4th Month of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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The first day was the planning and processing of the information. The brave decision made took quite a lot of heart and excitement. Previously her best friends have shared their information and ideas about pregnancy. She has heard her elders give advice’s to her; she has heard others share their own experiences.

One thing stood common amongst all. Even though they all talked about the difficult times they faced during pregnancy, the hardships, the responsibilities and every other, at the end. Whilst concluding their story they would always mark pregnancy as a miracle of god, as a magical journey. now in her fourth month, she understands ponders over all those advice’s and warnings and now she knows better why the end was always happy no matter what the previous nine months have been.

4th month of pregnancy

What To Think About This Month:

The few days after conception were pretty hectic and nerve wrecking. For a few nights she tossed and turned in her bed as different worries engulfed her. Her desperate attempt to get some shut eye was being rejected by her body. Right at the crack of the dawn, she runs to the bathroom and empties her guts out only to do the same set of events the next morning and the morning after that. The days that followed were different. She could feel herself getting depressed and sad at this irregularities. With the frequent need to relieve herself growing every time she knew her little one was cruel to make her go through all this.

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Her emotions vague and empty took a new turn with food and more food. Her appetite grew a notch up with every passing day until she found herself on a treasure hunt across her house looking for tit-bits every now and then. That was however the first few weeks precisely the first one and a half month until she realized the devil child in her growing into an angel with every heartbeat. She formed a bond where she knew exactly what the child was asking for and without hesitation she gave in. her morning sickness and insomnia subsided and so did her bathroom runs. This made her days better when she could control her emotions slowly. The doctor’ started giving good reviews about the baby’s development which made you look forward to each doctor visit.

Fetal Development of The Baby:

The baby is still a blastocyst in the early few days of conception and then turns into an embryo. By the time she completes her second month, she has already turned into a fetus resembling a miniature version of you. This in the fourth month takes up more developmental process. Here are the statistics of your baby in the fourth month of your magical journey.

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Now the significant changes in the baby can be properly seen. He now has escalated from being a pea sized pod to a full miniature version of you. The baby now is around seven inches long but he still has somewhat lanky and thin arms and legs. His lower limbs are starting to develop better now after the third month saw the development of the upper body. Her body now is coming at par with her bulbous head which indicates the growth of the body at this point of time. The hair in his scalp is growing and so is his fingernails which are prominent now. He now weighs a good seven ounces however this is an approx estimate and your baby can be over or under weight depending on him. If the doctor gives you the green signal you are in the clear.

Skin Care:

You know how we feel our body crumpling after a long time in a pool party and by the time we leave home our finger tips have coiled and wrinkled like your grandmothers’. The same thing might happen to the baby because of its nine months floating in the amniotic fluid sac. This sac actually helps him to protect his body from outer friction. Now a waxy grease like white substance called the vernix caseosa can be seen floating around the skin of the baby.


Also soft brown hairs called lanugos are forming on the skin to protect the soft baby skin. With time your baby is slowly getting a pinkish hue. The baby now is growing hair on his scalp however this hair is colorless and white due to the lack of proper pigmentation.

Facial Care:

Right about now you can see miniature eyebrows developing in your baby’s face as she gets more and more prominent. Her sucked in nose now takes its original shape and her lip outline is traced and ready to develop. The soft teeth buds inside the gum are being formed and so are her eyelashes. This month the highlight will be the growth of facial hair, that is, the eyebrow and the eyelash. The ears also at around this time grow and become somewhat prominent.

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This is the month when your doctor can predict who you will be harboring in your womb so keep the baby names coming since there has to be a lot of choosing to do.

Thumb Sucking:

At this stage, your child usually starts sucking their fingers, usually that being the thumb for most kids. This is a very healthy development and it is a good move, since it means your child is still adapting to the touch with his newly formed fingers.

Symptoms of 4th Month Pregnancy and How to Overcome:

The baby’s mother also goes through some changes this month.

A Little Tingle:

The baby is born with reflexes so at around this time he may start rolling around in your uterus tumbling and playing. This might create a slight sensation in your lower abdomen even though it is hardly felt. It is just a strange tingling feeling that you feel every time he rolls over. To overcome this uneasiness, try sitting up straight, as this restricts the movement of your baby. However, do not do this all the time, since this hampers his play time inside your womb.


With the pregnancy growing in you, you will feel some irregularities in your skin, such as certain spots and pigmentation’s, certain patches and rashes. This is because of the over production of female hormones in your body that cause this reactions. This is however just a passing phase and disappears along with the pregnancy. The best way to overcome this situation is to add Aloe Vera or Vitamin E on the skin wherever the symptoms are noted. Besides, you can also massage olive oil on your skin to keep it hydrated and moisturized at all times.

Nasal Congestion:

A major challenge that you have to live through this month is fixing nose bleeds and a stuffy nose. That and blocked ears as well. Things can get difficult, but these symptoms are quite common among pregnant women all around the world. While this may not be a serious issue when pregnant, you might want to keep your doctor informed before. The reason behind this phenomenon is because of an increased supply of blood in the mucous membranes. Now, coming to the talk of how to resolve the issue, there is no permanent solution to this situation until your pregnancy phase is over and your baby comes to the world. The best way to temporarily fix your issues is to carry around tissues everywhere with you, so that wiping off your nose isn’t a problem. Do make sure you do not carry a handkerchief, since those can be bacteria filled and make things worse for you with infections that they lead to. Another new discovery that you will find at this stage is that you are sneezing constantly like it is the end of the world. This is no reason for embarrassment; just make sure the tissues come to your rescue again.


