20 Effective Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds

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Mustard seeds are widely used in Indian households as well in many Asian and European countries , as well  important ingredient in American dishes also as it taste imparts a rich taste to dishes. This seeds are widely used in cookery because of its many medicinal benefits are attached to it. Mustard seeds are known by various names in India as “Rai” or Sarso” in Hindi, “Kadugu” in Tamil and “Avalu” in Telugu and “Mohori “in Marathi.

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The seeds are available in black, brown and white colour and now it is widely used all over the world as they have explored the taste of mustard seeds and added it as a delicacy to their dishes. Apart from taste the mustard seeds have lots of benefits attached to skin, hair and to our health also. Let’s have a look at top 20 benefits of mustard seeds.

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds:

1. Control Symptoms of Asthma:

The seeds contains magnesium and selenium the components works as anti inflammatory. Daily consumption of it helps to control and keep the symptoms of asthma, cold and chest congestion away .It even reduces the frequency of attacks and helping you to stay healthy and fine.

2. It Improves Digestion, Reduces Constipation and Piles:  

The wonderful seeds are a rich source of minerals and contain fibre thus helps to enhance your digestion and improves your bowl movements. It even contains mucilage which acts as a reliever for people who suffers from constipation and piles. So by adding some mustard seeds in your daily diet and dishes you can keep improve your digestion and get relieved from all other stomach and digestion related problems.

3. Helps to Lower Cholesterol:

Mustard seeds are high in vitamin B3 which helps to lowers the cholesterol level in humans and help in proper regulation of blood flow to arteries and even protects the body from hypertension. By consumption of this seed it helps slow down the effect of bad cholesterol and keep intact the level of good cholesterol thus keeping your heart healthy and function in a proper way.

4. Relives From Arthritic and Muscle Pains:  

As people starts aging you start suffering from arthritic, muscle and joint pains. This acute arthritic and muscle pain which can be cured and treated with this magical seeds. Take one table spoon of mustard seed powder and add to tub of warm water and get soaked and get relaxed as from all the pain will gradually get reducing and with passage of time the pain vanishes also.

5. Enhances Immunity Power:

As this wonderful seeds is rich in many vitamins and minerals, consumption of it helps to increase the immunity power and helps your body to fight back against diseases. Thus once your immunity power increases your body internally get ready to face any kind of viral attacks.

6. Protection From Cancer:

The mustard seeds are a great and safe way to prevent cancer. Many studies have proven that the seeds have a unique property which restrict the growth of cancer cells which are already present and even restricts the formation of new cells also.

7. It Helps to Lose Weight:

This wonderful seeds contains Vitamin Complex like folates, niacin etc which in turn increases the metabolism of the body, gradually leading in weight loss also, thus making you appear slim and trim .Now just add mustard seeds in your daily dietary habits and flaunt those slim and sexy looks without much hardships.

8. It Controls Blood Pressure and Lends Relief at Menopausal:

As this seed is pretty rich in magnesium, minerals  and selenium  it helps you to keep in control your blood pressure and even helps if you are suffering from menopause ailment.

9. Acts as a Good Source of Dietary Fibre:

It is scientifically proves that mustard seeds are a good source of dietary fibre  which in turn improves digestion of the human system ,thus making the bowels movements better . This leads to improve your metabolism of the body thus helping you to lead a healthy lifestyle. The fibre content in the seeds contains  are readily soluble  thus makes it effective for the body to use.

mustard seed uses to health

10. Reduces Migraine Occurrence:

The seeds contain mineral called magnesium. By consumption of mustard seeds it helps to reduce the frequency and occurrence of migraine attack. So people who are suffering from this ailment should ensure to add this seed in their daily diet.

11. It Prevents From Various Diseases:

This seeds belong to a plant family called Brassica, which has certain nutrients which helps the body to fight and prevent against various diseases. Thus it makes the body resistant from various types of diseases.

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Skin Benefits of Mustard Seeds:

12. Fights all Types of Skin Infection:

The seeds contain mineral called sulphur which is well known for anti-fungal properties, because of its anti fungal properties the seeds helps you to prevent from all type of skin infection and keeps your skin glows and stays healthy and in a good condition.

13. Helps You to Age Slow:

This wonderful seeds contains flavonoid and  caretonoid antioxidants as well Vitamins A, K and C thus turning into a rich in antioxidants which helps on slowing down the ageing process of humans and makes you appear young as before.

14. Works as Natural Scrubber:

Mustard seeds act as a natural scrubber has its granules work as a scrubber. If you wish you can use the seeds with water on your skin and can add some drops of lavender or raised oil and gently scrub on your face and arms. It helps to exfoliate the dead skin from the face and makes your face appear shiny and smooth. It even reduces the blemishes of pimples and acne.

15. It Hydrates Your Skin:

This seeds helps to erase all kind of impurities from the face and lends nourishment to skin from within. Mustard seeds mixed with aloe vera gel it works as a fantastic mixture which hydrates your skin in a magical way. It even reduces wrinkles and by its regular use it can even vanishes, it also reduces the minute frown lines between the brows also.

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16. It Prevents Acne and Reduces Pimples:

Mustard seeds contain salicylic acid which helps to reduce the redness and swelling of the pimple. When used with honey which is excellent antiseptic and has antioxidant properties work fabulously to get rid of pimple and acne issues. Mix both of them and apply on the spots and get ready to see the magic.

Hair Benefits of Mustard Seeds:

17. It Strengthens The Hair and Stops Hair Fall:  

From mustard seeds oil is extracted well known as mustard oil which contains Vitamin A, it’s considered as a good source nutrient for hair growth and even acts as a stimulator which leads to faster and dense hair growth. By proper usage of the mustard seeds it even stops hair falling also.

18. Works as Good Conditioner:

The mustard seeds are said to have fatty acids which proves as good hair conditioner and cleanses your scalp deeply. It even lends good shine and makes your hair bounce.

19. Stimulates Hair Growth:

Mustard seeds are said to contain proteins, calcium and lots of vitamins A and E and fatty acids. All these minerals and vitamins together strengthen the hairs and give you long shining hair in some months.

20. Cures Dandruff:

Now people are suffering from acute dandruff related issues. By usage of mustard seeds you can get rid of this problem and gets healthy and shiny lustrous hairs. Just add some water to the mustard seeds and grind it to a paste and apply it on the scalp and let it rest for half an hour before washing. By repeating this method you can get rid of dandruff without some months without applying any harmful chemicals.

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Other Uses of Mustard Seeds:

Apart from above mentioned benefits mustard seeds helps in many other ways like helps to remove odour from any jar.  Just add some paste to the jar and shake well and you will see all the odour has vanished. It even relieves you severe cold and treats fever. The seeds help to induce heavy sweating which lower the fever and releases all type of toxins from body thus relieving you from fever.

Apart from various health benefits the mustard seed contain lots of Vitamin like Vitamin A &c and has dietary value of Calcium and Iron also. Adding the seeds to our daily foods enhances the taste of food, as well it used or garnishing salads and different dishes also. We should try to use organically grown mustard seeds only. While storing the seeds it should be kept in mind to store in a cool place as well in air tight container so that it lasts for months. So use mustard seeds now you can avail all the benefits without any hassles.