15 Best Leo Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

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That our lives are influenced by the celestial heavens is a common belief among people all over the world and it is therefore no wonder that man tends to express this belief in the form of his own zodiac tattoo design. Leo “The Lion” is the most dominant of all zodiac signs. Those born under this sign are natural leaders. They are courageous and authoritative and are naturally drawn to people with equally strong personalities.


Typical Leo’s are flamboyant and have an aura of magnificence around them, all of these traits being very characteristic of a Lion. Ruled by the Sun, this leo sign especially in the art form is mostly represented in colours of gold, yellow, orange and red.

Best Leo Tattoos for Men and Women:

Here we given below the best and popular Leo tattoo designs for men and women with meaning and images which would amaze you.

1. Fierce Leo Tattoo Design for Guys:

Fierce Leo Tattoo Design

The savage nature of the lion is brought about in all its fierceness in this intense piece of work. It is a perfect embodiment of power and strength. The essence of these attributes is captured superbly in the eyes. It’s almost as if the holder of this tattoo is sending out a warning through this magnificently carved artwork. It is one of the best leo tattoo designs for men with large arms.

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2. Leo Tribal Tattoo Design:

Leo Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos apart from being popular have a lot of symbolism and meaning attached to them. The qualities of authority, virility and pride symbolized by the lion are deeply associated with tribes as well. The Tribal Leo tattoo is an epitome of such qualities. The tattoo is easily done with the lion’s mane transformed into tribal design.

3. Leo Zodiac Tattoo Symbol on Wrist:

Leo Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

Simple in appearance, this Leo zodiac symbol denotes courage and leadership, the predominant qualities found in those born under the Sun. Accompanied by a nice framework, it is quite appealing.

4. Leo Sign Tattoo Art:

Leo Tattoo Art

While some like to personify the Leo zodiac sign through the bold and ferocious form of the lion, others like to showcase it in simple lettering. Seen here is the Leo tattoo design done in calligraphy. It is simplistic yet eye-catching and best displayed on the back, wrist, chest or forearm.

5. Lion with Two Faces Tattoo Design:

Lion with Two Faces Tattoo

The symbolism of the design portrayed in this tattoo can be taken to express the strengths and weaknesses of those born under this zodiac sign. While Leo’s are courageous, authoritative and born leaders, their downside is that they are arrogant and bossy. The two faces are characteristic of the two sides to a Leo’s nature and this depiction is decoratively done in vivid hues. Here the tattoo of girls with lion is an excellent idea of artist which can be impressed by all the crowd.

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