15 Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs and Meanings

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Dolphins are the most playful of all fishes. It is impossible to observe them for large periods of time and not fall in love with them. Among most cultures they are considered to be the king of fish and are thus often associated with kingly qualities. But mostly dolphins are a beacon of positivity and represent elements like gentleness, harmony, friendship, transcendence, intelligence, community and so on.


Dolphins are shown in movies as gentle and lovable creatures too. They are generous spirits that seem to exude an ethereal purity. Dolphin tattoos are thus an excellent choice for those seeking to mark themselves with something positive.Dolphins have been the cutest fish among all. They always carry good luck with them and are fun to be with. So this season get one of the dolphins inked and feel lucky. The dolphin tattoos ideas never went of out of trend.

Realistic Dolphin Tattoos Designs with Pictures:

Following are the most favorable and demanded dolphin tattoo designs with images and their meanings for both men and women for your celebrations.

1. The Celtic Dolphin Tattoo on Back:


The Celtic dolphin tattoos are more similar to the tribal dolphin tattoos. They are generally formed with the shapes the tribal castes used to make designs. This above dolphin is a beautiful design with two dolphins making a heart, with Celtic twists. The evening sunset background adds to its beauty. The awesome color combination makes it more attractive. This tattoo indicates the end of a bad day and rise of a new day with new hopes and new dreams. This tattoo is widely carried out on the back and chest. But most girls also carry them on their waist.

2. Unicorn Dolphin Tattoo on Thigh:


This dolphin tattoo for men is actually a mammal named Narwhal. This dolphin tattoo has a legendary history related to it. The Vikings in the history thought that the horns of the unicorn were so special that they could treat any kind of poison. Hence, this image came into existence replacing mermaid by unicorns. This tattoo also signifies power and strength to defeat evil. This kind of tattoo is widely carried on the wrist or the back.

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3. The Lunar Dolphin Tattoo Design on Arm:

The lunar dolphin tattoo design

The lunar symbolism of the dolphin includes elements like intuition, hidden powers, dreams, conception and so on. It is generally a representation of the feminine power and is thus opted for more by the women. You can add a crescent moon or a full one. That kind of choice varies from person to person. But all in all a moon dolphin design generally looks beautiful. It gives you a pretty look rather than a daring edge which tattoos generally provide. This is one of the most popular and cutest lunar dolphins tattoos for girls.

4. Dolphin Tribal Tattoo for Girls:


This tribal dolphin tattoo is made out of geometrical shapes which is the basic theme of the tribal caste in America. This kind of dolphin tattoo signifies prosperity and re-incarnation. This tattoo shows the cycle of re-birth i.e. death and than life. This means that if you want to have a change in your life, or finding a chance to re-create yourself, this tattoo is the best for you. This tattoo can also be made with colors but with black dark ink, it gives the best effect. It is widely created on the shoulder, neck and back. Girls also carry it on their ankles.

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5. Dolphin Anchor Tattoo on Shoulder:

Dolphin with an anchor

Dolphin is one of those sea creatures that makes you yearn for the blue waters in a manner that no whale can. They are cute and as the movies portray loyal friends to humans. A dolphin with a ship anchor is an excellent choice if you wish to make your tattoo a reminder of your times on the sea. The mixing of anchor and dolphin are best dolphin tattoos ideas.

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