15 Best Ambigram Tattoo Designs With Pictures

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Ambigram tattoo is an exclusive type of tattoo in which the letters or figures are created in a distinct way for making it readable both right side up as well as upside down. It is a wonderful piece of art and has gained extreme popularity among today’s tattoo-lovers.


Best Ambigram Tattoos With Images And Meanings:

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 best Ambigram tattoo designs with pictures and meanings which definitely rock you.

1. Cross Designs Ambigram Tattoo:

Cross Tattoo designs

For the people who like to be a little spiritual and do believe in God, this cross ambigram tattoo is almost perfect. You can get a word done in the way of a cross so that the middle word becomes the common one and like a crossword puzzle you can read this word from all sides. It is extremely stylish as well as common. You can also get this one done in any size and on any part of the body. Cross designs are anyway very popular tattoo designs and something like this is sure going to be very uncommon. It is one of the best ambigram tattoo designs for men.

2. Carpe Diem Ambigram Tattoo Designs:

Carpe Diem Tattoo

This is one quote that you should always remember throughout your life and this is going to help you a hundred times. This is also one very good ambigram tattoo designs and it simply means ‘take the opportunity’ or ‘grab the chance’. This is of course extremely important for us to welcome all the opportunities no matter how big or small they are to make the most of these. We simply never know what can give us happiness.

3. Love For The Family Ambigram Tattoo:

Love for the family Tattoo

No matter how old you become the love for your mom and dad will never decrease in your heart. It will in turn increase and since we can never thank our parents enough for whatever they have done for us, some of the best ambigram tattoos make our work really very simple. You can either get some quote inked but when it specifically comes to ambigram, a single word is a better option and getting the words ‘mother’ or ‘father’ inked on your hands or neck can be really thoughtful. You can get this done as a birthday gift for your mom and dad and their expressions are sure to be priceless.

4. Angel And Wings Ambigram Tattoo Art:

Angel and wings Tattoo

While choosing from ambigram tattoo designs it is often see that we tend to choose the first letters of names or the usual one word motivational ones such as love, life, faith, family and all. Let us now do something different and thank our guardian angel by getting inked with the word ‘ANGEL’ in a beautiful font and also elaborate the whole thing with typical angel wings. You can cover the whole front portion of your hands from the inner joint to the wrist with this design.

5. Name’s First Letter Ambigram Tattoo Designs:

Some people find inking an entire name on their skin in ambigram quite boring. They love to make it more mystifying by discarding all other letters of the name except the first one. If you also want to keep it short and sweet, just get the first letter of your name tattooed on your skin in ambigram. Add some shades or a beautiful design to it for more intense effect.

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