9 Best Hollywood Celebrity Nail Art Designs

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People often get inspired by nail arts worn by Hollywood actresses or songstresses. You can too get inspired. Celebrities are not left behind when it comes to sporting new and trendy fashions on their nails. We have come across stars like Rihanna, Katy Perry or even Miley Cyrus sporting different fashioned nails at different times for concerts and award ceremonies. But remember sometimes celebs like to keep it really simple too. A gorgeous red or sometimes a totally slate finish nail polish can be their choice too.

Here are our top 9 choices for hollywood celebrity nail arts which you will surely love! Take a look and may be you can get inspired too!

Hollywood Nail Art Designs:

1. Stilettos Nails and Foils:

Rihanna is sporting a stiletto fashion nail shape here. You can too change the shape of your nails next time. This shape of nails has been quite a trend among celebrities of late. Use a white for the base and then follow it with golden foils for the tips in a “V” shape. Try this out. Don’t forget to finish off with a top coat.

2. Studded Bling Nails and Leopard:

Rihanna was seen wearing this nail art which is stone studded and it has leopard prints too. Additionally bows have also been used in this nail art. You can try this one out too.

3. Rihanna’s Smiley Nails:

You don’t need to be a nail art genius to create smiley nails like this one. Easy to create with just some dots with your dotting tools and some strokes of your black striper or nail art brush. Finish off with a top coat. Give this one a try.

4. Boom and Bang Nail Art:

Sometimes celebrities like to keep it simple and sometimes they like to give their nails some jazzed up look like the one above. You can also give this one a try. You will need good hands at free hand for this one though!

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