couple. The first year of marriage shows the couple how strong a bond of love they have. It also shows them the ups and downs that are natural in marriage. If they were able to stay strong in love and faith then the first year anniversary is a thing to celebrate.

1st anniversary gift ideas

You can celebrate the anniversary with family and friends or it can be quiet affair with just the two of you. Whatever you choose, the best thing about the anniversary is the gift you give each other. A lot of thought is normally put into the first gift ever. Since the theme for the first anniversary gift is paper, many couples choose to base their gift on this theme. It may be easy to present something from paper, but the heart and soul of the gift is the thought. Make the present meaningful and filled with love for your spouse. Choose from these wonderful presents something perfect for your perfect spouse. Show them how much you love them and how much you care in the effort you put to make the gift a success.

The first anniversary is usually called the Paper year. The ideal traditional gift to be given on first anniversary is anything made in paper. The paper gift symbolises strength, i.e., the fine threads used to make paper, the interlaced connection represents the strong bond in the marriage. A modern gift idea would be Clocks, symbolising that love is eternal.

1st Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

First anniversary gifts can be based on paper or it can be any modern gift that is meaningful. Here are lists of few products that indicate or reflect paper that could be gifted on a first marriage anniversary.

1. Gold Foil Print Frame:

Among the top 1st wedding anniversary gifts you can give your spouse is this lovely frame. The printing inside is done with gold foil print to give it a special look. Here you can print the number of days, months, weeks etc that you have spent together as a couple.

2. Anniversary Scroll:

Try out this first wedding anniversary scroll or message in a bottle idea as a gift. You need to write down a little note or a poem for your spouse and then roll it in a bundle. Tie a pretty little ribbon around it and then place it in a bottle. This is a cute gift to give for the anniversary.

3. Vows in a Frame:

The first anniversary gift for husband can be the vows you have written for your wedding. You can write it down in paper and then frame it for him. Add in a lovely wedding picture in the centre that is cut in the shape of a heart. He will surely love this gesture of yours.

4. Map of Love:

Another framed 1st anniversary gift for husband is the map gift. Here you will add in three maps in a frame. Each of the maps will be of the places you met, got engaged and finally married. Cut out the maps in the form of hearts and then add them to the frame. You can also add hooks to the frame to use as key holders.

5. Couple Pictures:

As a friend you can gift someone this lovely frame of the couple on their wedding day as a first wedding anniversary gift. The frame has two pictures of the couple on the ends. The center is filled with printed script. Make this a beautiful moment for them to remember.

6. Love Reminder:

As a 1st wedding anniversary gift you can give a paper themed present. This lovely love reminder is a frame with the words from the Bible. The special love passage is beautifully printed on the frame. You can add the name of the couple at the bottom too.

7. Paper Cut Love Frame:

This personalized 1st anniversary gif t idea is beautiful to look at. It is made from cutting paper in the shape of the picture. The cutout looks gorgeous on a black background. You can add the name of the couple and the year of the marriage as well.

8. Memory Book of Marriage:

Try out this first anniversary gift idea to give your spouse something special. The notebook is made especially for an anniversary. It has a little cut out of a heart in the bottom of the notebook. This notebook can be used as a reminder of the days of your marriage.

9. Book Fold Frame:

Make this special frame as a first anniversary gift for wife. The frame is special as it is made from folding pages of a book in the shape of the initials of the couple. A heart shape can also be folded this way. The book is kept standing and open to show the words displayed.

10. Paper Hearts:

You can do this wonderful 1st anniversary gift for him all by yourself. All you need to do is cut out several heart shapes from a book. The shapes are then stuck in the form of a large heart with a 3D look. Once completed you can place this large heart on a frame and decorate it.

11. Anniversary Pillow:

This lovely printed pillow is just right as a 1st year wedding anniversary gift. You can get this customized and printed with the words that you love. The big black print on the pillow is perfect to be noted from afar. When you customize you can add the name of your spouse as well.

