9 Best Nail Paint Designs With Shades

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We all love fashion and like staying in style. Even when it comes to trendy nail paint shades you must have a few colors always in your polish collection.

Here are our 9 best nail paint designs and shades that we think you must have.

1. True Blue Nail Paint Designs with Shades:

True Blue Nail Paint Designs with Shades

Blue is a royal colour. When it comes to nail polishes you must keep a shade of blue in your collection. Blue color looks totally gorgeous. You can team up bright shades of blue with your summer outfits. There are various shades of blue nail paints available in the market. You can try out different shades and wear them according to your dress color.

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2. Magnificent Purple Nail Paint Design:

Magnificent Purple Nail Paint Design

Purple is a much loved color of many women. Many party wear sarees and suits are set in purple or it’s shades. The color purple best suits a party wear. You can tune in a paint of purple on your nails with your purple party wear. If you are willing to avoid purple in your dress color, then you can wear a purple nail color even with a black outfit.

3. Black Magic Nail Paint Design:

 Black Magic Nail Paint Design

Black magic sounds a bit Voodoo but trust us, if you still have not given black nail polishes a try, then you are lacking out on nail fashion. The color black is one of the most gorgeous nail paint shades that you can have in your collection. Give this polish shade a try and you will want to try it again. You can wear this with your club, party or evening outfits.

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4. Pretty Pink Nail Paint Design With Shades:

Pink Nail Paint Design With Shades

Pink is a girls’ color. If you are not excessively tomboyish then you must love pink in your nail polish shades. There are various shades of pink nail polish available in the market these days. You can try out different shades for your finger nails. The color pink has the habit of making you look more girly. So if we are talking about a first date or a shopping day with your girl buddies, pink is the color that you should wear.

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