15 Beautiful Arabic Tattoo Designs And Meanings

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Arabic tattoos have their own religious and cultural significance. They not only look regal but also leave a very mysterious impact on the people to gaze at it. Arabic being one of the most beautiful and elegant languages of the world has a very cursive flow of one letter into the other, which gives a very heavenly look. These Arabic tattoo designs are loved by all tattoo lovers from all over the world. Let us now discuss the 15 best Arabic tattoo designs.

arabic tattoo designs

Meaningful Arabic Tattoos And Meanings:

Arabic tattoo designs don’t just look illustrious, however they likewise look secretive. These tattoos can give you a few bits of knowledge. Below are the Arabic tattoo designs and meanings.

1. Lovers Name Tattoo In Arabic Fonts:


Having crafted the name of your beloved  is the most ideal approach to demonstrate your devotion to them furthermore demonstrate that you will love them until the end of time. In any case, at times it is all the more fascinating in the event that you don’t make the name that you have inked on you exceptionally obvious. Having the body stamping in Arabic is one approach to guarantee this, and it likewise gives the name a sharp and baffling appearance.

2. Arabic Tattoo Designs On Hip:


The best place to craft such a soulful and short tattoo is at the hips region however, some people prefer to craft it around the waist line. This Arabic tattoo designs are too cool when you wear a short top short enough to expose your waist line. The tattoo with a high moral value is just a treat to the eye.  Despite of the fact not very many individuals can read the sonnet or expression, the calligraphy still looks staggering. The stream of the dialect and the in vogue strokes give the verse an interesting appearance, however you additionally need to place it in a decent area for it to look engaging.

3. Selena Gomez Arabic Tattoo Design On Right Side:


Performing artist and Singer Selena Gomez is additionally donning a little bit of Arabic wording just underneath her right shoulder bone. It peruses “love yourself.” This is another case of how such a little function can have a major effect. Regardless of what the paparazzi or any other individual says in regards to her, she will have this steady suggestion to herself. Continuously cherish yourself first.

4. Simple Hamsa Hand Arabic Tattoo Designs:


It is one of the most important Arabic tattoo designs which signifies protection from the evil and hence is considered sacred among the Arabic as well as the Hebrew. The eye crafted at the center point of the hand is similar to the catch eye which is usually utilized to ward of negative energies. The tattoo designs in the hand can be customized as per the suitability of the client. You should have a word with your craftsman prior to deciding any design as he could suggest the best design which would go perfectly with the symbol.

5. Arabic Script Tattoo On Shoulder:

Arabic poems or lines of poems in Arabic script are very beautiful and exotic. Many tattoo lovers who are well versed in this language get lines from their favorite poems or songs tattooed in Arabic. This looks best on the back side or on waist line. It tends to cover a larger area of the body and give a picturesque effective which looks really attractive.

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6. Arabic Design With Black Henna Tattoo:

Not only Arabic script of writing is loved by tattoo lovers as a perfect design for them, but they also love the Arabic design. Henna tattoos having Arabic designs are a very common part of Muslim culture. Usually this tattoo is temporary in nature as when it is done using black henna, the black henna get washed away in 8-10 washes but some people love this design so much that they get it done with a permanent ink.

7. Traveler Arabic Word Meaning Tattoo:


Rather than an arbitrary Chinese image of significance, why not a single word Arabic script? This specific one peruses “Voyager.” The tattoo has meaning since it alludes to this youthful keeps an eye on voyaging nature and his failure to simply stay composed. Arabic tattoos can be both excellent and fantastically important, regardless of the fact that Arabic is not a dialect you are acquainted with. On the off chance that Arabic is not your local dialect, I recommend finding a local Arabic speaker to make certain the spelling and punctuation of the tattoo is right. This is one of the best Arabic tattoos for men.

8. Tattoo Of Names In Arabic Writing:

Many tattoo lovers of Arabic designs get their names tattooed in the Arabic language. The name suits any part of the body. This is a most common type of Arabic tattoo design and is loved a lot. This is the best Arabic name tattoos.

9. Cursive Arabic Words Tattoo On Full Body:

As we already know that Arabic tattoos generally involve phrases, poems, song lyrics or words written in a beautiful cursive Arabic script, tattoo lovers love to get them engraved in this unique cursive and calligraphic style. May it be a short word or a long phrase but these tattoos gives you another-worldly and exotic look making you more appealing and attractive. It is the best Arabic tattoo designs for men.

10. Small Font Tattoo In Arabic On Wrist – “Faith”

Single word ‘faith’ in Arabic language is yet another beautiful and common tattoo design amongst tattoo lovers. This simple and attractive design suits any body part, means you can get it done anywhere whether be your wrist, arm, neck, back, shoulders etc.

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11. Arabic Phrase Tattoo On Side – ‘This Too Shall Pass’:

This Too Shall Pass

Tattoos in Arabic mainly have phrases and words. ‘This too shall pass’ is a phrase which gives a positive feelings even in the blue. It gives strength to move on in life and to attain the positive aspect. Girls love to get this phrase on their arms or shoulder blades.

12. Arabic Writing Tattoo On Wrist – Peace & Love:

This design of Peace & love is one of the most common and loved designs amongst all the Arabic tattoos. The uniqueness of this tattoo is that though it peace & love written on it in Arabic language, it also has a head of the dove bird, which is considered as a powerful symbol of peace and love. Either get it done near your ankle, shoulder blades, wrist, arms, etc. this design is just perfect for any body part of your choice.

13. Mysterious Red Arabic Tattoo Designs:


Any tattoo lover that needs to make their Arabic image one of a kind ought to have it in the outstanding white ink. The fame of white and red ink have been on a relentless ascent throughout the years, however it looks best on individuals with a darker or leather treater skin tone than those with light appearances.

14. Feelings Text In Arabic Tattoo Designs:

Some people love to express their feelings through Arabic tattoos. Usually people can’t read this language so it is kind of an easy way to express what they want to say to the world. This tattoo says “I suffered, I learned, I changed”. This design is very attractive and leaves a strong impression on people who get to know the meaning of it.

15. Designer Arabic Script Tattoo On Back:

Though we have seen normal and common Arabic words and phrases written in this script, some people love to experiment with the other attractive designs. This creative approach of designers is loved by tattoo lovers. Here in this tattoo the symbol of music is mixed with an Arabic phrase. This design covers a big part of the body and looks very trendy.

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With regards to tattoos, the least demanding approach to get crosswise over what you need is with script. Nonetheless, some of the time, you additionally need something prettier, or cooler, than just words in Gothic sort textual style on your body. A few people accept this open door to have the message written in a remote dialect.


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