15 Beautiful Bangle Mehandi Designs With Images

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Mehndi or henna is a form of temporary tattoo that is worn by women in India and some Arabic countries. There are excellent designs available for these tattoos. One of the most common out of these are bangle mehndi designs. Floral patterns and designs are the integral part of all mehndi designs. Bangle designs, thus, too include these patterns and curves. Some bangle style designs involve tattooing just the wrist while others spread throughout the length of your arm.

Mehndi generally leaves behind a reddish brown color, however with new technology new kinds of mehandi tattoos have been developed. These include colored, glittery forms of mehndi which are as attractive as the plain henna tattoos. Here are 15 different kinds of bangle mehandi designs along with pictures for your all occasions.

Bangle Mehndi Designs For Hands:

1. Bangles along the length of your Arm:

This is a typical mehandi design where floral patterns are drawn in lines from the beginning of your palm to the end of your elbow. It gives the appearance of several colored bangles adorning your limb. The kind of pattern can be varied in multiple was. Either you can have just flowers or just spirals or a bit of both.

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2. Wrist Bangle Mehndi Design:

Your mehndi tattoo need not be too elaborate. You can get plain rings around your finger and a single elaborate bangle shape around your wrist, while keeping your palm completely empty. Though this doesn’t go with the general mehndi designs that are extremely ornamental and gaudy, it still has merits to its character in that it has a certain finesse that sets it apart.

3. Elaborate Elbow Length Bangles Mehendi:

Mehndis are a common tradition in the marriages of many countries. The bride and the groom are made to worn elaborate mehndi tattoos with complicated designs. Elbow length bangles, fraught with small details, are commonly worn by people in such functions and events. These mehendi designs include a lot of detailing which gives them their elaborate look.

4. Colored Bangle Mehendi Designs:

Mehndi as mentioned above is the plant henna which leaves behind a reddish brown color on your skin. However, today, many people combine mehndi with certain colors and make it glittery and colorful rather than plain old brown. These mehendi designs are certainly more attractive and eye-catching than the normal brown ones. Colored bangles type mehandi look prettier and more alluring.

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5. Smart Bangle Mehndi Designs For Hands:

Though mehndi designs are prone to be elaborate and intricate, youngsters prefer less fanfare. Simple bangles around the writs with large plain curves rather than numerous small ones look smart rather than heavily ornamented. Easier to make these bangle type mehndi designs are chosen when you are short of time or not a lover of excessive ornamentation.

6. Simple Net Mehandi Bangles:

Amidst intricate flower mehndi patterns many designs sport net like bangles wound around your wrist. It provides a sort of relief to the design by allowing some of your skin to peep from within the details.

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7. Simple Spiral Bangle Mehndi Designs:

While it is true that mehendi designs almost always have floral patterns incorporated in them sometimes just spirals also do the trick. A simple bangle with large and less elaborate spiral designs look as excellent as any other mehndi design. Their simplistic nature is what gives them a more sophisticated and less pretentious look.

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