23 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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Pregnancy is a wonderful word surrounded by nature’s miracle creation. The fine line dividing the two levels- the scientific and the divine creation merges exactly in the right amount to form pregnancy. It is the bringing of a new life to this earth, giving birth to a new being, a part and prejudice of you and your family. However, pregnancy might sound magical but a lot many mothers in the past have complained vehemently about the perils of stepping into motherhood.

This is especially a first new step to the world of motherhood where first time pregnant mothers are always having a mix and match feeling. Amongst these haze of sweet and sour moments, no matter how much the nine months may cause you to settle down for changes, the starting line to the motherhood is crossed only when the mother gets to hold her child in her arms for the first time. all this time it was the simple umbilical cord that has bound them together and now she feels enlightened and ecstatic forgetting all about her by gone months of difficulty.

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Often it is said that the pregnancy process is marked by the starting of the fertilization where the sperm from the father collides with the mother’s egg and forms a blastocyst. A blastocyst is a fertilized egg only after 4 days or so. This blastocyst then gets attached to the placenta of the uterus and then goes onto become an embryo. Even now the child is at his earliest stage without a proper distinct form or shape. It is now just an alien shape of something unrecognizable but proper. The embryo then furthers goes through changes to finally form a fetus from where all the actions start.

23 Weeks Pregnant

The pregnancy is difficult in the first few months they say. It starts with a crazy morning sickness and is then piled with insomnia for quite some days until the small baby bump starts protruding eventually becoming prominent. The first few months are a havoc of emotions strewn all over the place with your loved ones doing best to control your depression or unhappiness. This slowly changes with the baby inside you connecting with yourself. With passing time the mother eases into her new body, accepts the responsibility strictly and abides by it. She gets used to the changes as her kid connects with herself. This however is a long term process of nine months.

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This very nine months in medical term is counted on a weekly basis due to the frequent requirement to monitor the growth and health of the forming kid. This also helps with the doctoral visits. These nine months in total is summed up in a 40 week challenge which is further grouped for assistance. The total of 40 weeks is divided into three trimesters. The first trimester deals with formation of the baby inside while the second trimester deals with the development of the baby. The third and the last trimester deals with perfecting the functions, features and organs of the baby until at the 40th week or last week of the nine month the baby is delivered. The 23rd week falls under the second trimester which is considered the ‘golden era’. This week your baby will go through changes which are enlisted here within.

Perfect Hearing:

By the starting of this week, get into a habit of reading books to your child and talking daily even if it feels weird trying to talk to your own stomach. By now her ear bones have formed a distinct shape and have hardened so that she can perceive sounds and familiarize herself with it. You can even put on recordings of children poems or some melody or tune for your child to hear. She is now aware of your surroundings too, such as maybe your husband’s voice or your surrounding noises. Doctors say after birth usually these same sound sources can be used to put your baby to sleep or calm her down.

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Skin Form:

By now there is a slight reddish hue forming in your baby’s skin because of all the blood and veins rushing through underneath her soft paper fragile skin. The skin however is still somewhat lacking color being at its early age of formation. Also in absence of proper air and body fat the skin now is a bit saggy which will be filled by this week too.

Keratin Formations:

You must have heard this word a lot across many hair products. Keratin is a smooth layer on our body that helps us tighten the skin and allow the hair growth to occur without any hindrance. This keratin is an essential protein which now incorporates itself to the baby’s cells.

Breathe Well:

Along with a strong growing heartbeat the lungs are also developing for the baby to breath well on its own in the later weeks. Pneumocytes which are essential lung cells are being formed at around this time.

The mother along with the baby goes through changes too. They are in the form of:


At around this time you might catch a bit of swelling in your limbs especially the feet region. This condition is called edema which is literally formed by water retention in the body. However this is not a serious condition and might not even bother you much.

Back Pain:

At around this time the mother will feel a crushing back pain which makes the back or lower abdomen stiff and red in pain. This is because with the passing weeks the baby is growing. By the end of this week your baby will be a full pound with almost 9 to 10 cm measurements. This calls for extra space in the uterus and while the baby craves for more space it pushes the back spine and girdles which causes a pain. To get relief from this, sleep on your side instead of your back.

Weight Gain:

This is the time your baby will be growing a fat layer underneath its skin which makes the mother prone to gain a bit weight too. By now you will feel the load of your baby bump.