15 Simple And Easy Mehndi Tattoo Designs With Images

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Mehendi is an important part of the Indian culture. It is worn by women in most religious as well as family functions. The use of mehandi is most prevalent in weddings where even the groom is made to wear elaborate mehndi designs.

mehndi tattoo designs

Mehndi is nothing other than temporary henna tattoos. The patterns have a traditional oriental look, featuring flowers, leaves, animals and even human figures.

The mehandi designs have a lot of intricate detailing and artful shading done within them. They look very pretty and take a lot of time and patience to perfect. But being temporary the colour washes off your skin after a few days. Here are the 15 best mehndi tattoo designs for hands, legs, back and arms also available for your comfortability.

Most Popular Mehndi Tattoo Designs With Pictures:

1. Floral Mehandi Tattoo Designs:

Mehndi designs have an eastern traditional look about them. They feature many floral patterns of different kind. One thing that all of them have in common is that they are all equally beautiful. The floral patterns can have small and large simple flowers or prominent outline of flowers which are then filled with small spirals and other details. While the former is more simple and elegant the latter is complicated and elaborate.

2. Typical Mehendi Tattoo Patterns:

Typical mehndi patterns feature geometric shapes and abstract designs. These type of mehandi tattoo designs generally have no meaning or any particular significance. They employ the use of a large number of curves and lines. This kind of shading is done to make the design more comprehensive by making some lines thick while keeping the other thin.

3. Mehndi Tattoo Design With Stones:

Many mehendi designs are made to look more extravagant and ornamental by adding glitter or shiny rhinestones to them. These are only temporary additions, which are removed after the occasion or function is over. The stones add a sparkle to the design which elevates its beauty and is a surer way of catching someone’s eye. This moderate mehndi tattoo design for girls is very exclusive on legs.

4. The Mehndi Tattoo Design For The Upper Arms:

mehndi tattoo design for the upper arms

Beauty has a new form. The upper arms of a girl can also be beautified by decorating it with this amazingly attractive henna art tattoo. If you were looking for mehndi tattoo designs then this is probably one of the best tattoo designs suitable for this purpose. This design has been considered to be one of the best mehndi tattoo designs for hands. Any girl can easily look attractive by carrying this awesome mehandi design on the arms. The floral pattern on the top of this henna art tattoo makes this design look very attractive and grants it the capability to easily persuade anyone to wear this tattoo.

5. Simple Flower Mehendi Tattoo Design:

Mehendi designs with simple large petaled flowers and leaves look great. The mehndi design is generally a pattern running down your hand and across your forearm. You can make it as exquisite as you wish to. You can also keep it plain and simple if that’s what you’re looking for.

6. Elegant Henna Tattoo Designs:

Elegant mehndi designs are elaborate but not too gaudy. They reveal more of your skin which peeps from well arranged gaps and spaces. The designs feature bangle sand bands of criss-crossing lines. Floral patterns and spirals are also a common part of such designs.

7. Exquisite Peacock Mehandi Tattoo Designs For Arms:

Peacocks are a common part of mehandi designs. The Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and an important part of the Indian culture. With their long graceful necks and marvelous array of blue-green feathers they make any design look artsy and wonderful.

8. Innovative Henna Tattoo Design:

Mehndi designs can also be made creative by using the innovative and artistic side of your brain. A unique idea is to leave a heart shaped gap that is completed when you bring both your hands together.

9. Simple Colored Mehendi Tattoo Designs:

Most wedding mehndi designs are extensive and elaborate to such an extent that not much of your skin is visible underneath it. Simple mehendi designs are however far less cluttered. They feature one or two patterns running a line across your hand and the rest of the space is left mostly bare. These mehandi designs are easier to make and less time-consuming. However they look as pretty as the other more complicated designs.

 10. The Black Mehndi Tattoo Designs:

black mehndi tattoo design

Looking for mehndi tattoo designs? Here, we have an eye-catching mehndi tattoo design which every girl would wants to get. The whole world is almost aware of the Indian heritage and rich cultural values and mehndi art has immense historical importance in Indian history. This particular design sports a beautiful pattern along with small lines done throughout the design. Anyone would love to get this mehndi tattoo designs done on their arms as well as other parts of the body. It is one of the best suitable mehandi tattoo designs for arms also and will easily persuade any girl to get interested in this design. This is a mehendi tattoo design for arms only and will look great on the wrist and palms also.

11. The Mermaid Mehndi Tattoo Art For Girls:

mermaid mehndi tattoo

This mehndi tattoo design will be suitable for those girls who like art alongside tattoos. The henna mehndi design will allow you to sport unseen beauty in the form of tattoo ink. The beauty and allure of the design makes one thing clear that a lot of hard work and creativity has been put into making this design a reality. One cannot just ignore this tattoo. Hence, one thing is for sure that if you’re not already popular among your friends this tattoo will make you famous. This cannot be said to be a tattoo mehndi design for arms, it will rather look better on the back or the neck.

12. The Mehndi Tattoo Design For Wrists:

mehndi tattoo design for wrists

Here, we have a beautiful henna mehndi tattoo design done on the wrist. Anyone would admire you deeply particularly for this mehndi tattoo design done on the arms. If you’re looking for henna tattoo designs, then this might be the perfect design for you. The tattoo sports a yin-yang logo which is further surrounded by small attractive designs done in a circular pattern. The lower portion of the tattoo also has some string like beautiful designs which makes this whole henna tattoo design one of the best inked motifs for bridal girls.

13. The Henna Flower Tattoo Design:

henna flower tattoo design

This is a pretty small and cute tattoo design, where we can see a floral pattern done. The flower is the center of attraction in this mehendi tattoo design. It will look great on the wrist and one can proudly sport this beautiful tattoo design. This henna tattoo designs comes with dots and has a small floral element in the middle. The tattoo is unbelievably beautiful and any girl would easily fall in love with this design. The ink used while doing this tattoo makes it look extra attractive.

14. Artistic Mehandi Tattoo Designs:

While mehndi designs are mostly traditional looking you can make their shapes and pattern more like western tattoos too! Making seahorses henna tattoo is one such example.

15. The Arabic Mehndi Tattoo Designs For Arms:

henna tattoo for the upper arms

This particular henna tattoo sports complex designs. The inner part of the tattoo are decorated with criss-cross patterns. The small design on the lower body makes it look extra alluring. The tattoo relates to the Indian artistic culture and mehndi art is very much vibrant in this henna tattoo design.

Above were some of the best mehndi tattoo designs which will turn out to the best companion for a girl. Any girl will be able to enhance their beauty by sporting such tattoos on their body. Indian girls will get the best of this tattoo since their natural body tan will make the tattoos look very beautiful on their body.


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