9 Best Beaches In Maharashtra with Pictures

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The beautiful beaches of Maharashtra are probably the most gorgeous attractions your eyes shall ever witness. The weather here is balmy and cool and the great blue Arabian Sea that washes this glorious land is something worth travelling for. The beaches here are exotic, pretty and very popular. Here we have listed some of the most beautiful beaches located in Maharashtra so that you will know exactly where to go during your next vacations.

1. Alibag Beach:

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The Alibag Beach is found in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is the main beach of the town Alibag. This beach is clean, beautiful and very calm. The sunset here looks picturesque and the beauty of this place is mind-blowing.

2. Varsoli Beach:

The Varsoli Beach is a quite and calm one located in Alibag. The water here is sparkling white and the seawater is clean. This beach is thick with coconut and casuarinas vegetation. If you are looking for a good time with family, you should totally go for this one.

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3. Diveagar Beach:

The Diveagar beach is located in the south of Mumbai. It has beautiful coconut and betel nut trees. You can also find some dolphins here. The beaches are so attractive; they make some of the most popular destinations in Maharashtra. Visit this place once and you will surely not regret.

4. Ganpatipule Beach:

The Ganpatipule beaches are really something to looking forward to. The luscious blue waves crashing on the waves are seducing to the eyes. The weather is beautiful here. Hotels and restaurants are moderately priced. If you are looking for a short romantic holiday, this is the right place for you. This is the famous Beach in Maharashtra.

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5. Kelva Beach:

The Kelva Beach is the perfect spot for those who are looking for a weekend getaway. It is located about 80 kilometers in the north of Mumbai. The Shitla Devi Temple here is very popular and is visited by many pilgrims. There are three forts located near the beach that has increased the beauty and popularity of the beach.

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