25 Awesome Bridesmaid Hairstyles

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Finally the day is here when you will see your best friend stepping towards her long awaited journey is wedding. Finally the day has come for her to be dresses in her satin white with a bow on the back and a veil on the top. Finally the white flowers in her satin gloved hand would be replaced by a shiny golden ring and besides her, her bridesmaids too need to look her best. This is why in this article the best of the bridesmaid hairstyles are enlisted so that you can enjoy in the beauty alongside your best friend.

Beautiful Hairstyles For Bridesmaid With Pictures:

Given below the most charming bridesmaid hairstyles along with images for you which can inspire you surely.

1.The Side Bun:

bridesmaid hairstyles

This is one of the classiest and most common hairstyles for bridesmaids where they sweep up the hair in a simple yet chic bun. Prior to this curl your hair or simply wave it to add volume and texture to the hairdo. Keep the front loose and wavy while you sweep away the rest and make a messed up bun with it. You may even add the necessary accessories.

2. The High Bun:

bridesmaid hairstyles2

If the low hanging bun is not your cup of tea, try this awesome high hair bun that would go well with a sweet heart neckline dress and a chunky piece of necklace. The hair here is brushed and pulled all the way back to form a big bun. Now here the bun is made by pinning down separate strands or locks to get the heavy volume. Use your fingers to fluff up your hairdo. This type of bridesmaid hairstyles perfectly suitable for girls as well as women around age of 30 years.

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3. The Side Twirl:

bridesmaid hairstyles3

This is the simple hairstyle for bridesmaid with long hair which suits with any type of outfits. If you want to keep your hair free falling from the back but want a fix for the front locks, always rely on this quick fix. Prior to this thoroughly comb your hair and pull all your hair to one side. Now take the last lock and pin it at the back of your head. Take a preferably longer lock from the front and cross it over the pin up to get this look. pin the last lock too.

4. The Free Curls:

bridesmaid hairstyles4

Often you would want to sport a free hair without having to partake in any extravagant hairstyle and therefore here is an easy fix that you can opt for. Put them curlers on the night before and simply forget about them until the main event. During the event open your curls and keep them loose. Maybe use a pin on the side.

5. The French Twist:

bridesmaid hairstyles5

This is one of the most famous hairstyles for bridesmaid with medium hair. The French twist is a sure shot method to snatch the stares this time. A French twist is a classy and elegant hairstyle that you can pair with a Chinese collared white dress or simply a deep cut V. The hair at the back is gathered and manually twisted to get this awesome look. Always try for a cleaner look with a fewer front locks.

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6. The Waterfall Braid:

bridesmaid hairstyles6

By now you are sure well acquainted with the different braid types, the waterfall braid being one of them. This is a lethal hairstyle paired with the beautiful periwinkle bridesmaid dress that would make you look ravishingly beautiful. Waterfall braids can be made with extra accessories that bring out the look of the hair well. Often you can add hair diversities too to suit the occasion.

7. The Braided Bun:

bridesmaid hairstyles7

Start with a simple French styled braid and go all the way to the back. Complete the braid and then fan it properly to add volume to your hair. Now start by rolling the hair and putting it in a beautiful bun at the end. This is one of the excellent bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair women.

8. The Back Knot:

bridesmaid hairstyles8

Simply tease the back of the head and ten take the two front strands and then tie a knot with it. The hair at the end is made into a beautiful curl which is free flowing. Maybe add a tease at the back to add volume. This type of beautiful curly hairstyles for bridesmaid on that particular day.

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9. The Zig-Zags:

bridesmaid hairstyles9

Here is another great hairstyle for bridesmaids where through zig zag patterns a beautiful hairdo is created. Use solid curls to add volume and grace to the look. This hair style is one of the best looks in the list of bridesmaid hairstyles with long hair.

10. Half Up And Half Down:

Bridesmaid Hairstyles 10

If you don’t want to go for a bun then try half up and half down bridesmaid hairstyle. This goes with both casual and formal dresses giving a versatile look. In this the hair remains off the face yet opened giving an amazing attractive look.

11. Curly Updos:

Bridesmaid Hairstyles 11

Up dos are meant not only for the brides but bridesmaid too. These give an elegant and beautiful look to the bridesmaids. Wavy tied curls incorporate a delicate and stylish look. Try adding some beautiful hair accessories if required. Go for curly braided look giving a lot of fullness and texture to your hair. Tuck some flowers to give a whimsical flair and the match the flowers with your dress. This is one of the classic bridesmaids hairstyles with long hair females.

12. Side Swept:

Bridesmaid Hairstyles 12

Side swept will add a touch of Hollywood glamour which always looks good. Side swept looks best with vintage waves or beachy waves. Long side waves are hairstyles for bridesmaids which will showcase your fresh hair color grabbing more attention. If you have a natural wavy hairstyle then this look is ideal for you. These look perfect with one shoulder dress or boob tube dresses.

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