15 Awesome Back Hand Mehndi Designs With Pictures

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Mehndi acts as an important symbol of culture, body art and religion in the Indian subcontinent. It is very popular in Arab, Pakistan and India. From weddings to ceremonies to festivals the usage of mehandi is essential and necessary. No Indian wedding can be complete without mehendi. They have great properties, are natural and make excellent designs.

Making a henna design is not easy; the person in charge should be focused and well trained in this field. The procedure is pretty long as it takes around six hours to dry up, and sometimes even more. To make a back hand Mehndi design, its best to consult a professional since they always have an idea regarding what you exactly need. Here, we have listed 15 great back hand mehandi designs with pictures just for you, in case you are looking for some ideas and suggestions.

Best Mehandi Designs For Back Hands:

1. Bright Back Hand Mehndi Design:

back hand mehndi designs

Ever wanted a mehandi design that is so attractive that all people notice when they look at you is your outrageously spectacular mehendi tattoo? If you have, you must be looking for some suggestions. Here we have the bright back hand mehendi tattoo that looks so glamorous and glowing with all its intricate shapes, patterns and designs that you will become the topic of conversation wherever you go.

2. Latest Back Hand Mehandi Design:

An artistic back hand mehendi design looks appealing to the eye. The setting, the colour, the skill and the fine lining of the design give it a very authentic look. Mehandi designs for back hands are not just wonderful, but are also ideal for wedding ceremonies or maybe a religious festival.

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3. Simple Chic Back Hand Mehendi Design:

Mehandi designs are very creative. The orange colour, stylish patterns, long leaves and intricate details make the mehendi design look fabulous. They look chic, attractive and give you the opportunity to flaunt it to your friends and relatives.

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4. Black Back Hand Mehandi Design:

The black back hand mehndi design has been made for the feminine crowd. It is for those who are trying Mehendi tattoos for the first time.This mehendi design looks simple, pleasant and attractive on your skin.

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5. Rich Back Hand Mehandi Design:

For all the beautiful brides in the world, the rich back hand mehandi design is just the one for you! It is so outstanding, beautiful and traditional and gorgeous, that you’re bound to look the best.

6. Breathtaking Back Hand Mehendi Design:

A mehandi design made in rich black colour, with some nice patterns, created in the old Mughal style looks glorious and spectacular on the skin. The border and the shading of mehendi design, are almost mesmerizing.

7. Unique Back Hand Mehandi Design:

You can always choose a floral pattern as your mehndi design, which has a stylish twisted shape. This will add volume to your look and give you a very different yet subtle appearance.

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  1. appu

    July 31, 2015 at 10:55 am

    All the designs are very beautiful. They are sober yet very attractive. Please keep sharing such nice and simple mehendi designs 🙂

  2. mayuri

    August 14, 2015 at 10:29 am

    All the designs are pretty cool. I will definitely try one of them at my friend’s wedding. They look so beautiful. thanks for sharing