30 Unexpected Health and Beauty Benefits of Almonds (Badam)

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Almond is considered as a wonder food. This great nut has so many benefits that eating almonds everyday is a ritual in many households. Almond can be used in various forms. The most common method is just eating the raw almonds as is. You can also make almond butter which is a very tasty and beneficial product. Almond oil too has a lot of benefits that are known. Each of these methods of consuming or using almonds is beneficial for the body and makes it stronger and healthier.

Benefits of Almonds

You can try any of these methods to keep yourself fit and younger through simple effective and natural ways. Since this is a versatile nut you can use it in any form and put it in any kind of cuisine. The almond powder is also a best bet for people who are fussy to eat the raw almond as it is.

What are the Benefits of Eating Almonds for Skin and Hair

What are the Benefits of Almonds for Skin and Hair:

Here is a list of almonds benefits for good health, to choose and select the best almonds and have a handful a day to strengthen and refine your system.

1. Great for Cholesterol:

Eating almonds can greatly reduce the cholesterol level in your body and make you healthy again. Since it has monounsaturated fats it lowers the bad cholesterol and raises the good cholesterol levels. Choose to eat a handful of almonds on a daily basis for this.

2. Protect you from Cancer:

Protect you from cancer

Almonds can be used to reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer. It helps to keep the digestive system effective as the fiber content in almonds enables all the food to pass through it easily. Thus it reduces the risk of colon cancer. Since almonds have phytochemicals and flavonoids they control the risk of cancer cells increasing.

3. Check your Diabetes:

Check your diabetes

Getting almonds in your diet can greatly decrease the rising of the blood sugar level after eating meals. The glycemic index in almonds stabilizes the sugar levels and keeps you protected.

4. Energy Vitalizer:

Energy vitalizer

Being rich in riboflavin, manganese and also copper, almonds give you the daily boost of energy. These are really great for your daily needs and make you less tired. Eat then raw or put them in a bar to take to work.

5. Brain Boosters:

Brain boosters

It is a common knowledge that almonds are good for the brain. The reason for this is the riboflavin present in them. They also contain phenylalanine that helps the cognitive functions. Its best to soak almonds and have them in the morning.

6. Good for Your Bones:

Good for your bones

There is plenty of calcium and phosphorous present in almonds to help you and your bones. It prevents osteoporosis and strengthens your teeth as well as bones. It keeps the skeletal system strengthened too.

7. Maintain your Weight:

Maintain your weight

Have almond butter as a substitute for regular butter if you would like to maintain or even lose some weight. The calorie content in almond butter keeps you full the whole day and so you do not binge on unhealthy snacks. Since there is enough fiber and protein in the butter you can reduce weight too.

8. Antioxidants Dosage:

Antioxidants dosage

Almond butter has been known to give you your daily vitamin E requirement. The vitamin E present in almond butter protects the tissue from any damage from oxidation.

9. Make your Heart Healthy:

Make your heart healthy

Almond oil has unsaturated fat and this lowers cholesterol and helps therefore keeps any heart disease away. Check to see that you consume 25% of your calories from fat and this will make your heart healthy and strong.

10. Anemic Cure:

Anemic cure

A lot of people suffer from anemia and the reason for this is that red blood cells carry less oxygen to the heart. Almonds have copper, iron and vitamins in them. They thus create the hemoglobin levels that are needed and can help you be anemic free. Try out this simple and effective cure for anemia.

11. Increase Your Metabolism:

Increase your metabolism

Another great benefit of almonds is the level of fiber present in it. This helps to keep the digestive system intact. It removes the unwanted toxins from your body and thus increases the metabolic rate.

12. Increase your Physical Alertness:

Increase your physical alertness

To keep yourself physically fit you need to consume almond milk. The proteins present in them improve your muscle health and repairs the damage to any ligaments or tissues. This is best for the physical alertness level too.

13. Reduce the Level of Fever:

Reduce the level of fever

Another health benefit of almonds is in the form of reducing the fever. The almond essential oil is the product to be used for this. The bitter almond oil has alkalinity and this reduces the fever levels.

14. Use as an Anesthetic:

Use as an anesthetic

Almond oil has some more properties and can be used for minor stitching as well as plucking of your tooth. There is a toxic component called glycoside amygdalin present in bitter almond oil and this can turn the nerves insensitive for a temporary period and helps you to feel numb to the sense of pain. But use bitter almond oil only as external use since consuming it internally will be dangerous.

15. Use for Skin Care:

Use for skin care

Almond oil is a used as a moisturizer since it contains olein glyceride linoleic acid. You can easily prevent acne, blackheads and prickly skin by using the almond oil daily. Since it has vitamin E it keeps you with healthy skin. You can also use it as massage oil for small children as it helps for their muscle growth.

16. Prevent the Damage from the Sun:

Prevent the damage from the sun

Almonds have a lot of vitamin E and this is what makes them very skin-friendly and is therefore used as a beauty product too.Any kind of food that is rich in vitamin E will shield you from the sun and its exposure and will therefore reduce skin damage. You can use almond milk to greatly treat sun burns and any other skin problems that you may have.

