15 Different Cartoon Character Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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Tattoos have become one of the most essential fashion statements currently. It not only gives an individual a unique look but also helps them stand out amongst the ordinary crowd. Speaking of tattoos, some of the best designs that have emerged recently are the ones that are based on cartoons.


Children are extremely advanced and want to imitate adults for everything, As children we have grown up watching them; from Spiderman to Superman to Tom and Jerry and the harveytoons. People have always enjoyed watching these animated creatures and some even fancy them up to a certain extent. so crafting cartoon characters is the best way to make them look cool and pretty. Thus we see several people using cartoons for their various tattoo designs.

Simple Cartoon Character Tattoo Designs with Pictures:

Here the 15 Best Cartoon Tattoo Designs with images and their meanings for women and men have been listed as follows.

1. Cartoon Superman Tattoo Design for Men:

The Superman Tattoo

Superman is a legendary fictional character. He is an icon and well known throughout the world for his superpowers. He holds an eminent position in the world of cartoons and a tattoo that symbolises him is sure to be appreciated. Superman tattoos are favorite among boys especially are created in the image of the legendary cartoon characters as well as the logo. The picture of superman is crafted on the arm while logo is more famously sported on chest or face according to your choice.

2. Tom And Jerry Cartoon Tattoos on Thigh:

Best Cartoon Tattoo Designs With Meanings15

Tom and Jerry cartoon character has always a all time favorite for all the age group. It is being watched and enjoyed by everyone. Tom hilarious way of catching Jerry breaks everyone into laughter and Jerry’s tricky way of annoying Tom is also remarkable. Because of these characteristic both the cartoon characters are tattoo by all generation. You can use colorful ink to give it a better look also.

3. Cute Baby Cartoon Characters Tattoo:

Best Cartoon Tattoo Designs With Meanings13

Cute baby cartoon characters have always being very captivating. These small, cute tattoos displays that you love very simple and cute things in life. You are as cute and simple in nature like them. The Cute cartoon characters like Alice from Alice In Wonderland, Cleo from Pinocchio, Elsa from frozen and many more. These small cute characters speak a lot about your persona and have gained popularity in today’s time.

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4. The Cool Cartoon Fairy Tales Tattoo:

The Fairy Tales Tattoo

Fairy Tales are an important part of one’s childhood cartoon life. They have such unique characters that every story becomes an unforgettable memory. From Beauty and the Beast, to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; all of them hold a special place in ones heart. They are bright, colourful and also stand as a symbol of happiness. These qualities make fairy tales an excellent idea for tattoo designs.

5. The Funny Simpsons Cartoon Style Tattoo on leg:

The Simpsons Tattoo

Although the Simpsons is an adult animated television show, it has been declared to be one of the best cartoon serials to exist. They have over twenty five seasons and each and every episode have been liked by its viewers. The Simpsons are indeed very popular and a brilliant idea for tattoos. This is one of the perfect cartoon tattoos for men with different color combinations.

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