50 Latest & Different Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Having long locks is as feminine as you get. Typically, people with hair that is longer than their shoulder can be said to have long hair. Since the age of time, long hair has been the most desirable feature in a woman. In India, it was offensive for a woman to even think about chopping her hair off. But these days in our country, so many women are cutting their long hair off for convenience whereas the women in the west are embracing their long locks.

Best hairstyles for long hair

What we need to understand is that long hair can be just as easy to manage as short hair and it is much more versatile. You don’t have to wear it open at all times. You can wear it in a number of infinite ways to suit your mood, outfit and can even switch it up according to the weather.

Different Hairstyles For Long Hair

Here I am giving you the 50 best hairstyles that you can do on a long hair and telling you how to do them.

New and Stylish Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2017 With Images:

1. Side Braid:

different hairstyles for long hair 1

The braiding technique in this look is just the same as the basic braid. In this case, you take all your hair to one side preferably the side opposite to your hair parting and start braiding very loosely. Then braid it till the very end of your hair and put elastic at the end.

2. Knotted Ponytail:

Knotted Ponytail

This is another deceptively easy look to do. You simply part your hair down the middle and then with the two parts, you make the simple knot for 2-3 times and then pin it in place using some bobby pins. Knotted ponytail is one of the best hairstyles for long haired girls in different variation.

3. Braided Bun: 

Braided Bun

For this hairstyle, brush out all the knots in your hair and split it into parts and make three braids. Each braid should be done in the following manner; Split the hair into three. Make a small normal braid using the first strand. Then braid the whole section using the two other unbraided strands and this small braided strand. After doing each section in this manner. Twist the braid slowly around itself and pin in place.

4. Half up Half down Crown Braid: 

Half up Half down Crown Braid

This hairstyle is super easy. Just tease the crown of your hair to get some volume. Then take a small strand of hair from each side of the head and make a basic braid. Wrap these braids to opposite sides and pin in place using bobby pins of same color as your hair.

5. The Basic Braid:

Best hairstyles for long hair 5

A hairstyle doesn’t get more basic than the basic three strand braid. You split your hair into three, consider them as A, B and C starting from the right. You take A over B, then take C over A, then B over C and repeat this down the length of your hair until you get a pretty braid.

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