15 Effective Health Benefits of Mustard Seed Powder

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The mustard powder is finely grounded mustard seeds which is made from three types of plants, yellow, brown and black mustard plants. The mustard powder even contains the similar nutritional values and benefits which the seeds inhibits. The mustard powder has been used widely to enhance the flavour of the dishes and many dips are prepared by mixing this powder to give hot and tangy taste to your buds.

mustard powder

The black mustard powder has strong aroma used in many countries to enhance the flavour, brown mustard powder has pungent taste and yellow has mid taste. Apart from culinary usage this magical powder has many health benefits and it even helps to improve the skin and scalp from within. Lets have a look at top 15 healthful uses of mustard powder.

Health Uses of Mustard Powder:-

1. It Fights Against all Type of Cancer:

As the mustard powder contains healthy and valuable nutrients which can fight against cancer cells .  By daily consumption of this powder, it has the proactive effect of many type of cancer especially lung cancer, colon and cervical cancer.

2. Prevents Mineral Deficiency:

The mustard powder are said to contain high mineral like iron, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. By daily consumption of this powder we can prevent any type of mineral deficiency within our body.

3. Healing Effect on Nerves:

As it is being said this powder produces heat internally when consumed, which benefits many individuals who are suffering from nerve damage. It stimulates the healing process by activation the nerves .

4. Reduces Respiration Congestion:  

This miracle powder is known for providing relief to people who suffers from cold and sinus problems. As its helps to keep the body warm internally by daily consumption of, it relieves from any type of respiratory congestion also.

5. Relieves From Aches and Pains:

If plaster made from mustard powder it helps in curing pains and spasms as well. It has rubefacient properties hence it heals and lends relief in paralysis of limbs and other muscular aches. As it lends warmer effects it should be applied on naked skin.

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6. Maintains Glucose Levels:

In today’s time people of all age group suffers from diabetes. The mustard is excellent from this ailment as it contains anti-oxidants and neutralizes the effect of oxygen and the damages incurred by oxidative stress in diabetics. The mustard oil used in cooking reduces the serum glucose and stimulates metabolism leading to control of glucose in the body.

7. Cures Ring Worms Related issues:

As this powder has anti bacterial properties it even cures ailments like ringworms. Make a mix of fine mustard powder with warm water and apply on infected area and wash it after some time. Repeated application gives you a soothing effect.

8. Treats Menopause Related issues:

In case a women is suffering from menopause related issues, then adding small inch of mustard powder in her daily diet, this problem can be cured. As mustard are said to contain high mineral, magnesium, calcium and selenium it encourage bone health and prevents loss of bone associated with menopause.

9. Cures Sore Throats:  

As the season changes, often we all get sore throats, in spite of taking medical assistance it stretches for longer duration of time. Now you can easily cure by making a solution of mustard powder, few drops of lemon juice, one spoon of honey and salt. Bring it to boil till it reduces to half cup and gargle it for few rounds, your throat get relaxed and a lot less sore.

10. Treats itchy Scalp:

Mustard oil is extracted from mustard powder and is a proven therapy that this oil relieves you from itchy scalp. We should heat the oil before use it’s a great antidote for parched and itchy scalp. It possible adds some honey to the oil and gently massage for few minutes and shampoo your hairs.

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11. Good Hair Conditioner and Strengthens Hair:

Mustard powder has been used since ages for conditioning of hair as it contains fatty acids which nourishes the scalp and conditions your hair deeply. The vitamins, omega fatty acids and protein strengthen the hair from within and give you lustrous and bouncy hairs.

12. It Accelerated Hair Growth:

If you want to grow your hairs fast then use this magical powder on the scalp and see the magic. Take one teaspoon of mustard powder, egg yolk, two tea spoons of olive oil and sugar and mix it to a paste and apply to the roots. The paste helps your hair grow faster, stronger and thicker also.

13. Natural Facial Scrubber:

Mustard powder is a effective scrubber and cleanses all skin impurities. Take mustard powder, lemon juice, yogurt, honey and corn flour and makes a smooth paste and apply it on your face. Rinse it off after 20 minutes and see the glow on your face without effort.

14. Hydrates all Skin Types:

All of us have different skin types and we use different type of products to hydrate the skin. But mustard powder when mixed with aloe Vera gel clears all impurities, cleanses and nourishes the skin deeply. It even removes fine lines around the eyes and nose

15. Heals Burning Marks:

This amazing powder is also being used to heal burn marks and blisters. If you get burned then fill a jar with water, add mustard powder and pour enough salt to make it solid mass. When burned dip the finer into the solution as sees that the burn will heal quickly than any other treatment and no scars are also there.

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Other Uses and Benefits of Mustard Powder:

Apart from other uses the magical powder can be used for other various use, like mix the mustard powder and baking soda in 60:40 ratio  the vessel could be clean and sparkling like you got a one in the kitchen. The mustard powders are a terrific breath freshener and a great deodoriser. Just place teaspoon of powder and roll it around your mouth it clears all odours from alcohol, garlic and even from bad breath.  Like this there are immense uses of this powder.

By changing small habits and inducing mustard powder in our daily diet we can get rid of many ailments and stay healthy and fine for the rest of our life. The powder not only purifies the body internally but also cleanses the face, also helps to keep our hair lustrous and away from any type of fungal infections.