15 Cute And Easy Black Mehndi Designs With Photos

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Mehndi is nothing other than simple henna tattoos. Black mehndi is a special mixture of henna and other chemicals which give it a darker colour than the general reddish brown. It is what is preferably used in weddings and other such functions. Black mehndi designs can be sophisticated and simple or elaborate and ornamental. The darker colour gives the designs a more clear cut image, making the tattoo more prominent and beautiful. Most of the mehndi designs feature floral patterns, abstract designs and in some cases animal patterns too! Here are the fifteen best black mehndi designs with pictures which make your life more colorful.

Best Black Mehndi Designs:

1. Elaborate Black Mehndi Designs:

black mehndi designs

These designs are the typical Arabic and Asian mehendi designs with bangles and flowers and spirals covering the entire length from your palm to your elbow. These designs have a lot of intricate detailing done which makes them look elaborate and breathtaking. The ends of your fingers are filled with the black colour providing a sort of border to the entire layout.

2. Peacock Black Mehandi Designs For Hands:

Certain mehndi designs sport animal faces. These animal forms have a traditional look too. Their bodies are like all other shapes in the designs are fraught with intricate details too! Peacocks are the most common amongst these designs. They can be distinguished with the help of their heads which separate them from the rest of the pattern.

3. Beautiful Floral Black Mehandi Designs:

The typical Arabic and eastern mehendi designs always have floral patterns along with certain other details. However you can give your flowers a less traditional and more modern look. You can have abstract flowers with leaves and nothing else running across your palm and the entire length of your arm. The black colour of the mehndi stands out against the lighter tone of your skin and makes the design more prominent.

4. Beautiful Forearm Black Mehndi Designs:

Forearm Black Mehndi Designs

Most mehandi designs run from your palm till your elbow. Thus your entire forearm is covered in small black flowers and spirals. Criss crossing lines and other geometric shapes also show their heads occasionally.

5. Elegant Black Mehandi Designs:

Some people bored of the overuse of flowers become innovative and design their mehndi tattoos with just geometric shapes like diamonds. You can fill all the space with proportionate diamond shapes and then proceed to fill these shapes with other patterns. You can just fill up alternate diamonds with black coloured mehndi too.

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