5 Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain

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The term Ayurveda takes us back to the ancient history of India where people used to prepare medicines using various herbs in the nature in order to cure any types of disease. The existence of Ayurveda takes us 5000 years back indeed. Ayurveda is a solution to all sorts of disorders and diseases in a body.

ayurvedic medicines for weight gain

Well, quite often we resort to various forms of medicines in order to lose weight. But there are many people who want to gain weight. Gaining weight is equally difficult as losing it. See, we often think that an obese person has a larger disadvantage over underweight person. But facts tell us that even a person with a very low weight tends to be unhealthy and weak.

Low weight results in low immune system of the body and hence has the tendency to catch various infectious diseases and many more. Being underweight gives rise to the various problems like osteoporosis and blood vessels problems.

Having the right amount of weight according to your age and height is very important for the proper functioning and development of mind and brain. So today we are going to discuss Ayurvedic medicines which can prove extremely beneficial in gaining weight.

Ayurvedic medicines are mild in nature and hence they don’t have side effects as they are produced using some natural ingredients presents in nature. They do not possess harmful chemicals and hence may result in a good healthy weight gain of the body.

Few Ayurvedic medicines that keep us healthy and hence results in weight gain:

1) Chavanprash: This product is very famous and familiar among most Indian households. It is a very good tonic to add weight to the body. It is extremely nutritious because of its herb combination. It helps in the strengthening of the immunity system at the same time in strengthening the muscles of the bones as well. It fastens the digestion process of the body. One tends to feel hungrier as a result and hence indulge in more eating which results in weight gain.

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This product is available at various stores across India. Dabur and patanjali are the famous brands of this product.

2) Ashwagandhavaleha: this is a form of avaleha which can be consumed with warm water or milk and hence result in weight gain. It comes in the form of a tonic.

3) Annonna Squamosa: this is the scientific name of custard apple which is considered to increase body weight if consumed religiously. It strengthens the body muscle and results in right weight gain desired by the body. One quantity of the fruit should be consumed essentially for right weight gain.

4) Ashwagandha Churna: this churna is very famous for its nutritional benefits. It has tremendous effects which results in weight gain. It is also known as Indian Ginseng due to the multifaceted benefits this medicine provides. It is ideal to be consumed with a high calorie diet in order to see best results within 4 weeks. It can be available at any Ayurveda store.

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5) Vasant Kusumakar Ras: it comes in the form of tablets being a very popular Ayurvedic medicine. It is an excellent supplement as it increases memory, lightens the complexion, and makes the body immune and proper weight gain. Baidyanath, dabur are the popular manufacturers of this product. A medical practitioner should be consulted for the dosage of this medicine on a regular basis.

A High calorific diet is also essential along with intake of these medicines. One should not indulge in foods like cheese and junk products. Consumption of these products results in weight gain but in the wrong place. One may produce flab and side fats as a result of consumption.

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