9 Best Beaches In West Bengal with Pictures

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Nothing in the world will give you more happiness and joy than going out on a vacation with family and friends. There are thousands of beautiful spots and locations in the world which are ideal for holidays, but the best one are the beaches. Its scenic beauty is enthralling to the eyesight and the balmy weather helps you relax, enjoy and rejuvenate you. In case you are staying in West Bengal and are looking for some nice places to visit, then you have come to the right place. Here we have enlisted some of the most pleasant beaches in West Bengal where you can have a time of fun, frolic and fiesta.

Digha Beach:

beaches in west bengal

The Digha Beach is one of the most popular beaches of West Bengal. Its natural beauty and gentle weather is so soothing to the senses. This is also known as one of the romantic spots for all the young and newly married couples. Come once to this gorgeous beach and you will surely never regret!

Junput Beach:

Beaches In West Bengal-Junput Beach

The Junput Beach is a beauty! It is one of the most unique and finest beaches of West Bengal. This beach is so beautiful that you can easily come here with your family for picnics and short tours. The long green trees that surround this beach increase the charm of this place.

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Bakkahali Beach:

Beaches In West Bengal-Bakkahali Beach

The Bakkahali Beach is about 8 kilometers long and stretches from the island of Bakkahali and Fraserjung. The sunsets here are spectacular and the natural beauty of this place is mind-blowing. It is an ideal place for cycling and long walks.

Diamond Harbor:

Beaches In West Bengal-Diamond Harbor

Located in the southern banks of the Hooghly River, the Diamond Harbor carries historical significance. It was known to be a stronghold for the Portuguese pirates at one point of time. If you stay in Kolkata and are looking for some nice place to go, this is your destination.

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Falta Beach:

Beaches In West Bengal-Falta Beach

The Falta Beach is known for its exotic nature and beauty. Its crystal waters are so charming in appearance. It is a major tourist attraction in West Bengal and is quite well known among its people.

Sagardwip Beach:

Beaches In West Bengal-Sagardwip Beach

The Sagardwip Beach, also known as Ganga Sagar is an unspoilt beach of West Bengal. It is a very popular pilgrimage spot as well and is visited by thousands and thousands of people every year. The clear blue sky and the long stretches of white sands truly make this place worth going to.

Shankarpur Beach:

Beaches In West Bengal-Shankarpur Beach

The Shankarpur Beach is Bengals virgin beach. It is known for its cool mornings, beautiful weather and fishermen. The water here is clear and the sunset here is amazing to look at. There are numerous temples here as well for those who have religious purposes.

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Tajpur Beach:

Beaches In West Bengal-Tajpur Beach

The Tajpur Beach is located in West Bengal and is also known as the virgin beach. It has rich flora, fauna and aquatic life and the views here are quite breathtaking. It is famous for the red crabs on the beach that make the book crimson. It is a gorgeous location to go to and you are sure to have a great time here.

Mandarmoni Beach:

Beaches In West Bengal-Mandarmoni Beach

The Mandarmoni Beach is the top most recognized beach in West Bengal. If you are looking to find some aesthetic and natural beauty, this is the place where you should come. There are many hotels and resorts here for accommodation and the seafood is delicious. Here you will also find a village on one side and a forest region on the other.