9 Best Beaches in Andaman with Pictures

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Karmatang Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Karmatang Beach

The Karmatang Beach is spectacular, peaceful and a pure virgin beach. This place has not been touched by commercial tourism and serves as another place that is reached by boat. The beach is also the homeland to a large number of turtles who are quite capable of scuba diving and snorkelling too.

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Elephant Beach:

elephants beach walk

The Elephant Beach of Andaman is where you will find elephant training being conducted. It is also a great place for water sports and sightseeing. Since this place has not been touched by commercial tourism, you can also try some scuba diving with the sea horses, fishes and eels.

Long Island Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Long Island Beach

The Long Island Beach is a beautiful and sandy one that is filled with evergreen forests. It is about 82 kilometers away from Port Blair and is known to be frequented by dolphin convoys.

Neil Island Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Neil Island Beach

The Neil Island Beach is a beauty! The glistening blue and green water, gorgeous sunsets, shallow reefs and live corals are sure to fascinate you. The seafood here is sumptuous and the views are natural, colourful and exotic.

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