15 Best Dragon Tattoo Designs with Names and Meanings

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Dragon tattoos are the most powerful and the most commonplace of all tattoos. They are mythical fire breathing creatures that may or may not be winged. They are however, considered to be the master of all the important elements, namely wind, water, fire and earth. In the Chinese culture they also symbolize magic, and one’s power to tap into one’s inner being. In general they symbolize power, fortitude and might.


Dragon tattoos have a large number of variations. They can be coloured, or plain old black. They can be simple or minutely detailed. Generally dragon tattoos are in no need of extra embellishments, just some fire here and there does the trick but some tattoo makers incorporate other elements to make the design’s meaning more evident.

The Best Tattoos of Dragons Art with Meanings for Men & Women

Below you can follow the best dragon tattoo designs for both girls and boys along with their meanings and pictures for you.

1. Red and Black Chinese Dragon Tattoos:

Red and black dragon tattoo

In this list we have tried to mention almost all kinds of dragon tattoos and some are also there with colours. This one particularly is also colourful but in a different way. This is one of the most ideal dragon tattoo designs for men and it has a combination of natural black and blood red and it covers the whole back. This is a great way to flaunt your toned back and the masculinity peeks from all angles of the body. This is an extremely rich design and you will hardly find any spaces in any corner of the back.

2. Full Back Dragon Tattoo Designs for Girls:

Full back dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoos look good mainly if done on broad spaces on your body where the full structure will fit in a very good way. Mostly all dragon tattoos are elongated and thus require lengthy portions of the body and the back sounds perfect for this kind of tattoo anytime. This dragon tattoo covers the whole back but is slightly on the sides and not typically covering the centre of the back like most other long tattoos. Also in this dragon tattoo they have shaded some parts of it in order to highlight the dragon to make it a partly 3d image which it sure looks like also.

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3. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Design in Small Size:

Small dragon tattoos

Girls are now walking head to head with men and they are not standing back even when it comes to tattoo designs. The only difference is that girls like it in a little different way. It is no-more true that dragon tattoos are only meant for men because there are a lot of girls who are flaunting the same in style. If we see this design a girl with a dragon tattoo we will perfectly find out what is the difference between girls and guys. Girls like it smaller and neater since pretty things attract them more than lot of grungy designs and full body dragon designs.

4. Chest to Arm Dragon Tattoo Designs for Men:

Chest dragon tattoo

This tattoo is absolutely style redefined and dragon plays the hero here. Among all other dragon tattoo designs this one is a very common one mainly for men. This design is usually started from the back and then extended along the chest line and the other way it can be just done horizontally along the chest and not at the back. If the design is started from the back portion, it is going to end in the middle of the chest commonly. You can however elaborate it with certain other patterns.

5. Biceps Dragon Tattoos for Guys:

Biceps dragon tattoo

Men love to shape their bodies better than the rest and if they have achieved the same they even love to flaunt them in a very stylish manner. Dragon tattoos such as this is a great way to do this. In this picture we can see a really handsome man get a new dragon tattoo on the biceps and is flaunting it like a hero. The funny part is that he already has a broad dragon tattoo on his waist and chose the same design which makes it very clear that he is in love with dragons.

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