15 Latest Asha Savla Mehndi Designs With Pictures

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Asha Savla is the Goddess of Mehendi designs. Her designs, courses, books and products are outstanding. She is a very skillful, talented a professional stylist. She specializes in Henna tattoos, and has her own Mehndi tutorials. She has products that are launched under her name and is a renowned name in the world of Mehandi and Henna.

She has a website on her own where you can get in touch with her, learn about her books, and order her products and also sign up for the various Mehndi courses that she offers. Her Mehndi designs are so enchanting that women have always wanted to get one of these for themselves. Here we have listed 15 Best Asha Savla Mehndi designs so that even you can carve one for yourself without any difficulty.

Latest Asha Savla Mehndi Designs:

1. Traditional Asha Savla Mehandi Design:

asha chavla mehandi art

Mehandi is a very old and unique form of body art tattoos. They stand as a symbol of a particular religion and also signify something important. The traditional Asha Savla Mehndi design covers your arms till the back of your palm and gives you a very Indian look. They are some of the most popular mehendi designs used during Indian weddings, and have been made especially for the bride.

2. Full Arm Asha Savla Mehndi Design:

A full arm Asha Savla Mehandi design for brides looks beautiful and stunning. They are gaining popularity with time and are in great demand these days. They are completely natural, don’t have any side effects and look professional once they have been made. This mehandi design contains various elements, has a lot of details and the texture is just amazing.

3. Leaves And Peacock Asha Savla Mehendi Design:

Leaves and peacocks are some of the common designs that are used while making beautiful Mehandi tattoos. They look stylish, unique and simply amazing. These type of Asha Savla’s bridal mehandi designs are so well made that it makes everyone star struck.

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4. Rich Asha Savla Mehandi Design:

Asha Savla Mehndi designs are very rich, beautiful stylish and made with a lot of patience. each and every mehendi pattern looks smooth and the appearance is just beyond words.

5. Intricate Asha Savla Mehandi Design:

Mehandi designs are very healthy, pain free and an important part of the eastern culture. They are known to beautify your skin and also giving you a glamorous outlook. This Asha Savla Arabic mehendi design that has great detailing and intricate patterns is bound to look beautiful.

6. Floral Asha Savla Mehendi Design:

Asha Savla has covered all types of Mehendi designs with hands, but the prettiest of them all is the floral one. The different styles and the ways in which the flowers have been made look very authentic, exciting and feminine in appearance.

7. Palm And Hand Asha Savla Mehendi Design:

Mehendi tattoos are a form of body art which help you express your emotions and also brings out the soul that lives inside you. The different colors, patterns and shapes used for the palm and hand tattoo looks neat, pleasant and professional.

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  1. nehadeswal

    July 21, 2015 at 11:05 am

    Wow.. beautiful Asha savla mehndi designs. I like it.

  2. mery

    August 4, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    The Asha Savla Mehndi Designs ar Awesome.

  3. gauravi

    August 31, 2015 at 4:10 pm

    all the designs are simple and pretty thanks for sharing