18 Famous Tourist Places To Visit In Andaman

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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is located on the Bay of Bengal and happen to be one of the most beautiful natural landscapes. The beautiful marine life and exotic locations attract many tourists round the year. The amazing beaches and mangrove forests in and around Andaman and Nicobar Islands make it one of the tourist hot spots.

Prominent Andaman Tourist Places To Visit:

There are several tourist destinations in Andaman with beautiful locations and attractions. Here we contains 18 best and wonderful tourist places to visit in Andaman Nicobar Islands along with amazing sightseeing attractions.

1. Long Island:

Tourist Places To Visit In Andaman

Long Island happens to be one of the most favourite destinations in Andaman and Nicobar. The Lalaji Bay along the stretch of Long Island is of pure bliss. Tourists gather in Long Island in order to see the dolphins and to get enjoy .

2. Cellular Jail:


The cellular jail also known as Kala Pani happens to be the witness to the cruelty of the British Government towards the freedom fighters. The jail has now been transformed into a museum and depicts the miserable life of the freedom fighters. The famous light and sound show of the cellular jail show the strife of the freedom fighters.

3. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park:


Sprawling over 15 islands the Mahatma Gandhi National Park happens to be one of the most exotic marine park in India. Beautiful corals and aquatic animals can be seen in this park. Water sport such as snorkeling and scuba diving can be done here and this is adds on to the national park.

4. Anthropological Museum:


The Anthropological Museum on the Phoenix Bay in Andaman retains the colonial details of the island. It houses cloths, utensils and some ancient weapons used by the local tribes of the territory. It also have pictures of the tribal people both of ester years and present days. The Museum gives us an inner view to the life of the tribal people which existed and till now live in Andaman.

5. Radhanagar Beach (Havelock Island):


One of the best beaches in the world is the Radhanagar beach situated in the Havelock island. The neat and serene aura, much away from the noises and ruckus of tourists, where the clear sky and crystal clear waters can be seen until the end of the horizon where they eventually meet, such places are ideal places for long walks while watching the beautiful sunset. Underwater activities like snorkeling and scuba diving are also a part of Radhanagar Beach which enables the people to explore the quiet and peaceful marine world. With its breathtaking scenic beauty, this spectacular beach is one of the best places to see in Andaman.

6. Corbyn’s Cove Beach:


Being one of the closest beach from Port Blair it is completely lying in the laps of nature. Sports activities like jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and glass bottom cruises are the main part of the Corbyn’s Cove Beach. The destination is covered with dense palm groves and also has many restaurants and bars. It is a major tourist point in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

7. Limestone Caves:


If we go through the tourist places in Andaman, then the Limestone Caves In Baratang comes on the top. People have to cross tribal reserves and dense forests to reach these caves, which provides them more of the desired adventure. Few people also get to see the crocodiles enjoying the sun with their jaws wide open.

8. Lalaji Bay Beach:


The Lalaji Bay Beach in Long Island is a serene and spectacular beach in Andaman. Ferries from Rangat and middle Andaman connect this island together. It is an ideal place for all the skinny dipping lovers. You may need to hire a dunghi or walk for over an hour in between the mangrove creeks to reach the Lalaji Bay Beach.

9. Butler Bay Beach:


The Butler Bay Beach is one of the most wonderful and natural tourist places to visit in Andaman which has very scenery around this spot. The Butler Bay Beach in Hut Bay island is a paradise for soul surfers. The beach is covered with soft brown sand and dense trees all around. People are usually seen scuba diving or snorkeling on this beach. The Butler Bay beach is in a concave shape so you can see the whole beach from any point.

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