Top 9 Amy Winehouse Tattoo Designs

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Amy Winehouse was a singer and song writer who was very famous and won awards like Grammy and Name. She has sung various songs and this tragic singer later died of alcohol poisoning. She is still an inspiration to many singers and fans and there are a huge number of fans who were fans of her genres of songs like jazz, reggae, rhythm and blues. These days people like getting tattoos done as a tribute to the famous singer. Fans of the singer can try out these on their body from professional artists.

Amy Winehouse Tattoo Designs:

Below are the top 9 Amy Winehouse tattoo designs that fans can get inspired from.

Design 1:

amy winehouse tattoo designs

Amy Wine house used to wear high beehive wigs and used to sport winged liners. This is a tattoo which has been done accordingly to that style of her. This is very detailed and also has the properly done makeup look that she used to wear. These should be done by professional artists and these can be very artistic. This is like a tribute to the singer and this can be on the body of a fan at any position that is comfortable for sporting.

Design 2:

Amy Winehouse Tattoo 2

This is done in a different format. This is unlike the black bun but the hair has been done in some pencil format. The face has also been kept without many colors and in a pencil design style with some detailing like the liner, the lips and the piercing that she used to sport. The rest of it has not been given any shading as was one in the picture before this. This can be another style that you can choose to get done.

Design 3:

Amy Winehouse Tattoo 3

This is done in accordance with a picture of the singer and this has been done with a lot of shading and detailing. This also shows the tattoos that the singer used to have on her hands. This is very intricately done by a professional expert and therefore a fan should get this done properly and with proper colors for this thing to look glamorous from a professional artist.

Design 4:

Amy Winehouse Tattoo 4

This is a shaded and very artistic design. This is done in a single color black with proper shading. So if a person does not like many colors for designs, then she can try out these in a chosen color. It can be done in red, green or black or any other colors that a person is comfortable sporting.

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