8 Best Face Packs In India

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Beauty for women is a flawless looking glowing skin. Women love to be complimented for their face and skin texture. Radiant skin does not come easy, but needs to be taken good care of. Face packs are an excellent means to fight pimples, acne, dark circles and wrinkles. They also bring out the natural beauty and glory of the skin. The market is flooded with a range of beauty face packs that promise to deliver their best. Choosing the right one however becomes even more difficult. Therefore for your convenience, given below are some excellent face packs that are best in India.

Best Face Packs In India:

Here are 8 best face packs in India as follows.

1. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clarifying Face Pack:

This clarifying face pack from Lotus Herbals will restore the natural beauty and glow of your face. Made only from natural leaves and herbs, it is very effective in treating different kind of skin problems. Loaded with the goodness of tea tree oil, this face pack reduces acne and black spots and renders the skin absolutely clean. This is the best face pack for dry skin India.

Price: INR 130-135 for 60 gm and INR 235-260 for 120 gm

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2. Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack:

This face pack is excellent in preventing acne breakouts, pimples and removes excessive oil from your face. It is also very effective in reducing skin rashes. The Aroma Magic Calamine Face Pack is made with specially formulated ingredients to give you a clean looking skin. This pack also brightens sallow and dark complexion, making it extremely popular. It is one of the best face packs in India.

Price: INR 160 for 35 gm

3. Vaadi Herbals Saffron-Sandal Face Pack:


This Vaadi Herbals Face Pack combines the goodness of saffron, sandalwood, manjistha and lemongrass oil to give you fairer looking glowing skin. The active ingredients in this face pack fights pigmentation, black spots, wrinkles and fine lines to give natural glow to your skin. This is the best face pack for glowing skin in india.

Price: INR 225-250 for 70 gm

4. Jovees Active Protein Youth Face Pack:

Enriches with the benefits of natural herbs and plant extracts, this Jovees Active Protein Youth Face Pack will give you younger looking glowing skin effortlessly. The face pack is also loaded with antioxidants, argan oil and peptides to enhance the texture of your skin and prevent occurrence of wrinkles. This is indeed your best means to remain youthful.

Price: INR 200-214 for 120 gm

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