9 Best Beaches in Andhra Pradesh with Pictures

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Ever had that thought in your mind when you wanted to take a break from your hectic life and go away somewhere where you could relax yourself? Ever thought of going to those wonderful places where you will have no worries or tensions? Just in case you happen to be in the holiday mood and are looking for some nice and exotic places for a great time, then we have come to the right place. The second longest coast line in India has the most beautiful beaches your mind could imagine. Here are a List of Best Beaches in Andhra Pradesh.

Yarada Beach:

beaches in andhra pradesh

The Yarada beach of Andhra Pradesh is a beauty! It is about 15 kilometers away from Visakhapatnam and is one of the best beaches to be seen in this coastal region. This place would be great for those who would like to learn more about Andhra Pradesh’s culture, religion, history and architecture. There are several temples you can visit and a great lot of entertaining opportunities you can indulge in.

Mypad Beach:

Beaches in Andhra Pradesh-Mypad Beach

The Mypad beach is about 20 kilometers away from Nellore. It is full of beautiful green trees and lovely grass where you can enjoy yourself completely. The weather is balmy and the blue waters are sparkling. The Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary which is located nearby is also somewhere you could go with your family. This place is totally worth visiting.

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Rishikonda Beach:

Beaches in Andhra Pradesh-Rishikonda Beach

The Rishikonda Beach of Andhra Pradesh is absolutely exotic. The pristine waters, long stretch of golden sand and pleasant climate is going to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. It is about 600 kilometers away from Hyderabad and has thousands of tourists every year.

Ramakrishna Beach:

Beaches in Andhra Pradesh-Ramakrishna Beach

The Ramakrishna Beach gets its name from the Ramakrishna Mission ashrams. It is a popular beach for water sports and surfing. It is quite populated and offers its visitors some of the most natural and breathtaking views you have ever witnessed. The INS Kursura Submarine Museum is also somewhere you could go to.

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