Top 50 Birthday Cakes With Images

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A birthday cake is more than just a piece of celebration and has a different meaning for different person. For a kid, it is one of the inevitable ingredients of his/her celebrations while for a woman it could be the way to express her love for her beloved one.

different types of cakes for birthday

Whatever the reason be, birthday cakes are, unarguably, necessary to celebrate a birthday. And, that is why we have compiled these 50 birthday cake designs for you. Check out these visual treats and try baking them for treating your taste buds!

1. Chocolate Owl Cake:

This is an unusual pattern for a birthday cake and definitely captures the attention. A treat for the chocolate lovers, it is encased within chocolate and decorated with marzipans, biscuits, and buttons. Try this out for an animal-themed birthday party and win the heart of your kid.

2. Chocolate Cake with Musical Chocolate Collar:

This is an 8 inch Devilish Chocolate Cake that is draped in a luscious layer of milk chocolate and loaded with berries and chocolate shards. The recipe looks quite simple – just a basic rich and moist chocolate cake. The musical collar seen in this case is made using chocolate transfer sheets and is a head-turner. This cake is the perfect birthday gift for a music lover!

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3. Gruffalo Chocolate Birthday Cake:

That is how the author has named it; but to me, it is looking more like a dino who fell into a huge pool of melted chocolate. The white chocolate horns and nails, the orange chocolate beans eyes, the purple Smarties prickles – all these add to the beauty of this ‘beasty’ cake. This is ideal for a child’s animal-themed birthday party.

4. Chocolate Cake With Pink Hearts:

Three layers of sinfully rich indulgence adorned with awesomely beautiful tiny pink hearts! Words fall short to describe this cake designed for a teen girl. Choose to bake moist chocolate cake and frost with chocolate ganache for a deadly decadent delight!

5. Chocolaty Indulgence:

Age chocolaty – that is what this cake says! This cake has been designed for a 40 year old woman. It has been decorated in such a way that it highlights the grace and femininity every woman has. The beautiful roses and bead necklace are reflections of a beautiful woman. A sure head-turner!

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  1. venusri

    August 3, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    I love this cake! The recipe works well. My friend sushma has a birthday today and I’m going to make it for him! Happy Birthday, sushma!

  2. ruchi

    August 17, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Wonderful My mom’s birthday is in two days and I’ve been looking for a birthday-ish cake. Thanks I’ll try it this weekend.

  3. lalli

    August 31, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Wonderful cakes I really liked : good Article