15 Full and Lower Leg Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

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11. Batman Lower Leg Tattoo for Men:

Batman Tattoo

Don’t we all love the Dart Knight? Some just can’t get enough of him that they have gone the extra mile in getting him permanently marked on their body. Seen here in its finest detail, this tattoo has truly done justice to the caped crusader.

12. The Leg Tattoo Design for Men:

leg tattoo design for men

This tribal tattoo design is intended for men. It can worn on the arms as well. But since, we are discussing leg tattoos, let’s assume that it will look best on the calves. Here, the native tattoo shows off a beautiful design which looks so vibrant and unique and can be one by almost any man. The tattoo depicts a masculine character which will make the wearer look unique and differentiate him from the crowd.

13. Full Leg Tattoo Tribal Design:

Leg Tribal Tattoo

Tribal Tattoos are one of the most popular designs chosen for the legs. In ancient times it was believed that these tattoos represented the tribe of the holder or the rank of the tribe he belonged to. Tribal tattoos are unique in that they each have a style of their own.

14. Koi Fish Leg Tattoo Designs:

Koi Fish Leg Tattoo

The Koi fish tattoo is a predominant choice among men and women. Bred for their colour and beauty and valued for their fascinating appearance, they make a remarkable choice for a tattoo design. These fish are also considered by the Japanese to bring good luck. It is no wonder that many people opt for the koi fish as a tattoo design and when done on the leg it is simply eye-catching.

15. Skull and Rose Tattoo for Legs:

Skull and Rose Tattoo

Skull tattoos are a very popular design. Mostly done with roses on legs they invoke a sense of life and death. This symbol of duality is a constant reminder of good and evil, beauty and decay and for some it has an even deeper rooted meaning that from death comes life.

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Tattoos on legs look really cool. If you’re getting one done, then you have to make sure hat you get the best one suitable for you. The list above has hopefully assisted you in making up your mind regarding what kind of leg tattoo would you want to get.

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