9 Best Beaches In Karnataka with Pictures

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Karnataka is full of mesmerizing and beautiful beaches. It provides its viewers with great views and is a great place for water sports. Here we have listed some of the best beaches in Karnataka so that next time you want to go on a holiday, you will easily make the right choice.

Mangalore Beach:

beaches in karnataka

The beaches of Karnataka are absolutely enthralling. One of the best beaches here is located in the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore. It is a great place for short tours. The beautiful coconut trees, pristine waters, sandy beaches and pleasant weather make it an ideal destination for short holidays. You will also find ancient temples and churches here which will increase your interest towards this place.

Gokarna Beach:

Beaches In Karnataka-Gokarna Beach

The Gokarna beach provides you with gorgeous views and scenic beauty. This place is worth going to. It is a great center for pilgrimages and is known to all for its beautiful weather. It is natural, is an unspoilt and virgin beach and you can totally imagine yourself relaxing and enjoying yourself with your near and dear ones.

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Maravanthe Beach:

Beaches In Karnataka-Marvanthe Beach

The Maravanthe beach of Karnataka has a magic of its own. It is exquisite, calm, peaceful and very charming. Once you encounter this wonderful place, you will surely not want to go back home. The beach is absolutely stunning and is a great place for vacations and holidays.

Devbagh Beach:

Beaches In Karnataka-Devbagh Beach

Devbagh is a beautiful island whose beauty will remind you of all the fairylands and magical places you have read of during your childhood. The coast is absolutely amazing and the weather is calm and composed most of the time. The lush blue waves look gorgeous as they roll across the sea and the white sandy beach adds to its beauty.

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Kudle Beach:

Kudle beach.

Kudle Beach is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is about twenty minutes away from the Gokarna beach. This place surrounded by hills on three sides which increase its charm and beauty. There are beautiful scenes here that cannot be missed and the food here is absolutely remarkable. One of the best things to do on Kudle Beach is to go on long walks barefoot.

Kurumgad Beach:

Beaches In Karnataka-Kurumgad Beach

The Kurumgad beach is about four kilometers away from Karwar. It is a tortoise shaped island and is known for the very famous Narasimha temple. Thousands of devotees come here every year to worship the Gods and show reverence and respect towards them. It is well connected by roads and has many comfortable resorts and hotels for accommodation.

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Panambur Beach:

Beaches In Karnataka-Panambur Beach

The Panambur beach is located about 13 kilometers away from Mangalore. It has a beautiful coastline and is known for its scenic and natural beauty. It is an ideal place for picnics, short tours or just a day out with a few friends. It is hardly crowded which makes the environment pretty calm, subtle and peaceful. The best time to visit this beach should be from October to February.

Ullal Beach:

Ullal Beach, Mangaluru

The Ullal beach is one of the finest beaches of Karnataka and is twelve kilometers away from Mangalore. It is a great place for weekends and short holidays. You can engage yourself in water sports or also try some sun bathing. This place has been loved by the tourists because of its balmy weather and peacefulness.

Tannirbavi Beach:

Beaches In Karnataka-Tannirbavi Beach

The Tannirbavi beach is located in Dakshin Kannada. This place is exotic, beautiful and gorgeous. It is about twelve kilometers away from Mangalore and is one of the well known beaches in Kannada.

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