How To Use And Apply Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

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It is no news that aloe vera is a wonder plant. The succulent leaves of the aloe vera plant contain a gel like substance which is packed with multiple nutrients that are essential for our overall nourishment. It is so versatile that it can solve almost every problem our body has, right from our toe nails to the tip of our hair. Hair growth is on every girl’s mind and a good healthy hair is everyone’s prerogative. It is what adds to our overall look and personality. Hair cannot grow longer as it should unless the scalp is well nourished since it contains the roots that will eventually grow into long hair. Here we have enlisted some best methods on How To Use Aloe Vera For Hair Growth.

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aloe vera for hair

How To Use And Apply Aloe Vera For Hair Growth:

Below we have given different types of methods on How To Apply Aloe Vera For Hair Growth.

1. Aloe Olive Conditioner For Hair Growth:

Make a natural conditioner with aloe vera instead of the over the counter chemical alternative.


• 1/4th cup of aloe vera gel
• 2tsps honey
• Equal parts extra virgin olive oil
• Few drops of lavender or any other essential oil.


Apply on damp hair post wash and leave in for 5 minutes. After rinsing it will give strong and strength hair along with shiny manageable hair.

Other Benefits:

  • Irrespective of the condition of your scalp aloe vera will bring the correct balance to your scalp and breathe life into dull and tangle prone hair.
  • Aloe vera is very effective for solving hair fall and hair thinning problems. Regular usage stimulates production of new hair and is capable of reversing the effects of alopecia.

2. Aloe And Lemon Hair Mask For Hair Growth:


• 1 tbsp aloe Vera gel
• ½ tsp lemon juice
• 2 tbsp olive or coconut oil.


Mix ingredients together and form a non dripping consistency. Apply on scalp to absorb for 20 minutes. Rinse it off to obtain clean scalp. This pack can promotes easily hair growth.

Other Benefits:

It prevents oily scalp, clears impurities, conditions deeply and gives a glossy shine. This is an excellent pack for dandruff treatment. For better and faster results add a few drops of tea tree oil to this.

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3. Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser For Hair Growth:

The smooth non sticky texture of aloe vera makes it a very good shampoo that will help restore the beauty of your mane. Combine them with your favorite essential oils and base oils to obtain something more vitalizing than the market shampoos which claim to do wonders to your hair with chemicals. With additional essential oils it will only boost the hair and scalp health. Aloe vera is natural and much safer than anything chemical cosmetic that claims to do the same.

4. Aloe Vera And Egg Conditioner For Hair Growth:

It is no secret that the aloe vera is indeed a magic plant. You can use it on your face or on your hair and will invariably end up with amazing results. Not only is aloe vera for hair growth very famous but it also has excellent moisturizing power and is a natural skin conditioner. It is these properties that add dimension to benefit of aloe vera for hair. If you are wondering how to apply Aloe vera to hair to condition it,

  • Take a lot of aloe vera gel and add one egg to it.
  • Apply this conditioning mask onto your hair, leave it there for about 15 minutes
  • And then wash your hair.
  • Repeated application will make your hair look healthy and nourished.

5. Pre-Shampoo Aloe Vera Hair Treatment For Hair Growth:

Apply freshly procured aloe vera gel onto your hair before shampooing your hair to reduce dandruff in the hair. Aloe vera contains natural properties and enzymes that are considered best in removing dead skin flakes, fungus & dandruff and also removes extra oil from the scalp. Aloe vera maintains the PH level of the scalp hence, one must use aloe vera for hair growth.

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