15 Different Devil Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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Devil tattoos are one of the classic tattoo designs that never grow old. Devil in general is referred to as a form of evil. Practitioners of Satanism have been known to be great fans of the devil tattoos. However devil tattoos are not synonymous to evil, wickedness or Satanism. Most devil tattoos represent a sort of rebellious attitude. It can also show an impish or mischievous nature. When portrayed with an angel counterpart, it symbolizes the balance between good and bad. And at the end of the day, whatever it may mean, a devil tattoo designs never fails to look awesome.


Tattoos are designed for life time, some tattoos to give you pleasure and some to scare you with the horrifying devil tattoos. With the name of devil we think that these tattoos resemble for evilness but it’s not true. They even give good messages and help to show the life cycle of the person in many ways. Devil tattoos are not always evil and wicked; if we merge them with some beautiful additional features they can portray something totally different.

Cute Devil Tattoos With Pictures:

Here is list of most popular and fantastic devil tattoo designs with images and their meanings for both men and women for who likes evil qualities.

1. Devil Tongue Tattoo:


The image of devil with its tongue sticking out and its blue horns adoring his head in a horrendous and ghastly manner is the one which we all pretty familiar. These devil tattoos displays the deviant behavior and a fierce attitude towards life. Though these designs look more rebellious but it symbolizes the daring characteristic of the devil. These tattoos sometime give a very furious look also.

2. Fallen Devil Angel Tattoo On Neck For Girls:


Shaitan was an angel of God until he rebelled against god and his supreme power. Because of this he is termed as “Fallen Angel”. Having Fallen Devil Angel tattooed displays the ultimate form of rebellion and revolt of a person or a community. If your are a person who cannot withstand the authority and want to form your own kind of community then this tattoo would be the best way to display your thoughts.

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3. Devil Girl Tattoo Art On Arm:

A she devil design

Devils are often portrayed as seductive women, dressed in red with two horns protruding from their head. You can portray the temptress indulging in alcohol or gambling or other such immoral temptations. The tattoo can include either the full form or just the face with a devil trident to make the meaning more evident. Sometimes the she devil is made with an angel to represent the balance between good and evil.

4. A Destructive Devil Tattoo On Back For Men:

A destructive devil design

Devils are considered to be anti-god. They are the ones who fight god and face their wrath. Many tattoos portray this struggle between devils and gods. However, contrary to popular belief these tattoos do not always aim to symbolize satanic powers. Sometimes the people who choose such designs are looking to mark some kind of internal struggle.

5. A Devil Face Tattoos On Thigh:

A devil face design

Devil faces can be made to look naughty in an impish fashion or frightening in a malicious manner. Most devil faces sport horns on their head and scary eyes. If you choose to make your tattoo colored, the face is generally made red, which is the characteristic color of the devil. Depending on your demands the expression can be varied. This is one of the most popular devil tattoo designs with different shades.

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