15 Best Gun Tattoo Designs with Meanings

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Gun tattoos are a common method of marking one’s rebelliousness or outlaw ways. It is chosen by both men and women alike. Guns typically conjure up images of pistols and revolvers in our minds, but depending upon the tattoo maker’s genius and creativity, gun tattoos can be varied in several hundred ways. You can make your gun look cartoon is or artistic or even give it a realistic look. You can choose to get a pistol, revolver or an antique gun as your chosen tattoo. You can make it coloured or keep it in monochrome or add other embellishments to it the choice is up to you.

gun tattoo

You truly must think it through precisely, if you are anticipating getting an entertaining gun tattoo idea. These are regularly alluded to as imbecilic or horrible dumb tattoos. Ladies and guns are made for each other a well known quote.

Amazing Gun Tattoos (Revolver) Designs with Images:

Here are a few of the best gun tattoo designs for girls, men and women along with meaning and their pictures to make your work easier.

1. Tattoo for Gun Lovers:


What do you think this tattoo speaks to? The way that the wearer has one and only genuine romance and that affection is towards weapons? Could be. However, there is another implying that is taken cover behind this tattoo. We have a firearm that stands for something perilous, cool, and even savage. At that point we have the roses that are the image of excellence. Also, at last, you have the words “Intimate romance.” Most likely this tattoo symbolizes the way that the excellence of affection that can be risky and even dangerous.

2. A Tribal Gun Tattoo Design:

A tribal gun outline

You can choose to make your gun look artistic and not realistic by choosing to get a tribal outline. It marks the shape of the gun and makes the tattoo look creative, but not realistic, A few people get the gun tattoo inked for typical reasons while others may get it for individual reasons. Other individuals wear the firearm tattoo since they like the configuration. In any case, weapon tattoos look incredible when they are done accurately and in great point of interest. Here in this photo you can see how beautiful the tattoo design is.

3. Side Body Guns Tattoos for Women:


Gun Tattoos have different typical implications. For instance, gun tattoo for girls may speak to peril and underhandedness. Yet, as a rule the implications are distinctive and firearms don’t need to be connected with something awful. Weapons can likewise be utilized to speak to respect and security. What do you think these two weapons speak to in this photo? Might it be able to be “pursue peace at all costs?”.

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4. Gun and Snake Tattoo Design on Side for Men:

Guns with snake

Guns and snakes are two things not to be messed with. Add a message like ‘don’t tread on me’, and your meaning couldn’t be any clearer! It looks cool and is an amazing idea. Numerous individuals trust that the weapon tattoo is just related to negative implications, however this is not the situation. The firearm tattoo can convey both positive and negative significance. This is one of the most outstanding gun tattoo designs with snake.

5. Gun Fire Skull Tattoo on Leg:

A gun with a skull

As mentioned earlier if you aren’t much of a serious person and are looking for a funky rather than an intimidating tattoo this may be a good idea. You can make a gun shooting at a skull and give the entire tattoo a cartoonish rather than a realistic look. You can make it coloured and add a few other elements to make it more attractive. The combination of skull with gun tattoo is so amazing idea forever.

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6. Sexy Gun Tattoos on Thighs:


For the most part, when ladies get thigh or side firearm tattoos, they get them inside a garter. However, that is not generally required. A gun can in any case keep its imagery and sturdiness when it is not inside a strap. Straps are generally used to add a touch of womanliness to their intense tattoo. Be that as it may, you can likewise make your weapon female by including a specific example it.

7. A Smoking Gun Tattoo Designs on Hands:

A smoking gun

A smoking gun is another typical yet fantastic representation of gun. Guns symbolize the thirst for power and strength. Smoking guns symbolize violence more than the normal pistols. It shows that the bullet has been shot and there is no taking it back now. This is very popular and fine looking gun tattoo design on hands.

8. Guns and Roses Tattoo with Words:

Guns and roses with words

Gun tattoos are opted for by people due to various reasons. It may have a personal meaning, or it may be symbolizing the general outlaw that a gun represents or people may even choose it simply because it looks good. When people get gun tattoos due to personal reasons, they generally choose to add a few words to make the meaning more evident.

9. A Plain Old Antique Revolver Tattoos:

A plain old antique gun

You can make your tattoo a simple antique gun with all its designs carved upon it. You can get it in monochrome or make it coloured. Generally people choose to get guns tattooed on their arms, sides or legs. Sometimes they go for it upon their waists too.

10. Outstanding Gun Tattoos with A Style Statement:


The most incessant situations for weapon tattoos are really legs, arms, and the side of the middle. The purpose behind this is on account of weapons are longer than they are tall. That is the reason firearm tattoo outlines are set along tight, long zones of the skin. With regards to the outline of your firearm tattoo, you can picked nearly anything. Curvilinearity looks extremely well on the handles of weapons. In any case, you may likewise add another image beside the gun.

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11. Double Guns with Wings Tattoos on Back:

Guns with wings

Guns with angelic wings express a sort of peace over war message. Guns can be used for the sake of warfare and destruction, but guns can be used for protection and maintenance of peace too! guns with angelic wings wishes to portray this side of guns.

12. Gun Tattoo with Ribbons for Girls:

A gun with ribbons

This kind of a tattoo design is generally for girls. You can get it on your legs or arms. It shows a gun which is being held in place by a ribbon. To make it more feminine girls make the ribbon pink. If guys opt for this design, they generally replace the ribbon with a belt of bullets. If made properly it looks damn hot!

13. Gun Tattoos On Hips for Women:


On the off chance that you are searching for a small gun tattoo for girl  plan that is attractive, captivating and intense in the meantime, you have discovered it. Hips are a standout amongst the most appealing parts on the female body. Include a tattoo your hips, and wear a shirt that uncovers just a minor piece of your tattoo, you will have everybody blowing some people’s minds when you stroll by.

14. A Gun and Roses Tattoo Design for Girls:

A gun with rose and thorns

Guns are typically associated with policemen, bounty hunters, soldiers, hunters, criminals and so on. guns always entail bullets which never fail to lead to bloodshed or destruction. Thus, making a gun with roses and thorns seems like an apt representation of the destructive beauty that a gun possesses.

15. Pistol Holder Gun Tattoo:


A few young ladies affection to take their tattoos to the following level. In this way, rather than getting a gun tucked in a strap, they get a genuine looking gun holster and a gun/weapon. This tattoo looks practical and it is novel. A young lady may look lovable, yet she can demonstrate her strength with a tattoo this way, since firearms are unsafe, as well as in light of the fact that it is difficult to get a tattoo in this specific spot. Ladies like being female.

They ensure all that they have looks decent. Along these lines, if a lady has to possess a firearm or on the off chance that she needs to get a tattoo of one, she will ensure that it looks rich, despite the fact that it is lethal. The little weapon looks “charming,” and the delightful tie makes the tattoo extraordinarily alluring and female.

Ladies like being girly. They ensure all that they have looks decent. Along these lines, if a lady has to possess a firearm or on the off chance that she needs to get a gun tattoo, she will ensure that it looks rich, despite the fact that it is lethal. The small gun tattoo looks “charming,” and the delightful tie makes the tattoo extraordinarily alluring for female also.


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