25+ Best Beautiful Indian Brides with Pictures

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Wedding Day is a Girl’s most magical day of their entire existence. And Every Girl dreams a dream that she looks her Most Beautiful on that day. It is one of those day, where it is believed that it is the beginning of her new life. And it’s only she awaits her whole new life with looking best.Indian Brides differ from Culture’s to Region and Religion. There are so much diverse that each culture takes it own stand but the inner glow is preferred by all the cultures and Religion.

Each Bride is different and her choice is different as well, No Bride would probably want something different than the usual. And Fashion and Makeup Trends every other season. But One should also keep in mind the weather and other all aspects while choosing the colors.

We present you some of best Indian Bridal looks that will give you an idea of the makeup, Attire co-ordination and some tips that will come handy if you have a wedding on your cards soon.

Beautiful Indian Brides:

1. Dewy Bridal Makeup Looks:

The Bride’s glow should be enhanced with Luminous Base, rather than opting for totally matte Makeup. Though it is believed that Dewy makeup looks bad in Photographs. One should opt for Photo Friendly Makeup or High Definition Makeup.

2. Light Contouring with Indian Bride:

Keeping Jewelry Matched with Your Makeup. If your Jewelry is Heavy make sure your Makeup play a low role to restrain you from looking too gaudy. The Bride’s makeup in the Picture has light contouring and Blush since, Her Mang Tikka and Jhumkas are heavy.

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3. Colourful Indian Bride:

There is a soulful Connection between the color Red and Bride. It is the color of Love and it is a symbol of compassion. The Makeup is Cheerful like the Bride, Casually Defined eyes and a dusky rose colored lipstick. The Eyebrows are well shaped and there is a healthy flush on the Bride’s cheeks.

4. Gold Bridal Makeup Look:

Gold is Gorgeous. It is always associated with Bridal Makeup. Gold Eyeshadow and Glitter is most preferred for the sparkling look. The Bride’s Makeup is Golden, A wash of Gold on the eyes that is smoked out with black for definition combined with a golden bronzed cheeks for a sunkissed look and Pink Lipstick with Gold shimmer. It brings out the warmth in the Bride’s Complexion. Gold works with Fair and Wheatish Skin Tones while Bronze works great with Dusky and Deep Skintones.

5. Gold and Red Bridal Makeup:

Many Brides prefer looking Naturally Glowing on their wedding day than with heavy makeup. The Bride in the picture has her eyelids with a wash of muted gold and the crease defined with brown matte eyeshadow. The Eyebrows are well arched and filled in to make them look fuller.

The Lips combined with the dark and heavy eyes is soft muted Pink which looks as good as natural in photos. But the Cheeks has a tinge of Pink which brings out the natural blush on the face. Face Contouring is given a miss with Defined Eyes.

6. Islamic Bridal Makeup Look:

Not All of the Brides opt for Natural Pink toned Lips, some of them are Bolder and prefer Red Lips that matches the Attire. The Bride’s complexion is wheatish and evened out nicely for the Red lipstick to pop. The Eyes are well defined and face nicely contoured while the blush is missing. The Red lipstick enhances the Bride’s Lip shape, adding equal attraction to it with the eyes. Also The Bride’s face is nicely highlighted to impart a equal glow all over.

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