Top 9 Aloe Face Washes

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The Aloe Vera plant is quite popular for its moisturizing agents. This can be used by people in the form of cleansers which many brands offer these days to keep the skin smooth and moisturized.

Below are the top 9 Aloe Vera Face Washes that a person should definitely try out.

1. Vedantika Face Wash, With Neem And Aloe:

aloe vera face wash

This is a newly launched brand which is offering very good products. These contain herbal extracts of various plants and essential oils. There are quite a number of variants that a person can choose from. This contains extracts of both the mucilage of the plant and also is fortified with neem. This can be good for moisturizing and also for acne. This is priced at approximately 185 INR for a moderate bottle.

2. Taashi Nature Aloe Face Wash:

Taashi Nature Aloe Face Wash

This is another local product that can be easily purchased from drugstores. This contains a gel like bottle filled with the compound. This is natural and can be good for an affordability purchase for about 129 INR for 100 ml bottle.

3. Khadi Herbals Face wash Orange and Aloe:

Khadi Herbals Face wash Orange and Aloe

This is a popular and very well known range of product. This contains orange extracts that help to exfoliate. This also helps to get dry flakes of surface scrubbed off. This is priced at about 189 INR for about 210ml bottle.

4. Iona Moisture Balance Face Wash With Vitamins:

Iona Moisture Balance Face Wash with vitamins

This is a very affordable product. This comes in small sized 50 grams tubes and is like a normal cleanser but this contains moisturizing agents. This can be used on all skin types.  This is priced at about 55 INR.

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