At this stage, you will tire out easily, but find troubles falling asleep. Nights might seem strange, as you find yourself staring at the ceiling and worrying about life problems. Apart from that, there is also discomfort and pain, trying to struggle with the right sleeping position. The best way to overcome these issues would be to take care of your general health and ask for tips from your family members who have been in the situation before you. Avoid sleeping pills entirely.


You need to cut yourself some slack and relax whenever you get the chance. Caring for others cannot be your job anymore and your bed should be your best friend for the next few months to come, after this one has been done and dusted. You can also take a maternity leave from work if you want, although, about 6 months is usually when most women take their break.

4th Month Activities:

Most of your activity this month will be limited, since that belly bump will make working hard for you without tiring out. Aside that, there are also chances you will spend a total of half the day in the washroom, urinating the whole time. A fatigue and strong appetite with major food cravings await you as well. So you can expect your activities involving a lot of time in the kitchen looking for food. Checkups and more tests are the way to go this month. You can indulge in your favorite exercises as well, as long as you are not wearing out. Rest in an important criterion for your situation and need to maintain a well followed schedule for sleep, diet and exercise. Do limit on the strain involving work for the time being.

Diet and Exercise for The 4th Month:


1. Fruits and Vegetables:

For the month, your baby will develop quite a lot and you need to load yourself up with all the freshest vegetables and fruits that there are. The very best of fruits and veggies should include bananas, oranges, apples, broccoli, spinach and beans. Rice and cornflakes should be taken as the dish along with these fruits and vegetables.

2. Raw Foodstuff:

Raw food usually preserves more of the nutrients that are usually lost otherwise owing to boiling. Your doctor might also suggest you vitamins to curb your food cravings. Try to make the most of these cravings by indulging in healthy fruits and food that can be consumed raw.

3. Water:

Hydration is an essence you can’t overlook at this stage given that you now have to support another life inside you (or maybe more, if you have twins or triplets). Water is an important fluid to combat with the harm that comes your way. It also helps you stay fuller for long, thus preventing you from gaining excess weight.

4. Vitamin C:

Taking vitamin C can make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients additionally take you take in. You can buy oranges and lemons among the citrus fruits to boost your levels. Grapefruit is a wise idea as well, although availability might seem to be an issue.

5. Chicken:

Lean meat is always welcome in the scene when you are pregnant and it not only provides you with all the protein you need, but also helps up your metabolism and energy rate. Seafood and pork should be avoided at all costs since they can be fatal to the baby. Chicken steps into the scene here, being a safe bet during pregnancy.


The best exercises to work on during this time should be the ones that focus on your abs and pelvis for a better posture. A few exercises that you can take help from are:

1. Belly Expansion:

Fold your legs and support your back against the wall. Keep your hands on your knee folds. Inhale through your nose while you bring your belly closer to your body. Hold your breath and exhale after 5 seconds. Repeat for 5 rounds.

2. Squat:

The next best exercise would be to squat, as this exercise helps better your posture and gives more space to the pelvic region for expansion. There are many variations of squats and a high squat will be just right given your condition.

3. Stretching:

It may seem strange, but at this stage with the baby bump coming right up, sleeping in your usual position will be difficult and more like an exercise you need to master. Stretching during pregnancy gives you the flexibility and strength in your legs.

4. Walking:

For all months of pregnancy, walking will prove to be the most dependable exercise to choose. You not only get time by yourself, but also allow your body to stay active the whole time.

5. Stomach Adjustment:

Inhale through your nose and hold your breath. Try adjusting the center of gravity, so it is easier for you to work your angle for the next few months to come and the increasing bump.

Sex During Pregnancy In 4th Month:

You are developing mood swings and going crazy about everything in the world at this stage. Intimacy is perhaps the last thing on your mind right now, however, talk to your partner and if you can make some time off, talk about sexual activity and hit a common ground. Easy position’s the way to go and your sac will protect your baby just fine.

Tips To Overcome Stress During Pregnancy:

  1. Now that you are in the fourth month, financial issues need to be taken care of right away, to be free from the next few months of stress.
  2. Try to focus on your baby and the rest you need for him to develop in your. Now is the best time for you to relax. Trust us, your baby will thank you later.
  3. Take extra reassurance from your partner and support group, not only will it be of great help, but you will uncover many new things about the new life experience.
  4. Exercise well, since it might improve your mood. You can indulge in yoga and meditation as well, if your stress is severe.
  5. Start preparing for your home birth plan if you intend on taking that route. Besides, you should also make sure you have more time to devote to your midwife, telling her of all the details.

Medical Treatments and Checkup:

At this stage, a blood test is done to check if your baby is suffering from any abnormalities. Down’s syndrome is done by Quadruple Marker Screening Test, and a test on your amniotic fluid is called amniocentesis. Being advancement towards the trimester 2, this phase means an entire transformation in your body. A few medicines to keep by your bedside are:

  1. Aches and pains- Acetaminophen. Steer clear of Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  2. Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratidine. Avoid Pseudophedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  3. Cough- Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin.
  4. Constipation- Metamucil and Colace. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  5. Heartburn- Antacids and Famotidine.

Tips and Precautions :

  1. Your baby will start kicking at this stage, so keep water around to control the hiccups.
  2. Never step out without sunscreen, as it might harm your baby.
  3. Take food well ahead of sleeping time, else it can turn into a case of bad nausea.
  4. Use a better care for your position when walking, sleeping or sitting since it can lead to bad aches otherwise.
  5. Get at least 10 hours of sleep. Most insomniac mothers give birth to underweight babies as is known.

You can look forward to your bundle of joy seeing the world with you soon. Bear with the few hitches that come in your way and you will have a smooth pregnancy the whole time.

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