12. Remembrance Frame:

As the 1st anniversary is based on paper, this lovely frame is just what you should make. The frame has all the little notes on paper from your spouse as well as photo prints that are randomly put on the frame. Try this as the 1st wedding anniversary gifts for husband.

13. Tree of Love:

Choose this 1st anniversary gift for wife as the perfect surprise to her. You need to cut out the shape of a tree from a book she loves or from printed stuff that are sentimental. Then make heart shape cut outs and write down your names and the date of your marriage. Hang these from the branches of the tree.

14. Door Hanging:

This lovely vintage style first wedding anniversary gift for husband is classic. The print on the door hanging is script style and looks stunning against a backdrop. So gift this to your husband or even your friends on their anniversary.

15. Gift Basket:

Collect all the little things that your spouse likes and put them in a lovely basket. Wrap it with ribbon and you are set to give a first anniversary gift idea for couple. This basket can have paper themed things along with chocolate and cookies. Make the items interesting enough for the couple to celebrate their dream day.

16. Paper Clock:

Paper being the theme for the first anniversary, this lovely clock made entirely out of paper is just perfect. This can be homemade or store bought. The clock is good as a first wedding anniversary gift for wife. Make the clock stand out by adding paper that is printed with something meaningful and sentimental.

17. Survival Kit for Anniversary:

Here is a fun and quirky gift to give on the first anniversary. The survival kit has all the items like stationery, etc to deal with the first anniversary. Make a note of the fun things to do with each item so that it is romantic too. This is a great first marriage anniversary gift.

18. Toilet Paper Fun:

Make your first anniversary humorous by gifting your spouse a toilet paper roll. This roll can be printed on the top with loving words from you with a fun twist. This will surely be the best gift for husband on first marriage anniversary.

19. Anniversary Card:

Make a wonderful first wedding anniversary card for your spouse. This will show them how much you care and the effort you have put in to make the card. Decorate it well and add in little trinkets too. Try to make the 1st marriage anniversary gifts special and romantic.

20. Key Ring and Magnet:

Get these custom made key ring and fridge magnet as gifts for your anniversary. The words in the ring and the magnet can be customized. Choose colors that are bright and bold and look stunning. This can be given as a set along with a card as a best gift for wife on first marriage anniversary.

21. Watch with Box:

This is a lovely modern gift to give on the first wedding anniversary. You can buy branded watches for your spouse and then get the box engraved with lovely words. This first marriage anniversary gift for husband is chosen with care and gifted in style.

22. Paper Gift Bags:

Choose these lovely paper gift bags for your anniversary to give your spouse little gifts in. The paper bags are printed with the words ‘best year ever’. These are cool 1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas as you can give return gifts in them too.

23. Anniversary Cake:

Cake is the all-time favorite gift to give for any occasion. This anniversary cake marks the first year of the couple. Choose a cake flavor that is loved by the couple. The decorations on the cake can be done in style or kept simple with lines and curves.

24. Paper Flowers:

Since flowers are also one great gift item for any occasion, the first anniversary gift can be paper themed too. These gorgeous looking paper flowers put together in a bouquet are just wonderful. Your wife will certainly love you for taking the effort to gift you this lovely bouquet.

25. Places We Go:

Here is a unique idea to try for your wedding anniversary gift. This is a collection of the favorite places you have been to together. Choose the best prints and then put them in a deck of cards collection. Write down the details of each of these places under the pictures. Wrap up this collection and gift it to her.

26. Custom T shirts:

Make a custom t shirt for your first wedding anniversary. This makes the perfect gift for your husband or wife. Print out the words that are meaningful and add in some hearts and images that show romance. The colors of the t shirts should be ones that are loved by your spouse. Contrast the colors of the words to look bright.

