25 Latest and Colorful Banarasi Sarees With Images

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Sarees made in Banara/Varanas are called banarasi sarees. These are made using high quality material and are some of the finest sarees of all time that sport alluring material. If you’re looking for one of the best traditional sarees in the saree market right now, then banarasi sarees are probably one of the best ones out there. These banarasi saree collection come with alluring designs done on them and the way of designing them is quite impressive as well.

Latest Banarasi Sarees With Images:

Here are some of the best Banarasi sarees sporting alluring designs and attractive colors.

1. The Sky Blue Banarasi Saree:

banarasi sarees

This comes with a bright color coming out of something really light. The sky blue color is basically a light color and when you wanna make it so eye-catching then you have the finest material for letting that color be expressed properly. This saree comes with small and intricate designs done on the front portion of the saree along with some traditional as well as authentic designs done the pallu portion. This is probably one of the best traditional ethnic pieces for Indian women that can be kept aside for special occasions. Because of all the right causes, this can be said to be the best Banarasi saree of all time.

2. The Yellow Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 2

Here is a Banarasi saree that can be sported with blue blouses. The edges of this saree are beautifully decorated with patterns that you probably haven’t seen before. The prime attraction about this saree lies in the yellow portion. If you look carefully, you will see that there are some small almost transparent patterns done there.

3. The Latest Red And Blue Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 3

Here is a saree for all the Indian women belonging to all age groups. The saree comes with more than one color and that is one of the best attractive features about this saree. The design that this saree sports is more than beautiful and it is something that almost all women out there will find impressive. The small patterns done on the border portion is one of the best features, which are metallic colors displayed on the golden base. This saree can thus be said to be one of the best Banrasi sarees of all time sporting pure silk fabric.

4. The Black Banarasi Allure Saree:

Banrasi sarees 4

Here is something that will blow your mind totally. Who knew that black saree can be so alluring as well. This saree comes with a handful of magic that has been put into the saree by the designer. Yes! This is a designer saree and when you are carrying this on you body, you should be proud of yourself being able to sport something that is totally different from what other’s will be wearing. The unique and rather, small and slick floral patterns towards the border portion of this saree is something that will impress people in the first place. Here is a saree that will suitable for women want to sport a banarasi saree at a special occasion.

5. The Red Saree Banarasi:

Banrasi sarees 5

Here is a beautiful red colored Banarasi saree that will be suitable for all women out there. The saree will go hand in hand with a golden colored blouse. It will look great with a green color blouse as well. A leaf green color or a lighter one like the one displayed in this picture is something that will impress people in the first place. And women will also be totally amazed by the way it will make them look.

6. The Red Pallu Floral Pattern Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 6

Here is a banarasi saree that comes with a floral pattern done on the pallu portion. This saree comes with such an alluring traditional pattern displayed on a modern-designer material. This mixture of old school with new school looks works really great for this saree and this will surely make one look in their best self.

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7. The Red Traditional Designer Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 7

This saree sports the old school or the traditional pattern done on the body. The pattern is so amazing that almost everyone will be impressed by the way it looks. The designer pattern done on the pallu is one of the best features of this saree and that is what will make other women interested in this saree. If you are looking for something totally new this season, then this saree will be totally suitable for you.

8. The Beige Flora Art Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 8

Here is another beautiful saree that sports the beige color on it along with a the floral pattern. The floral pattern is what make the sarees look so beautiful in the first place. The pattern done on the pallu is again done with some application of the color blue. The combination of the two colors is what makes this designer banarasi saree so special.

9. The Green Toned Handloom Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 9

This handloom saree sports the banarasi saree fashion and is something that everyone will love sporting on their body. The saree will go hand in hand with a light color blouse. If you are gonna sport something eye-catching, then the blue color will be a good blouse color that will go with this saree. It can be used as a wedding saree and can also be kept reserved for special occasions.

10. The Plain Banarasi Cotton Saree:

Banrasi sarees 10

Here is something that can be said to be a treat for the saree-lover’s eyes. It is a designer saree and comes with very eye-catching patterns done on the front portion of the saree. There are also some cool patterns done on the pallu that impresses the viewers in the first place. The saree will go hand in hand with a similar color blouse like sported on the extreme borders of this saree. It can be totally used as a wedding saree and it has got that king of impressive feature attached to it which has the tendency to make attract the attention of whoever takes a look at this designer saree.