17. Use as a Massage Oil:

Use as a massage oil

Almond oil which is extracted from almonds can be suitably used as an aromatherapy oil to massage your body. Almond oil can be used on all skin types. It gets easily absorbed into your skin and this is the main benefit of the oil. It also gives off a wonderful aroma that can be calming and soothing.It makes the skin healthy and is therefore beneficial for you.

18. Moisturize Your Body:

Moisturize your body

Being a natural product, almond oil is the best in terms of moisturizing your body. Choose these instead of the chemical filled products that you get in the market. Just clean your face and then apply a few drops of the almond oil to your face. You can then massage your skin in upward strokes. This will give you smoother skin that is soft. Since almond oil is not greasy it gets quickly absorbed into the skin and it also doesn’t clog the pores.

19. Great for Skin Problems:

Great for skin problems

Any oil trapped in the skin will lead to skin problems like acne, blackhead and whiteheads. Almond oil is another great oil to be used to treat all these skin issues.The fatty acids present in almonds can prevent the amount of oil that is secreted by the sebaceous glands. This is turn reduces the outbreaks on your skin. When you apply it regularly, there will be a noticeable reduction in your skin problems.

20. Treat for Your Eyes:

Treat for your eyes

Dark circles can be very irritating for people as they make you look dull and sick. The almond oil use is very effective for treating the under eye dark circles. You can soak almonds in water and then grind them so that they become a smooth paste. Then apply it around the eyes and leave it for the whole night. There are moisturizing properties in almonds that will reduce dark circles and any puffy eyes.

21. Look Younger:

Look younger

Among the many properties of almond are its age-defying qualities. You can keep your skin youthful and supple by massaging the face with almond oil. This helps to fight the signs of aging and to revitalize your skin. Use a face mask of almond oil, honey and lemon to reduce your wrinkles. This is known to treat many skin problems and make you look young.

22. Exfoliation:


Exfoliation is considered to be one of the essential steps in proper skin care regime. Almonds can be usedto make a gentle exfoliating scrub. All you need to do is grind the soaked almond and then add honey and yogurt. This scrub can then be used to gently exfoliateand massage your skin. You will find that it helps to remove all the dead skin cells and makes the skin even toned.

23. Makeup Remover:

Makeup remover

Choose natural products for your skin and your skin will thank you for it. Almond oil is perfect as a makeup remover and it is a natural product. Just put a few drops of almond oil on a cotton ball and the wipe it gently on your face and eyes to remove the traces of any makeup. The oil is also known to be beneficial as an anti wrinkle serum for the eye.

24. Get Rid of the Stretch Marks:

Get rid of the stretch marks

There are wonderful qualities in almond oil make that make it effective in getting rid of stretch marks. Almond oil helps to strengthen the skin and helps it from tearing easily. Just heat the oil a bit and then apply it on the area and massage with your hands in a circular motion. If you do this twice a day you will surely see the results.

25. Antioxidant:


Antioxidants are considered one of the best things to have in the body. Almonds are rich in antioxidants and so they are used in many creams. Try and apply almond paste or even almond oil to your hands, nails and even cuticles. This helps to strengthen the nails. Using almond oil as a skin and hair product will make a huge difference in your skin.

26. Make Your Hair Stronger:

Make your hair stronger

With the pollution in today’s world it is very difficult to manage and maintain our hair. We need something to strengthen the hair from the roots so that it will be saved from the pollution. Almonds have nutrients like polyunsaturated, mono fatty acids and vitamins like A, D, B1, B2, and B6. Each of this helps to penetrate the hair strands and make it stronger. Almonds thus help to not only soften but nourish your hair.

27. Great for Hair Grow:Great for hair grow


Apart from the above mentioned qualities of almonds, it also has high amount of magnesium. This is required for healthy hair and is therefore essential in hair growth. When you have severe hair loss it is normally attributed to deficiency in magnesium. So get a daily dose of magnesium through almonds and see the hair grow back.

28. Dandruff Treatment:

Dandruff treatment

If you have a severe dandruff problem then you will know how bad the scalp feels and the itchy sensation can drive you mad. Just mix almond oil and neem oil together in equal quantities and then massage this on the scalp. You will have to leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning. This will help to get rid of dandruff.

29. Hair Loss Troubling You?:

Hair loss troubling you

The qualities of almond oil are so many that it will amaze you. If you are troubled with hair loss then all you need to do is massage your scalp with almond oil. You could also mix in some other essential oils like rosemary and lavender. Apply this oil on the roots of the hair and massage your scalp.

30. Scalp Treatment:

Scalp treatment

When we regularly put products that have chemicals in them on our body and hair it has a devastating effect. This makes the hair brittle because the scalp is not clean and has a build-up of products. This can even cause the scalp to be inflamed. Almond oil helps to go deep into the hair shaft and then soften the scalp. This is very effective in treating any kind of scalp inflammation.

Almonds are known to be beneficial from the olden days. The very simple product can be made into life saving and energizing product for use by all. Choose to have almonds on a daily basis and you will see the difference in your life and health. This is considered to be a wonderful addition to families and their diet from a young age. The pollution and chemical laden products that we use have an adverse reaction to our system. If you need to rejuvenate then almond is the way to go. Almond and all its qualities are the super power nutrient that is considered to be the best natural remedy for so many ailments.