Australian Kiss – What Is, Tips and How to do

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“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence.”

-Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

These are some of the stories that abound folklore and history giving us an insight into the expression of love for a beloved partner. However by virtue of our existence, nature has gifted humans with the most subtle way of expressing their love for the opposite sex. We may keep guessing for an eternity yet we have the most potent tool of lovemaking strategically placed in our body, the lips. What better way to use them butto kiss? Lips are biologically the most sensitive to tactile signals having a large surface area as compared to the rest of the body.

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Even scientists acknowledge its power to lift the mood by releasing a strong cocktail of hormones sending the person in a tizzy. Eulogizing the power of an intimate kiss as a potent tool of love and lust Karen Marie Moning rightly enunciated it as a Life force. But humans while treading the path of evolution evolved an exhaustive bouquet of kisses. From French to Eskimo, these kisses promise to sweep off the most stoical beings off their feet, bringing heaven closer to the Earth. Among these, the Australian kiss is one that distinguishes itself from the rest.

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Australian Kiss Meaning:

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So what is an Australian kiss?

An Australian kiss shares a close resemblance to a French kiss. Strictly speaking, an Australian kiss is a kiss performed below waist, preferably on the genitals. However, it is not to be confused with Fellatio or Rimming. Human genitals, similar to the lips have a high degree of sensitivity to pressure due to the presence of a large number of nerve endings. During sexual intimacy or nervous excitement these nerve endings conduct the pressure applied on the erogenous zones in the form of weak electrical signals to the Brain. The brain in turn releases ‘feel-good’ hormones Dopamine and Oxytocin ultimately leading to an orgasm. It due to a combination of these factors, Australian kisses are now widely regarded as the most potent tool of sexual satisfaction

How to Do Australian Kiss?

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The first and foremost ingredient of an Australian kiss down under is unhindered intimacy. Once the partner is comfortable it is best enjoyed when he or she lies down to gain the maximum experience. Once down, start by kissing the erogenous zones of the genitals with the combined action of the tongue and lips in tandem. To heighten the sense of pleasure increase the pressure applied by the lips gradually. So, you no longer need to wonder how to do Australian kiss!

Tips and Techniques for The Perfect Australian Kiss:

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Now that you know what it really is, here is what typically you need to be wary of.

1. Since Ausiee kiss involves the genitals, maintaining hygiene is essential. Ensure that before and after indulging in the act the partner is squeaky clean to prevent infections. Oral hygiene makes the act more pleasurable for both the partners.

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2. Partners suffering from STD’s should refrain from Australian kisses to avoid transmission of the disease through uncovered cuts or wounds in the mouth.

3. Proper lubrication is essential to ensure smooth foreplay in the form of Australian kiss and also during the actual sexual act

4. A comfortable position during the act of Australian kissing is another criterion worth looking into. Theoretically, lying down face up is the best position to enjoy the act. It also gives the opposite partner a chance to explore and please. However, the position should be decided based on the personal comfort level of the partner

5. Any kind of foreplay, especially Australian kisses require a basic level of trust, love and intimacy between partners. If you fail to bridge the mental barrier, it will lead to an awkward situation and may become robotic.

6. Australian kissing is an intricate art in itself. Practice will go a long way in making one perfect in the act.

While it sure can be sensual, there sure are some difficulties you will face. These are known issues facing couples practicing Australian kissing.

  1. There is a certain level of disgust associated with genitals. The very thought of going down may seem to turn off an individual.
  2. Fear of intimacy or lack of trust also hinders a perfect Australian kiss. Love is the first step towards intimacy. Since both co-exist, one cannot flourish without the other. Other than this previous negative experiences of sexual interaction may inhibit the desire to establish new intimacy.
  3. Childhood sexual abuse may trigger familiar emotions of fear and disgust which hinders the process of Australian kissing.
  4. In a conservative society, Australian French kiss may be considered a taboo which may prohibit couples from practicing it due to moral obligations.
  5. Often in developing and under developed nations Gender inequality exists. This prohibits the woman from demanding any kind of sexual intimacy. Thus, the women may not feel comfortable airing their views on sexuality in general.

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There is more to Australian kisses than those raging hormones and going down under. It is an act of bringing two souls together through physical intimacy. In the current fast paced world, where sexual intimacy is becoming more of a mechanical act, Australian kisses promise to bring back the zing back in bed. The success or failure of the process lies in the hands of the couples but it is practice that shall see them all smiles in bed and in life once again.