26 Weeks Of Pregnancy – Symptoms And Fetal Development

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The vicious chakra of life if you may, but bringing of a new life to this earth has always been a human nature and a part of our regime. As human we are born, live and reproduce to give way to new living beings to do the same. Pregnancy is a golden word but much like gold these days, pregnancy is precious but pricey. So expensive is this pregnancy that the parents have to pay a lot for the bringing of a new being into this earth.

26 Weeks of Pregnancy

This payment is not by money but by time and care. The word pregnancy can be easy to pronounce but living through it is something like trapped in a jelly. If you don’t know the right tactics to survive you might find yourself struggling to reach the top without a proper footing. If you know the ropes to this, pregnancy is quiet an easy matter. For mothers who have had past experiences this is indeed an easy life but for the first timers, you might want to check in with your experts regarding this.

The baby inside has not always been a baby that cute and neither has it transformed himself over night. The hard nine months that follow through a pregnancy is a tornado of whimsical emotions throwing all over the place. One minute’s sudden bliss might turn into an emotional outburst followed by a severe depression until someone hands you your favorite piece of desert which makes you instantly light up.

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However in medical term these nine months are segregated in week form with each week further segregating into trimesters. The entirety of nine months are summed up within weeks, that is, precisely 40 weeks in which the baby goes through significant development until it finally resembles a full version of a human child and then it starts pushing for more space until the day he pushes out of her womb and into the world’s light.

What To Think About This Week:

With time one will notice herself easing into the matters as she finally realizes her morning sickness being replaced by a good night’s hearty sleep, her sudden paranoia changing quickly as she feels a kick from her baby. With the passing span of time, the mother and the baby develops this deep significant relationship where untold complains are instantly heeded. When the mother feels discomfort she knows her baby wants food now. When the baby understands her mother’s discomfort she complies and thus passes nine great months.

Fetal Development Of the Baby:

These 40 weeks are separated into trimesters. The first trimester is where the baby simply in a blast cyst form attaches itself and is still in an alien shape. Through the weeks he turns into an embryo and then a fetus. The second and third trimester marks the advancements of the baby. The 26th week is the last week of the ‘golden era’ which is another name for the second trimester. Some of the changes seen in your baby this week will include:

Physical Developments:

In her 26th week, the baby is now rounding up to a good two pounds in weight and a 23 cm long measurement. As she develops her senses are spines strengthen giving her the free chance of movement at will. These movements are now with passing weeks becoming more and more prominent. With her grip tightening she can now play with herself- roll around or tumble in the belly or play with the cord attached to her.


The lanugos in her body is now slowly becoming softer and trying to edge away. With this a thin layer of fat also starts depositing in the body giving her a perfect baby shape.

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The highlight of this week is that the baby now can finally adjust her eyes to the gift of sight as she finally opens her eyes to see the surroundings around her. She blinks and clears her eyes and now can see what or where she has been growing all this time. The baby in her early stages has her eyes shut but slowly experiences light sensitivity because of the developing iris. Here in the 26th week the ultrasound can catch her blinking inside nestling cozily as her eyes looks around. The eyes however are lighter in color due to lack of pigmentation in the iris which changes after birth.

Sex Determination:

By now, the baby’s gender is prominent and distinct so if someone wants to know the gender they are free to do so. Before this the gender was somewhat clear by which the doctors could tell the difference but now they have grown prominent. For a boy this week his testicles will finally drop down to his now fully formed scrotum and for the girls their tunnels to the ovaries have now been formed that houses a good six to seven million primitive eggs already. However the count comes down to two once the baby is born.


By now one of your relatives can put an ear to your belly and hear the child’s heartbeat since it has grown stronger with every waking moment. Now the heart pumps blood into her body and also has the ability to create red blood cells.

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During this week, lungs and nostrils of the baby has been started to develop, at the end of the week, it will be complete their growth. Nostrils are important and so it will be completed soon, but the lungs are not so fast because of the alveoli, it starts to coat on the lungs. Lungs will help your baby for breathing well and healthy.


Your baby has still not grown into the full fledge human that they will come out as, and is still in the growth process. He will weigh wherever below a kilo, but most often, it is 900 grams or so. There is still a long way for him in the scene, but most of your worry will come to an end by the end line of this week.

Symptoms of 26th Week Pregnancy and How to Overcome:

The mother as usual grows with the baby.

Blood Pressure:

Usually at around this time the blood pressure is bound to vary since there is either the pressure of the baby or the excessive production of female hormones. Therefore a constant high or low blood pressure prevails. Often at extremes a medical condition called the preeclampsia is formed due to high blood pressure. This is usually reserved for the 37th week due to the increasing pressure however this might have an early showing too. Lower your salt intake to as minimum as possible since otherwise it might lead to worsening of your condition. Aside that, also try to keep your sugar intake low. Consult your doctor through the week to know where you stand.


Now with the growing bulge and the heavy weight, the mother can feel more and more tired and restless at the same time. Exhaustion is common in this time and is normal as said by the doctor. The best way to overcome these issues would be to take care of your general health and ask for tips from your family members who have been in the situation before you. Caring for others is not your job anymore, whenever you have time to relax , you should take rest , for the next 8 months your bed will be your best friend.

