20Th Week Of Pregnancy – Symptoms And Fetal Development

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Going back to some years ago, you were sitting in your friend’s baby shower as all your girlfriend’s surrounded you in a happy circle talking about the miracles of bringing a new life to this earth. The endless opportunities to be pampered, all those special treatments, the constant fulfillment of hunger desires, the countless hours of going through baby names; She sure made it look easy. Now after three years when you are now carrying the responsibility of new life inside you all those glittering glory she talked about now seems fading and dull.

20Th Week Of Pregnancy

Her perfect time in tranquility now has taken up your mornings. Every morning right at the crack of dawn you rush to the bathroom pouring yourself inside out after a long sleepless night. Her words of wisdom now seem futile since you see yourself struggle everyday with newer challenges. New mood swings, trying to control your haphazard emotions, your sudden anxiety compiled with an always hungry feeling. Your gut telling you the good news.

What To Think About 20th Week Of Pregnancy:

Pregnancy for new mothers can be scary. It is a new world of adventure with precautions strict and firm. Daily doctors visit and a straight diet does not quite cut the line. However pregnancy once you get used to its cover is a very easy and comforting time with loved ones around trying to take care of you the best. These is your time where you are the carrier of a new life to this earth, someone you can call your own, someone whose life is in your hands as you try your best to give him a comfortable time while inside. Along with the mood swings comes this proud feeling of being the mother to a new born. You know he is a part of you when he starts nourishing himself from you and you instantly connect.

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Fetal Development Of The Baby In 20th Week Of Pregnancy:

However the long nine months during calculation are done on a weekly basis to keep the frequent monitoring method easy. Weekly development of the baby inside you this way can be monitored and if any abnormality is caused, it can be fixed immediately. The total of 40 weeks sums of 9 whole months with these weeks each grouped into three parts. The first trimester contains the baby but still in an unshaped form. He is just an egg that got fertilized and now is making his way to the ovary. This blastocyst then forms an embryo and eventually a fetus. Throughout the weeks the second and third trimester occurs and each week the baby develops a little more than before. In 20th week of pregnancy following are the developments seen in the baby.

Gender Matter:

The highlight of week 20 is the gender determination which is totally your wish. A lot many people waits for the end for the biggest bit but if you want this week might be the lucky week for you to finally settle on a name. The ultrasound reveals the gender which is by now prominent and clear. If you have a baby girl nestling inside then chances are that she has probably already developed her ovaries with primitive little eggs inside of it. The egg count is six to seven million at around this time which significantly reduces to the normalcy level, that is, two millions later. If you have a baby boy in their scrotum is already in progress as his testicles are half way down his abdomen making their way to the scrotum.

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Half Way There:

With pregnancy counted up to 40 weeks, 20 weeks marks the mid of your pregnancy as therefore your baby is half way there to perfection already. With your bulge growing he grows a little bit more measuring somewhat around 26 cm long and weighing 11 ounces. These are however approx measures but your baby is quickly gaining body mass and baby fat too making your baby bump a bit heavier now.

Physical Development:

As her white greasy vernix covers him, his skin now starts transforming adjusting itself for the outer world. Inside amongst the moisture and amniotic fluid the baby’s skin is now covered in lanugo’s which are soft baby hairs and the vernix which acts a veil from crumpling or wrinkling his skin in the fluid. His toe and finger nails have grown and so is his hair on his scalp which is prominent by week 20.


By the 20th week his senses are clearly defined as the neurons and myelin in his body now has established the perfect interconnection of nerves. His senses are clearing up. He can now sense his mother’s voice clearly. He is aware of her surroundings. He can now sense and smell and has the gift of sight. His eyes starts becoming sensitive to light and his taste buds open up. His heart beat is now so loud that a simple stethoscope to the mother’s baby bump can determine his heartbeat.

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At this stage, your baby is swallowing a lot of that amniotic fluid, this helps prepare your little one for the time outside of the mother’s womb and help to digestive system practice functioning. During this week of pregnancy the baby is swallowing extra this week as well as living in the amniotic fluid for the functions of the baby. Baby takes almost 300 ml per day. Of course it shouldn’t be hard for you to guess that your baby needs warmth all this time. Which is why, there is a difference in temperature and your body fluids keep your little one warm.


At this stage, the 20th week has your little one excreting dark sticky substances, usually green,  known as Meconium. It includes everything that your little one had when she was inside you. This can be considered to be her very first excreta. It is usually comprised of Lanugo, mucus, amniotic fluid, water and bile. The good thing for you though, is that it is odor less.

Symptoms Of 20th Week Of Pregnancy And How To Overcome:

The mother alongside the baby grows too.

Abdomen Pain:

With your baby gaining more weight, the baby bump now feels a bit more heavier than last week. This causes the muscles in the ovary and the stomach muscles to expand which it not really is accustomed to. This is why while you sit and try to get up or shift in your sleep you feel a slight tingling pain. Do not fret since it is just the muscles getting used to the pressure and expansion. If you can wear tight-fitting cloths through the abdominal area, it will also cause the abdomen pain, so during your maternity shopping; you can purchase loose and free cloths for your abdominal area. During these weeks you should careful and more conscious about your posture and your position with the cloths then only you will enjoy your motherhood.


This might be a common signal by the time you hit the mid mark. This is the point, the week when the baby starts growing fully and nourishing itself by drawing in more from the mother. Her red blood cells and her food, her energy cells and her nutrients, eventually draining the mother. This is why a good diet is necessary for the baby and the mother at around this time. During these days, you should make your heart and mind as much as happier, the great way to overcome this kind of problems, you should take care of your general health and gathering the informational tips from your family members who have been in this situation before you. Whenever you have the time, you should keep your mind relax. You must take a bed rest for an hour after the work.

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