9 Wonders of Belum Caves in Andhra Pradesh

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The Belum Caves is the longest cave located in Andhra Pradesh. They are about 110 kilometers away from Kurnool and are some of the most prestigious and well known caves of the country. These are underground caves that have been constructed under an agricultural field and possess three cavities out of which one of them serves as the main entrance. The Belum Caves is one of the most attractive locations of India and has been called the “Unique Eco-Tourism Project” by the Government of India. In case you are hoping to visit this wonderful place, here are some of the glimpses that will give you a mini tour of this historical beauty.

Belum Caves:

Buddha Statue of Belum Caves:

belum caves

Since the Belum Caves are ancient, they possess some of the most unique and beautiful relics you shall witness. The Buddhist and Jain relics found here prove that the monks belonging to these faiths have made some contributions towards these caves. The beautiful, long and immaculate statue of Buddha is thus something you should definitely see her.

Pillidwaram:Wonders of Belum Caves -Pillidwaram

The word Pillidwaram means a cat’s gate. This is basically a natural arch which is in the shape of a lion’s head. The image is very artistic indeed and compliments the brilliant skill and craftsmanship the construction workers possessed back in those days. This is one of the most amazing spots of the Belum Caves and should surely not be missed.

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Meditation Hall:


The Meditation Hall of the Belum Caves looks astonishingly remarkable and attractive. The rock cuttings and styling is absolutely splendid. The ambience of this place is very peaceful and calm as this was the place where Buddhist monks spent time worshipping and meditating. Many sages lived here as well.

Thousand Hoods:

Wonders of Belum Caves -Thousand Hoods

The Thousand Hoods is a beautiful part of the Belum Caves where one can see brilliant formations that are shaped like the hood of the Cobra. The ceiling of this section looks as if thousands of cobras have opened their hoods. The sight is almost glorious.

Musical Chamber:

Wonders of Belum Caves -Musical Chamber

The Musical Chamber was opened in the year 2006 to the public. The formations of this section produce forms that resemble musical sounds. They are struck with wooden sticks which make it look very attractive, beautiful and magnificent. This place is definitely worth visiting.

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