27. Bed Decoration:

Gift your husband the best first anniversary by decorating the bed with rose petals. Place the petals in the shape of a large heart and then place some everywhere. This look on a white bed spread is just stunning. He will be in for a surprise when he enters the room.

28. Bookmarks for Bookworms:

Paper being the theme, it is just natural to have bookmarks made for those who love and adore books. These little bookmarks are handmade and so are even more precious. You can write some romantic notes on the bookmarks and draw heart shapes to show your love.

29. Custom Cuff links:

Try these gorgeous cuff links for your husband on the occasion of the first wedding anniversary. These custom made cuff links are perfect for the first wedding anniversary gift since they are printed with the date of marriage and the initials of the spouse. You can make these in any metal but white looks good too.

30. Wood Sign Plaque:

Here is a cool anniversary gift that you can give your spouse on the first anniversary. The wood plaque is painted in black and then perfect calligraphy technique is used to print on it. Choose words that show love and romance. You can do this yourself if you are creatively skilled or get it done from an expert. Make the plaque look stunning and beautiful to hang on a wall.

31. Postcards With Different Pictures:

1st wedding anniversary gift - Postcards With Different Pictures

Although postcards may seem slightly outdated in the modern times, postcards with beautiful images can make objects worth collecting. Depending on the person’s choice of interests, there are many postcards available, like for instance a person with interest in adventure sports may like a card that has a picture of skiing or rafting.

32. Calendar With Images of The Couple:

gifts for 1st anniversary - Calendar With Images of The Couple

This is a very common 1st anniversary gift idea. Today, there are many companies, where you can get customised calendars made with pictures of the couple for every single sheet. You can customise it suiting to your needs and choices. For instance, you may add a picture of your wedding for the month in which your wedding date appears.

33. An Art:

1st marriage anniversary gifts - an art

An art is always done on a piece of canvas (paper). If the person happens to love art and collect various art pieces gifting an art piece would be ideal. Depending on the budget, you can go for very simple ones to extremely expensive ones. The choices when it comes to this are unlimited.

34. A Journal or Scrapbook:

1st anniversary gifts for him - A Journal or Scrapbook

This idea, though old, can never be outdated. A journal or scrapbook brings back a huge number of memories. You can add pictures of interesting events or pen down lines that one or the other had quoted that still stays on your mind and have pieces of memories penned down in it. You can let your creativity take the lead in this gift.

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35. A Book:

1st year anniversary gift - A Book

A classic gift that would never fade with time, book is always a man’s best companion. If the person is a voracious reader and loves to read anything and everything, then you need not think twice on buying a nice book that might get the person hooked to it.

36. Paper Jewellery:

1st anniversary gift for boyfriend - Paper Jewellery

There is no woman on this planet who does not love jewellery. Paper jewellery is totally a trend right now. Necklaces, earrings, pendants – name the ornament and it is available. These are available in different colours, and the flexibility of the material used makes it easier to make extraordinary jewellery designs.

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37. Wrist Watch:

1st anniversary gift for wife - Wrist Watch

Wrist watches have always been an amazing gift for any occasion. Many watch brands have also started to offer watch sets for couples comprising of two matching watches – one for the man and the other for the wife.

38. Pocket Watch:

1st wedding anniversary gifts for husband - Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are antique watches that usually have a flap covering the dial of the watch, with an extended chain that hangs outside the pocket. A rare piece to find, pocket watches make an exclusive gift. The flap on the watch usually has the ability to hold a picture.

39. Sundials:

anniversary gift for couples 1st anniversary - Sundials

Sundials are another antique piece that shows time. These were used during ancient times to know the time based on the shadow created by the sun. They are objects worth collecting.

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Final Words:

First anniversary is the start to many anniversaries to come and also shows the year of marriage. The theme being paper, you can gift several types of presents that are made with paper. The frames are always an option and in them you can add paper cut outs or maps. Make the gift interesting and a type of remembrance of the wonderful year you have spent with your spouse.

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