9 Pictures of Amy Jackson without Makeup

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Born and brought up in the UK, Amy Jackson started her career during her early teens, 16 to be precise when she enrolled for modeling. Born to English parents, this British model always had a keen eye for films until Tamil director A.L Vijay found and introduced her to South Indian film industry. Spreading her wings a little more every day, soon she found her way into Bollywood, her first debut being in the recent 2012 itself. While partaking in active modeling in the UK, Amy simultaneously managed her film debuts here in India and soon became a well known face in the South Indian films. Like every one Amy dazzles on screen but it comes to the question where we wonder how she looks behind the camera without the studio finesse. In today’s article, we shall strip Amy’s look books into how this pretty actress carries herself without the professional set makeup hiding her imperfections.

1. Best of The Fans:

Posing in her causal denim and coral peach blouse, Amy Jackson posed for the camera with one of her beloved fans right by her. Hair open and left in her natural state, Amy sported no signs of makeup other than a vibrant vampire red lip that accentuated her skin tone as she smiled widely.

2. The Selfie Game Ruler:

Amy Jackson without makeup pictures 2

Amy in this picture decided to wake up early in the morning and click a killer selfie where she poses without a single sprinkle of makeup remnants on her face. Her light freckles adorned her soft flawless skin as her bright eyes had a fleeting zeal to itself.

3. Behind The Scenes:

Amy Jackson without makeup pictures 3

Forever a Amy, Jackson in this photo was clicked behind the scenes to one of her movies where she sported an ultra summer day classic casual look which had her pairing her white tanks with her blue denim shorts as she posed without any makeup on her face other than the aviators that held her hair away from the forehead.

4. Crowned Queen:

Amy Jackson without makeup pictures 4

This picture of the dazzling Amy Jackson dates way back to her teenage days when she won the crowned title of Miss Teen World. Still back in the UK, Amy looked ferocious and flawless at the same time as her no makeup face blushed up with joy. Her wide smile says it all in this picture.

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