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11. The Red Dotted Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 11

Here is banarasi saree that comes with red as the base color. Over it, some alluring small delicate dotted designs are done using the golden color. This saree is something that will attract attention in the first place, when you sport it at a wedding ceremony. It can be best displayed with a red blouse of the same shade as the saree. If you have the capability of carrying a saree suitably, then this can turn out to be the best makeover for you.

12. The Magnificent Silk Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 12

Here is yet another alluring red color saree that comes with the color red on it and sports the finest silk material. The saree looks like a bridal saree and yes, it can be worn by the brides at their wedding. It has got something that manages to steal all the looks. The best feature about this saree is the alluring design done on the border portion using the golden color.

13. The Silk And Synthetic Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 13

This banarasi saree has been made using the two colors. It will be fine for those women who want to sport something new in the category of sarees. The saree has the ability to make any woman look like a diva whoever wears it. Because of the traditional design done on the body, the saree has become so special that each and every Indian woman will want to wear it.

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14. The Astonishingly Beautiful Net Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 14

This banarasi saree has been carried by the female celebs before and it can be sported by you as well. Don’t panic. Wear it casually and it will automatically offer you that celeb look. The designer of this saree has applied some magic trick while making this saree or else one cannot just make such an unique looking saree which has a traditional touch done on the futuristic designer material.

15. The Elegant Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 15

Want to display a specific image and make your mark, then this is the right thing for you. Just wear this saree confidently and let the banarasi material and the alluring design do the job. It is something that almost every woman wants to sport at least once in their life. So you can be sure of the fact that you are sporting something that probably a lot of less people have access to.

16. The Simple But Unique Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 16

It looks totally simple but the saree comes with an inner allure which only die hard saree lovers will understand. It will be totally new to the our mom’s but you can easily figure out the beauty of this saree and the reason behind the allure of this design if you look carefully. One will be able to carry this saree at certain places where this was primarily supposed to, such as special events including weddings, receptions, parties, etc.

17. The Eye-Catching Beige Designer Saree:

Banrasi sarees 17

Here is a beautiful beige saree that sports the banarasi material. The saree comes with some designer work done on the upper border portion. You will be left amazed by the way the saree will make you look, when you sport it effectively.

18. The Banarasi Synthetic Saree:

Banrasi sarees 18

Here is a saree for the comfort lovers. This saree sports the synthetic material. You will have to be extra careful when you are carrying this saree. Synthetic sarees are considered to be hard to carry and it will be fine for those people who want to look their best. The floral pattern done on this saree is something that will impress people in the first place. It will make one look absolutely amazing when carried effectively with a decent-looking blouse.

19. The Cream Colored Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 19

Here is an alluring saree that comes with an eye-catching pink design done on the borders. What makes this look so beautiful is the combination of the saree and the blouse. It will work for you as well if you are sporting a pink colored blouse. Then, you will look equally beautiful with this saree on you or even more beautiful. You never know your true potential.

20. The Cream Red Banarasi Half Saree:

Banrasi sarees 20

This particular banarasi saree comes with two colors cream and red. Somehow, these are two of the most favorite colors of women. At least, there is no doubt with red being the most favorite one. Cream is hard to maintain but still the combination work for most women and it will work for you as well.

21. The Zadosi Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 21

This comes with all the heavy silk saree-like patterns done on it. The small patterns done on the pink base is probably one of the best things about this saree and that is what excited people at the first place.

22. The Accepted Black Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 22

Here is a black banarasi that women will want to sport all the seasons. It has go that allure that persuades even those to fall for it, who are not really into sarees.

23. The Black And Cream Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 23

Here is a black banarasi saree that comes with some cream colored work done on it. You will be totally amazed by the way this saree sports a different kind of shine on it instead of being so simple. One can sport this at casual dress code destinations and at special events as well.

24. The Green Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 24

Women won’t be able to take their eyes of this green baanrasi masterpiece. It is a little less fancy than the previous one’s in this list but still it is very attractive.

25. The Royal Red Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 25

Last but not the least, here is a red banarasi that is meant to impress. It will be fine for those who want to look their best in a saree.

These are the banarasi saree designs that you just can’t miss. Make sure you go through every design to understand the latest trends in banarasi look and then accordingly invest in it.