9 Best Beaches In Pondicherry with Pictures

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Pondicherry is known for its natural beauty, its tradition, culture, food and mannerisms. The beaches here will absolutely make you go star struck. They represent the cultural heritage and beauty of Pondicherry and also provide its tourists with a great time of relaxation, enjoyment and peace. Here we have listed some of the most beautiful beaches in Pondicherry so that next time you are going on a trip to this place; you will know which one to chose.

Karaikal Beach:

Beaches In Pondicherry -Karikal Beach

The Karikal Beach is located towards the south of Tamil Nadu in Pondicherry. This beach is a great spot to hang out with your friends. There are food stalls and restaurants for the famished souls and parking places for those who come with their cars. It is a virgin beach and attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year.

Mahe Beach:

Beaches In Pondicherry -Mahe Beach

The Mahe beach is an exotic one which is located in the lovely coast of Pondicherry. It has a small hamlet of fishermen and is bordered with a line of beautiful and green palm trees. The sand here is so beautiful that you will always find children here building sandcastles. This beach is a rare beauty and a place worth visiting.

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Promenade Beach:

Beaches In Pondicherry -Promanade Beach

The Promenade Beach is a very popular beach and is visited by locals in all times of the year. It is about 1500 kilometers long and is the best beach to go to with your family and friends. It also has great historical significance and is known from the time of the British Raj. This beach is truly gorgeous and amazing.

Auroville Beach:

Beaches In Pondicherry -Auroville Beach

The Auroville is one of the finest beaches of Pondicherry and is a major tourist attraction today. The waters here are shallow which gives its visitors the full opportunity to go for swimming. The beauty of the sea lies in the presence of colored shells. Often you will find children collecting these beautiful shells and decorating their cute looking sand castles. It is truly a wonder!

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Serenity Beach:

Beaches In Pondicherry -Serenity Beach

The Serenity Beach is exotic and very attractive in the eyes of its tourists. The sparkling blue waters and the long stretches of golden sand is what make this beach so remarkably beautiful. Visiting this place would be a great idea as it would allow you to play cool games like volleyball, go swimming and also sit under the sun and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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