15 Latest And Traditional Bengali Sarees With Images

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Bengali sarees are the most celebrated version of Indian sarees right now and it has been like that for a long time. Women love carrying the Bengali sarees, since they are so festive-looking, so gorgeous and come with awesome patterns done on them, which you won’t get to see elsewhere. If you like wearing Bengali sarees, then in this article, we will be discussing some of the best Bengali sarees of all time that you will definitely find suitable for yourself. The top 15 traditional Bengali sarees are as follows.

1. The Latest Bengali Saree:

Bengali Sarees

This looks so simple but actually this is the real deal. Women love such simple sarees which look so alluring without sporting any kind of fancy colors. The saree will look even more appropriate if you can wear it in the Bengali style. The pattern that this saree displays is worth mentioning. You will also admire the pattern once you take a good look at the border portion along with a very small patterns done on the white base. This is something that can be sported during the Bengali Puja’s and other festive occasions. It comes with a holy touch attached to it and if you are willing to look beautiful, then this will be one of the finest stuffs for you out there.

2. The Casual Bengal Cotton Saree:

Bengali sarees 2

Bengal’s sarees is quit famous throughout the country. The cotton sported in these sarees are very comfortable and looks really good on the body as well when you sport it efficiently. The red color that has been put on the white cotton base is the prime feature of the Bengali sarees and this one is nothing different. You will steal all the loose once you carry this saree at a festive event.

3. The Bridal Bengali Saree:

Bengali sarees 3

One thing you will have to consider before wearing this saree is that you have a skin tone suitable to express the alluring red color of this saree. If you have a medium or a fair skin tone, then this saree will look best on you. It is that bengali bridal saree, which every woman dreams of sporting at her wedding. It can be carried quite simply. Without any kind of fancy designs done on it, the saree looks alluring enough to be carried at weddings and other events.

4. The Stylish Bengali Red Saree:

Bengali sarees 4

Bengali women love displaying the color red on the sarees and this one is also something like that. The red here is a little light compared to the previous one, just because it is intended for casual purposes. It will go hand in hand with a black blouse and if you can carry it effectively, then it can offer you that celebrity shine which every woman demands. The intricate patterns done on this saree is so attractive that almost everyone will love sporting it on their body. The colorful borders done on this red base saree is also another awesome feature about this saree.

5. Bengali Bridal Allure:

Bengali sarees 5

This is one of the best sarees of all time that Bengali women will love carrying on their body. The pattern that this saree sports on the border portion is probably one of the best things about it. If you are willing to look beautiful in the Bengali way, then this saree will help you with that.

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