15 Best Foot Mehndi Designs With Pictures

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Mehndi is an important part of the culture of several Asian countries. Mehandi tattoos upon the foot are as common as those upon the palms. There are plenty of designs available for feet mehendi. Floral patterns, abstract designs, geometric shapes are all incorporated in the designs. The large number of intricacies and detailing make the designs elaborate and eye-catching.

Mehandi cones are used to apply the black henna paste which leaves behind the reddish brown mark upon your skin. Here are the 15 best foot mehndi designs with images for you to choose from.

Best Foot Mehndi Designs:

1. Floral Foot Mehandi Design:

foot mehndi designs

A mehendi pattern of flowers and leaves wounding up your foot looks feminine and pretty. The flower outlines are prominent and the inside is shaded with lines. Spirals ending in dots add an artistic touch to the design. You can make the mehandi design more alluring by adding colour to it. A blue colour adds a regal look to the entire mehndi design.

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2. Simple Foot Mehendi Designs:

While most mehandi designs are elaborate and complicated, there are simple variations of such too. A simple geometric pattern at the centre of your foot with a pattern along the edge of your feet acting like a border is excellent to look at. The outline of the major shapes is concrete and prominent while the inner detailing is generally done with a thinner line.

3. An Elaborate Foot Mehndi Design Running Up Your Calf:

An elaborate design fraught with beautiful flowers and intricate curves and patterns starting from your toes and running up your feet and along your calf is the kind of tattoo that is generally opted for by brides. These tattoos look elaborate and excessively ornamental. It takes a lot of time to make and a lot of patience to get it done too. However the result is worth it!

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4. Elegant Net Type Foot Mehandi Design:

Floral patterns with a net like design in the middle acting as a relief from the excessive detailing gives a simplistic yet elegant look. The mehndi patterns travel up from your toes, around to your ankle and up your leg. The details and intricacies make the mehndi design complicated and elaborate.

5. Abstract Feet Mehndi Designs:

Abstract mehandi designs feature geometric shapes placed strategically to give a beautiful overall look. Bands adorning your foot look like elaborate anklets with a lot of jewels hanging from them.

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6. Artistic Foot Mehndi Designs:

Thick outlines with small and numerous patterns and designs within the border has an overall artistic look. The mehendi design itself looks complicated and is yet easy to make. You just arbitrarily keep adding spirals and circles and triangles within the outline of the basic shape of mehandi design.

7. Side Feet Mehendi Designs:

Floral patterns running along the side of the feet around your ankle make you look feminine and fancy. The black colour of the mehandi stands out against the lighter tone of your skin. The mehandi keeps attracting the attention of the on lookers.

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