Subsidiary Worries:

During 26th week of pregnancy period, the mother will face some convinced problems like breathlessness and heart burns, since the growing baby pushes your organs to make a space for itself. As the result of this pressure it will causes the uterus and lung damage. To overcome this problem you should keep your diet with the healthy foods, take the food before two hours to the bed is good for health. Take plenty of water before going to the bed, if you take more rest that means fewer worries.

False Contractions:

On this month, the mother will start to experience the fear about the intermittent weak contractions of the uterus that usually start in the midway. But there is no reason to worry about it, it’s just your body is preparing for arriving condition. However, if you feel a lot of pain then you should consult your doctor for certain difficulties


If your pregnancy has grown so far, the snoring is the foremost problem to overcome. Your hormones are the reason here to blame, and you don’t have to worry about it. If you think your snoring will annoy your partner then you can use the nasal strip to avoid the snoring.

26th Week Activities:

The risk of miscarriage at this stage is mostly done so you can take care of your baby position and your posture while sleeping and sitting, when you doing any activity, do slowly and smoothly without any heavy lifting, just do simple exercise and diet is enough.

Diet and Exercise for the 26th Week:


Fruits and Vegetables:

Load yourself with every fresh bout of fruits and vegetables this week. These can include bananas, oranges, apples, broccoli, spinach and beans. Along with the fruits and vegetables you should take rice and cornflakes.

Raw foodstuff:

The food nutrients are usually lost by boiling and the foodstuff being taken raw helps curb your food cravings. Besides, that means more benefit on your baby and you. Most food and vegetables are healthy more raw consumption; however make sure you wash them well.


Water is the essential nutrients to fight against the damage that comes your way. It helps you to stay healthier for a long time that will help you to maintain your weight

Vitamin C:

The vitamin C is an essential nutrient will help you to live more healthier. Including Citrus fruits like orange and lemons in your daily diet will boost your stamina power of the body. Taking some grape fruit is the good idea.


While you need all the lean meat you can get, chicken should be your first preference, since it keeps your health well and doses your protein levels up in no time. The best of it all is that chicken is equally cheap.


There are few exercises to work out during your pregnancy:

Belly Expansion:

Sit with your legs overlapped and lower back supported, and hands on the stomach. Keep your back and shoulders gradually inhale over your nose as you enlarge your belly. Do it for 5-10 minutes in a day.


The squat is the best exercise, as this help to better your posture and make more space to the lumbar area for expansion. There are several variations of squats and the great squat will be assumed your condition.


On this stage sleeping in your normal position will be challenging, you have to do some stretching during the pregnancy and it will give you the flexibility and also it strength your legs and muscles.


Walking during pregnancy will help you to reduce the breathing problems and all stress, walking will help for your body and mind freshness. It will keep you and your baby as well as healthy, if you walk in regular basis.

Stomach Adjustment:

Try to maintain your center of gravity, so it will make easier to work on your position and try some exercises.

Sex During Pregnancy In 26th Week:

Of course, there might be a few issues with your pregnancy at this stage, like the fast development of your child this week, but that does not mean anything but changing for good. If you want to indulge in sexual activities, it isn’t exactly a bad idea; however you would want to exercise precaution with your positions.

Tips To Overcome Stress during Pregnancy:

  • Postpone every single one of the activity that drains away your energy for good. This might be like an open invitation for overwhelming anxiety.
  • Eat well, is good for your mind as well as your body. Healthy foods and diets will help you to live healthy; the high healthy nutrient is Omega 3 essential fatty acids, vitamins and other minerals. It will help to improve your health
  • Spending more time with your family and your partner, will help you to keep your mind healthier and happy. If you have any stress about your finances, job or housing? Leave all those things and make your mind free.
  • Don’t let technology take over you. Nowadays, technology grows rapidly, if you are spending your free time with this technology like mobile phones or television will affects baby’s. so your free time you can spend with families.
  • Sleeping it off is a good idea. Deep sleeping will helps you improve your health mentally as well as physically. It also will help you and your child to make happier and peace.

Medical Treatments And Checkup:

If you are planning for a pregnancy, consult with your doctor for a complete checkup. In some cases you may need to change or stop certain medicines. During six month of pregnancy, you have to take some medicine to treat health problems such as high blood pressure and asthma. There are some medicines are recommended for you to avoid the cough, allergy, gastric, ache problems:

  • Aches- Acetaminophen. Don’t indulge in Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Allergy- if any allergy during the pregnancy you should take, Antihistamines or a hint of Ioratidine. Avoid the use of Pseudoephedrine and Decongestants for instance, Phenylephrine.
  • Cough- for heavy cold, Try Dextromethorphan.
  • Gastric issues- Metamucil. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  • Heart burning and ulcers – avoid the heart burning, try Antacids syrups and tablets.

Tips and Precautions:

  1. Try adjusting your center of gravity with your growing baby bump well. Avoid wearing heels on your walks.
  2. Dieting should be healthy. Avoid anything that can cause acidity or heartburn, like junk food. Drink lots of water.
  3. Sleep at least 10 hours in a day. Having deep sleep will help you to keep your mind happy.
  4. Interactions with medicines can be harmful in your situation. Do not forget to consult your doctor before any intake of drugs.
  5. Before a baby, you should purchase cute cloths, sweaters and shocks for your baby will gives happy feel, and will help to reduce your all stress.

Now that your pregnancy is getting better with time, do not forget that you are coming in terms with the responsibility and seriousness of the situation. Hope you make it from side to side the next trimester just as smoothly as this one. You can happy with the help of these tips and try it in your home itself, have a happy week with your baby!