25 Latest and Colorful Banarasi Sarees With Images

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Sarees made in Banara/Varanas are called banarasi sarees. These are made using high quality material and are some of the finest sarees of all time that sport alluring material. If you’re looking for one of the best traditional sarees in the saree market right now, then banarasi sarees are probably one of the best ones out there. These banarasi saree collection come with alluring designs done on them and the way of designing them is quite impressive as well.

Latest Banarasi Sarees With Images:

Here are some of the best Banarasi sarees sporting alluring designs and attractive colors.

1. The Sky Blue Banarasi Saree:

banarasi sarees

This comes with a bright color coming out of something really light. The sky blue color is basically a light color and when you wanna make it so eye-catching then you have the finest material for letting that color be expressed properly. This saree comes with small and intricate designs done on the front portion of the saree along with some traditional as well as authentic designs done the pallu portion. This is probably one of the best traditional ethnic pieces for Indian women that can be kept aside for special occasions. Because of all the right causes, this can be said to be the best Banarasi saree of all time.

2. The Yellow Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 2

Here is a Banarasi saree that can be sported with blue blouses. The edges of this saree are beautifully decorated with patterns that you probably haven’t seen before. The prime attraction about this saree lies in the yellow portion. If you look carefully, you will see that there are some small almost transparent patterns done there.

3. The Latest Red And Blue Banarasi Saree:

Banrasi sarees 3

Here is a saree for all the Indian women belonging to all age groups. The saree comes with more than one color and that is one of the best attractive features about this saree. The design that this saree sports is more than beautiful and it is something that almost all women out there will find impressive. The small patterns done on the border portion is one of the best features, which are metallic colors displayed on the golden base. This saree can thus be said to be one of the best Banrasi sarees of all time sporting pure silk fabric.

4. The Black Banarasi Allure Saree:

Banrasi sarees 4

Here is something that will blow your mind totally. Who knew that black saree can be so alluring as well. This saree comes with a handful of magic that has been put into the saree by the designer. Yes! This is a designer saree and when you are carrying this on you body, you should be proud of yourself being able to sport something that is totally different from what other’s will be wearing. The unique and rather, small and slick floral patterns towards the border portion of this saree is something that will impress people in the first place. Here is a saree that will suitable for women want to sport a banarasi saree at a special occasion.

5. The Red Saree Banarasi:

Banrasi sarees 5

Here is a beautiful red colored Banarasi saree that will be suitable for all women out there. The saree will go hand in hand with a golden colored blouse. It will look great with a green color blouse as well. A leaf green color or a lighter one like the one displayed in this picture is something that will impress people in the first place. And women will also be totally amazed by the way it will make them look.

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