15 Best Free Hand Rangoli Designs With Images

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Rangoli is made in most of the parts of India. They are made on various occasions like Diwali, holi, dussehra, ganapati, etc. There are various forms and methods of rangoli like freehand, peacock, nature, floral, Kolam, etc. Among them the most seen is freehand rangoli which is made by expertise and beginners as well. Depending upon the artist and colours the rangoli looks different each time.

Wondrous Free Hand Rangoli Designs With Pictures:

Here are the  15 best free hand rangoli designs with photos for all type of Indian festivals.

1. Diwali Free Hand Rangoli Design:

Free Hand Rangoli Designs

This free hand rangoli design is simply awesome. This includes most of the colours in blue tones, which is purple and indigo blue colour. The freehand white border makes this look extra special. The centre of the free hand rangoli is filled with red and blue colour that is the best contrast colour. The little hint of green in the rangoli is used very cleverly to enhance the free hand rangoli.

2. Floral Freehand Rangoli Design Kolam:

Best free hand rangoli designs 2

This is a kolam floral freehand rangoli design. This is quite simple and can even be done by any starter. This rangoli can be done with the help of dotted lines a well, but provided you can maintain the flow of the free hand in this. All the flowers are filled up in different colours. This makes it look really colourful, which is just perfect for any Indian occasion.

3. Rangoli For Formal Occasions:

Best free hand rangoli designs 3

The hues and shades used in this rangoli is just perfect and very vibrant this rangoli is very eye catchy with its colours. There are only few colours use like yellow, blue, red, and white. This makes this look very sober and can even be made for any formal occasions.

4. Free Hand Rangoli Designs Of Flowers And Grains:

Best free hand rangoli designs 4

This freehand rangoli is made using grains and flowers. You can first mark the design with the white powder and fill them with the colourful grains and flowers. Different colours are used to suit the shades and makes it look appealing.

5. Difficult Free Hand Rangoli Design:

Best free hand rangoli designs 5

This one is the toughest of all. This free hand can only be done by the expertise or requires a lot of practice to make this. This also is time consuming, but the final result is something that is always complimented. The girl with the diya in hand is done beautifully in brown background with white powder that makes it look very earthy. Also the blue border gives the rangoli a little hint of color. This is one of the most popular free hand rangoli designs for competition with kolam pattern.

6. Small Free Hand Diya Rangoli Design:

Best free hand rangoli designs 6

This small rangoli is the simplest of all for beginners. It doesn’t require any expert practise and can be made by anyone. Just take some vibrant colour that you like and make it directly on the floor. The colour used here are perfect red, orange and green that compliments each other really well.

7. Ganapati Free Hand Rangoli:

Best free hand rangoli designs 7

This freehand rangoli has flower with the ganpati in the centre. The petals are drawn freely that gives it a very smooth look and the ganpati is made with a white colour outline and the orange background to it.

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8. Free Hand Rangoli For Occasions:

Best free hand rangoli designs 8

This is again another ganapati free hand rangoli design. This is made in white colour with a red background, which is the favourite festival Indian colour. This rangoli pattern has a border of big white dots and then yellow freehand design. This is on a brown background that is just perfect with the centre colour.

9. Free Hand Rangoli With Different Colours:

Best free hand rangoli designs 9

This is very simple, give it to any child and he will do it for you. This has just patterns that are filled with all different colours. This is really appealing and can also occupy a large area. Hence, this rangoli can just be perfect for a huge house or “aangan” as well.

10. Classic Peacock Free Hand Rangoli Design:


Free Hand Rangoli is one of the art forms which needs good handwork and creativity in bringing out classic work which is brought out only by perfection. One of the classic design is Peacock Rangoli design which can be drawn for any occasion like Diwali, New year as a form peace and happiness due to the bright color used to design the Rangoli.

11. Circular Free Hand Rangoli Design for Onam:


Onam is the famous festival celebrated in Kerala, they celebrate the festival by decorating their Freehand rangoli design by using different colorful flowers called as “Pookalam”. The most common pattern is circular form by using different colored petals of Flowers to form the circular pattern with different shapes giving to the petals and in the center diya can be placed which highlights the Design.

12. Semi-Circular Free Hand Rangoli with Floral Design:


Semi-circular design is one of the easiest design by using Freehand method. The semi-circular method is normally drawn during festive season at the doorstep as a welcome note. The tradition of the welcoming guest is different in each country. The art of welcoming people to once house in Indian is by decorating the doorstep by using colorful rangoli design. To consider on time factor is important and with that thought, drawing  less effort semi-circular rangoli is recommended to people who are starters and more time can be taken since it is a small design. Rangoli is decorated by using colorful rangoli powder and verses of slokas can be written in between the design to make it more traditional.

13. Swastik Rangoli Free Hand Design with Flowers:


Rangoli is a traditional way of showing our gratitude by welcoming lord Laxmi to once a house. There are different ways of representing freehand rangoli design one of the design is the Swastik design made with flowers or color powder. The simple way of doing this by drawing the outline and then filling them with floral petals of different colors or Rangoli powder. The size of the petal should be of the same size which brings in a uniform look to the Design.

14. Free Hand Rangoli Design with Kolam Powder:


Kolam is the traditional way of decorating the footstep of the house in Southern Part of India. Kolam is white color powder used to bring out beautiful design. Freehand design Rangoli with kolam powder is easy to start with a simple design for the beginners in the art of Rangoli.

15. Free Hand Rangoli Design with Fruits:


Freehand rangoli design with Fruits is another simplest art form of Rangoli design. First, the pattern of the design has to be decided and then the outline of the design is sketched. The outline of the design is then filled in with different colored fruits like Banana, Grapes, Jackfruit. This simple design is an eye-catching movement without using any fancy kinds of stuff to decorate. This type of Rangoli design can be done kids once the outline of the designed is drawn by elders. Kids love doing this artwork and will make them feel happy by taking part in decoration.

To share love and peace people of all age group like to decorate their House with beautiful colored Rangoli design with complete passion and dedication. Before Starting to imply the design for the occasion a rough sketch of the pattern on a piece of paper will definitely help in bringing out a better outcome during the day of celebration. To retain our cultural values youngsters out there should consider upon trying out the new design with bright tint  attached to it. Using Vibrant colors to the rangoli design is a breathtaking moment for any art lovers.

The new year is around trying out Simple Semi-circular rangoli design by using Kolam powder will be a kick starting beginning for the year!!

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    Very colourful designs Loved the 6th, 7th and 10th designs. these rangoli patterns are really interesting and beautiful to try out.Very interesting post on freehand rangoli designs

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    most beautiful & nice creativity of design .every one seems to be different & beautiful